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Damir Butković

12 Years of Self-Healing Experience

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My Story

My spiritual journey has started twelve years ago. I was thirty years old. I wasn’t walking that path from the beginning, but started to work in finance sector, then in alcohol industry, and later on ended it up working in China for some time. I was simultaneously walking two paths, because I was unable to jump out of the running train I was in. I had to prepare myself for the jump. 

Since childhood I was searchinn for a deeper meaning, but I was confused and oftne very ill. As child I had abdominal tonsil inflammation, removed appendix, had meningitis, ancles and Achilles tendons inflammation, diopter +6, was wearing orthopedic shoes, regulary visiting dentis, was autistic and as adult had destorted curvical spine. 

Final touch to my selfdestruction was given by dentist who wanted to pull out my teeth. In that moment I said enough and took full responsibility for my health.

Up to that moment, I was led by false authorities who could not explain what is the significance of personal development. 

Everything you find on this site is my personal self-healing experience, which can be put in one single sentence. 

You Can Only Heal Yourself!

my mission
Core values

Follow Your Dreams


Know Thyself


Accept Diversity


Universal Laws


Top Quality Solutions


Be Amazing


Experience & Explore


Act Without Judging & Prejudices

Certificated Practitioner of Thai Massage, Chiang Mai School, Thailand, 2019
Anthroposophy, Goetheanum, School of Spiritual Science by Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, Switzerland, 2013
Transformation of Karmic Patterns by Tomislav Budak, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013
Enlightenment Intensive, Zagreb, Croatia, Team Members 2010-2017