I did my third dry fasting of six days in March 2016. All experiences that I had had previously were only an overture which led me to the state I aspired for and so far only read about. That is an absolute hunger, a state in which a person has to start eating because the body no longer has internal energy sources. Some people live without food and water, however, for this to happen absolute purity of the body is necessary, and to that state, I have not yet arrived. When the body is absolutely clear, and when all the physical mechanisms are activated, then one feels that the body use its energy sources efficiently.

My experiences from this fasting were similar to previous ones. The only difference is my state of consciousness. I more easily go through the stages that occur during fasting and with a lot more attention. The shift I achieved with this fasting is an experience of absolute hunger. I came to the end of the process that the body should do. I have learned what it means real hunger. Also, I realized that true hunger does not mean freedom from all diseases because my process is not over yet. The absolute hunger is just a sign that the body no longer has the energy to expel everything that is not useful.

Excretion of waste
Urine during fasting
Saliva last day of fasting

With every new decision to fast, one easier goes through spleens which follow procedure. One is responsible for its future, and thanks to my way of life, I have not yet cleaned up the body’s karma that I have accumulated over a lifetime. But I know that I got rid of a considerable part of it and that I am very near the end. Conditions of which I was released on my way are:

  • Regular energy loss – catching disease, sore throat, sinus
  • Candida
  • Disrupted microflora and fauna
  • Low energy levels
  • Body inelasticity
  • Wrinkled and older skin
  • Tooth inflammation
  • Overweight
  • Joints Inflammation
  • Obstacles of breathing through the nose
  • Problems with a throat – very long I had a rough feeling in the throat
  • Gluttony – at a certain period I ate two to three lunches per day
  • Toxic and congested body

Damir Butković

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