It all started with my own stubbornness. I resisted making a change in my life that was necessary for personal healing. I was intellectually aware that my former way of life was not correct, but I have not directed enough attention to my lived experiences, but I continuously kept my eyes closed. I neglected physical states and spleens that were telling me to change something. I needed to experience severe disease, the state which encouraged me to find the truth, an awakening experience, an experience that led me to make the necessary changes in my life. It was a turning point in my life, a moment in which I decided to change my behavior toward my own body. Deep down, I knew that there was no external medicine, but the cure is in each of us. That truth was the fundamental driving force that kept me on my path of dry fasting. The truth that there is no external remedy arose out of my own essence.

The path that I went through to the moment of awakening was not useless. Lived experiences were collected in my soul, and the critical moment for change come due to unbearable conditions for me. My current level of understanding of my environment stems from all these experiences. Mistakes are typical because it is not possible to know what is right without errors. One is a natural explorer. Without experience, one can not understand.

Breaking point after which I decided to take the path of dry fasting was a moment when I was at the dentist. The dentist gave me three or four anesthesia for pains to make me capable of bearing a tooth “fix.” Anesthesia violated my immunity. For three days, I could not get out of bed. My body flora and fauna was disrupted, my tongue turned white. I did not know what was happening to me, but I was absolutely sure that I will not go to the dentist again because I knew no doctor can help me. I knew that the real doctor is in me and that only with my own forces, I can recover. It was a severe body-soul state. I knew that the way out of this state was long and painful because it was my collected karma. Disturbing flora and fauna can not be corrected in the short-term and on a medicine basis naturally.

Before breaking point, I experienced energy loss at regular intervals. Sore throats, sinus infections, high temperatures, and so on. I was in a state of excessive food intake in the body. I used to eat for lunch, several side dishes, main dishes, soups, and desserts. The average person needs one serving, but I ingested vast amounts of food and was assuring myself that this is a healthy way of life. Overall, I was in bad shape, physically and mentally. As a kid, I had appendicitis and meningitis. Breaking point simply should take place, because my laziness and blindness were intense. To gain my vision back, there was a need for me to experience one intense moment which thrown me out of orbit.

On several occasions, I have only heard about fasting and deep inside I felt that this is a technique I need to apply for my own healing. The first short-term fasting of three days I started without any knowledge, I did not have any external information about it, but I relied solely on my intuition. The first long-term dry fasting, I also started without any help from another person, only based on information from various sources and my own experience gained during the process of dry fasting. My first extended fasting was marked with multiple states through which I passed. In the following text, you can get an image of my experiences during my first prolonged dry fasting of 8 days, which started on 29.10.2013.

Day 1

It was Tuesday, a working day. I woke up at 7:00 in the morning, take a teaspoon of aloe with honey, and then for the next eight days, I did not put anything in my body. These were the last hitches of my own belief that rapid healing is possible without treating the cause of the problem. Short-term and fast methods can help a person feel better for a short period. However, complete healing is not possible as long as the body is full of toxins and impurities.

During this morning, I felt the fear of all diseases that I can potentially have because I had a variety of symptoms that are indicative of different diseases. Regardless of the fear, I was decisive. I took a shower in the evening but did not drink any water. Although dry starvation does not imply any kind of contact with water, this was my first experience when I did not know what would I experience and what precisely dry fasting is. I felt stronger physical hunger after taking a shower. This was the first hunger state that I felt, and I knew that I need to go through it, even though I did not know what lies on the other side when hunger disappears. At 21:20, I went on a long walk around the lake, a few kilometers. During the walk, I meditated, and then the hunger disappeared. I went to bed at around 23:00.

Day 2

I woke up at 7:00. I did not feel hunger nor thirst. An hour later, I felt light, flexible, and healthy. During the day, I felt physical relatively well but mentally exhausted from my work. In the evening I went to the sauna to speed up the process of cleansing the body. Before going to bed, I felt hunger.

Day 3

I was all day at work. After work, I walked around the lake to ensure oxygen for my body. After the walk, I went to sleep.

Day 4

I began to piss and vent. All-day I spent at the lake sunbathing. I felt awesome, and I did not feel hungry, but I felt an intense thirst. My mouth was dry, and my lips started to peel. This day I began to rub my tongue with a brush without water. In the evening, I walked around the lake, and after that, I felt stronger fatigue that I had never felt before.

Urine during starvation

Day 5

The fifth day my mouth became very dry. My lips were still peeling. In the morning, I felt the hunger, but it soon disappeared. Instead of walking around the lake, I walked to the market to buy fruits and vegetables to be prepared in case I decide to eat. When I came back, I felt stronger fatigue. In the morning, I felt the activity of my digestion system. I began to belch, to vent and to piss extremely yellow liquid. In the afternoon I was feeling good, I’m not hungry, just my intestines were active.

I felt light. For the first several days, I was losing weight rapidly, but today, weight loss intensity decreased because the body started to use energy more economically. At the end of the day, I once again went for a walk. The stomach was very active, and my mouth became even drier. I felt that the body started to dump something because my mouth was full of pus. Before going to bed, I poured urine over my feet.

Excretion of toxins

Day 6

I woke up with a lot more dry mouth. There was no hunger. After I woke up, I pissed again plenty of yellow urine, which I poured on my feet. The stomach was still processing something. I rubbed the white tongue. There were not as many white deposits on my tongue as it was at the beginning. I went for spring water to have it ready for the end of dry fasting. During the day, my mouth became even more drained. It was noon, and the body is still breaking down something.

I realized that dry mouth had nothing to do with the thirst of the body. My mouth was dry because of the air, and my body would tell me when it was thirsty.

I stopped to lose weight rapidly. Today I have my clothes, 77.8 kg, and I had 87 kg. At the end of the day, I felt fear and heartbeat in the stomach. I took a piss one more time in the evening.

Day 7

I woke up in the morning and pissed 2-3 dl as previous days. Fear of the last day was gone, and I felt good. My tongue is still white, and I had a feeling that all sorts of microorganisms escapes from the body and accumulate on the tongue, where they have contact with oxygen. The stomach and intestines are still active. Gasses, slightly stronger than previous days. The mouth was less dry. I kept my mouth shut to reduce access to oxygen, but also to keep the humidity in my mouth.

In the morning, I also had the feeling of hunger but passed soon. I had a headache later on. I still lose weight, and at that moment, I had 75.2 kg. I am belching like yesterday. In the evening, I took a piss one more time.

Day 8

Last night I was feeling bad. In the morning, I felt a hunger that would not stop. After a morning piss, I felt better, and I started to eat. I cleaned my mouth with the bread and garlic, and then I drank diluted lemon juice. I took a shower to get better, and after a shower, I felt short-term pain in my back. I think it was a kind of liberation. After I drank lemonade mucus began to pile up in my mouth, so I spit it out. I cleaned my teeth with toothpaste and cleaned my tongue, afterward I started to spit blood.

During my first experience of dry fasting, I did not have time to write detailed impressions since I started dry fasting without any information about it, therefore during dry fasting I was focused on the body-soul state, but also on an exploration of various books that were available on the Internet. At the end of my first extended dry fasting, I felt great, even though I knew that was not the end. The whole process has been extremely intense and full of different experiences that I have met for the first time. In the beginning, I was not aware what was the meaning of dry fasting, what processes take place in the body during fasting and also did not know how I will recognize that the process of dry fasting is over. All I knew was that I needed to feel “wolf hunger,” but because of my laziness, I forgot the meaning of hunger. People that surrounded me did eat three times a day and more. Therefore the experience of hunger and its meaning had disappeared. There are, of course, countries where hunger is profoundly expressed, but these people do not consciously direct the attention to the very hungry, but it is about survival and manipulation. I talked here about dry fasting and conscious attention to hunger and its consequences.

Damir Butković

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