There is the original draft which manifests itself when the natural course of development is permitted to fully unwind. The natural process of awakening should not be hindered, accelerated, but it should be observed, recognized, and allowed its own smooth development. Some stimulants create an illusion of rapid growth, but the consequences of fantasy are incompleteness, lack of quality, and unnatural vibrations. The outcomes of non-natural development very quickly emerge in circumstances that require personal maturity and quality of human character, which nonintegrated and immature person fails to deal with naturally and adequately. The consequence of unprepared entrance into a particular experience is trauma that remains enshrined in the human soul. It attracts a similar experience as long as a person do not learn the lesson that is hidden behind the traumatic experience. For instance, healthy and natural development implies that one should learn a lesson on time. Everything has its own course of development, and any entangling in that development carries inevitable consequences. Also, delays, suppression, avoidance, etc. does not make lessons disappear, but on the contrary, the lessons remain as a potential which will manifest when appropriate circumstances occur.

Each development is actually one’s own self-education. There are endless lessons and learning methods. However, the process of learning a lesson is always the same, the experience, which can be spiritual, personal, and physical. First of all one need to experience a given phenomenon (gain the initial experience) on a mental, emotional or physical level, identify the type of influence, and learn how to apply acquired expertise in everyday life. Rudolf Steiner named this learning stages: preparation, enlightenment, sanctification.

We distinguish direct and indirect learning. Indirect learning refers to the perception of a particular influence that may occur as a specific 3D object, 2D image, or it may occur as pure vibration. Direct learning refers to the experience without perception, when subject and object become one. Rudolf Steiner named indirect ways of learning: sensory learning (3D object), imagination (2D image), inspiration (1D vibration), while direct knowledge called intuition.

What also does not change during the learning process is the spiritual multibody organizational structure. I am a multidimensional being, have bodies, which gradually develops according to the state of consciousness of an individual. To describe these bodies, Tomislav Budak used the following terms: a physical body, aura, a light body, and a stellar body. Each of these bodies belongs to specific dimensions of existence, the physical body (3D), aura (2D), light body (1D), the stellar body. With personal development, one gradually becomes aware of one’s own body’s potential. If an awakening would happen in a one-moment one simply would not be able to handle it. It is impossible to comprehend all at once, and simultaneously know how to practically apply. It is absolutely natural for one to explore the closer and later on the distant environment so that one could achieve orientation and self-realization. This is the meaning of development, to gain an understanding of my own body (closer environment) and the distant surrounding in all dimensions of existence, and eventually become self-realized.

Each stage of development brings new life lessons. Mastering those lessons creates new skills, as well as the plant during growth,  adapts to external circumstances. For a person held in the physical and psychological prison during the developing, awareness of the original draft, true nature, one’s purpose and meaning, one’s own total potential, are unavailable. The natural process of awakening stops due to imposed conditions. The awakening process should be unwound to the end. Then one can become aware of one’s own total potential, learn how to use it, and ultimately become aware of oneself. By hindering the process of awakening, a person is forced to focus one’s own energy on learning how to survive and adapt to prison conditions. Once the prison behavior model adopted, one requires additional amounts of energy to leave the chosen model. Because, when a person becomes aware of one’s own freedom, an excess of attention and energy one begins to focus on the search for models on how to get out of the prison through personal transformation and creativity according to the original draft. If not, the circumstances become even harder. An older person is facing new events, new lessons, and new types of responsibilities that drive a person for further development and eventually becomes too big to comprehend. A person with too many unlearnt lessons is not ready for new conditions. Therefore one “cracks” if one continues at the same pace. Or, one becomes aware and takes a break to put oneself together.

Every living being tends to express one’s full potential. Therefore, mineral, plant, and animal life are so imposing and attractive, since it is capable of reaching one’s own full potential. A man should live the same way with even more consciousness. In case that everybody lives with full potential, life on Earth would remain the same, and yet totally different, because one would be aware of multidimensionality and the worlds in which one lives. All negativity would continue to exist, but would not be dominant. If there is still a dominance of negativity, it is just a sign that humanity as one unit has to learn some kind of a lesson.

Flower of life

Personal path of development also contains negative experiences, which can cause negative conclusions and decisions like:
– the idea of interfering with natural laws
– the emergence of God
– thinking instead of feeling
– considering what is best for others,
– etc.
The one believes that the disease is not good, and therefore pushes it deeper into the body and creates an illusion that the condition does not exist. Every disease is useful because it brings a lesson for one. The suppression of disease is actually an avoidance of learning a lesson. Once the lessons learned and used in daily life, the disease gradually disappears, and one becomes able to go to the next level. In a physical sense, the condition is useful because it strengthens the immune system. In a spiritual sense, a person who confronts the disease intending to recognize one’s own mistakes has acquired a set of new capabilities. Through illness, one not only develops new skills, but also the body learns how to deal with external circumstances. The physical body simply rejects artificial (fake) surrounding, ejects from the body system, if it gets a chance to expel. If the body is not allowed to get rid of the waste, then this waste will be deposited in the body and will interfere with human perception. With physical body cleansing, all other bodies are cleaned automatically. This is often not enough because there are influences whose symptoms are invisible for the one, but still present. Therefore cleansing of other bodies is necessary. Personally, I use Tomislav Budak’s technique, “Transformation of karmic patterns.”

Everything strives for development (constructively or destructively), and even if something seems still. Because, if all do not strive for progress, then the world would be a pretty dull place. Development is present all around us, in the mineral, plant, animal, human, alien, and other forms of life. However, to consciously recognize development, it is essential to have its opposite, or non-development. Non-development is a state of mind. It is also a natural phenomenon when perceived as a warning that something is done contrary to the original plan. I can make mistakes but should also learn from mistakes. Since one is born as a being who has to be introduced to this world and allowed to self-cognize (to enlighten) to reach self-realization, one should learn to distinguish right and wrong. One should experience and understand the confusion of identity, just to learn to recognize oneself. The ego is the one that encourages non-development because the ego can only survive where the circumstances do not change, and where there is no development. However, it is an illusion in which the ego lives. The ego tries with all forces to attract as many members as possible to its fantasy because this way manages to keep its dream alive. Development cannot be stopped. It can only be channeled in a constructive or destructive way for the individual and the environment. The consequences of false development are the diseases because instead of the natural development process, began the natural process of degradation, which one usually try to stop with force and artificial methods. Instead of the birth of new skills gained out of the experience, there are people unable to cope with future circumstances. Therefore, they survive at the expense of others. If the one faces difficulties and learns from them, then challenges would not have control over one.

As a one take care of a seed until it becomes a healthy plant that independently deals with external conditions, so one should take care of oneself. One tree in the forest is under the protection of other trees until it reaches its own level of development that can handle the wind. In the same way, the development of human beings should take place in society, however, to be possible for such an occurrence, there should be an awareness and understanding of the process of awakening.




Development of the physical body

The awakening process begins at birth time. The first thing one becomes aware of after opening eyes is the 3D world. It is one’s body, other people, animals, plants, minerals, crystals, other life forms, the overall 3D environment. The human body develops based on the predigested mineral world by plants and animals. The body is a spiritual being whose principles of behavior one meets on the development path. The one does not build body with food, but the food is a stimulus for the body to build its own original draft which one recognizes as original draft emerges. The one cannot upgrade the body in the sense that one can add some new function, limb, etc. One can choose food as a construction block for the body. The human body automatically adjusts to the circumstances in which was put by the one. Since the body is a spiritual being in the service of the one capable of adapting to the circumstances, one can use the body following one’s needs. The body will respond in the same manner. If the usage of the body converts into exploitation, the body will also do the same. The body communicates to the one about unrespectful behavior toward body principles.

The physical body can be experienced as a mold which is necessary to fill with construction blocks to become visible in its original draft. Only when it is filled to the top with construction blocks, one becomes aware of the total potential by using it. While the body is not fully developed, and while one does not investigate every corner of the body, one can not use its full potential. The body is one’s closest environment, a spiritual being that is at the service of one to help in discovering the distant surrounding. One is not a body. The body belongs to the environment. Man’s eternal body is a multidimensional soul as the keeper of consciousness. The one develops one’s soul, and the physical body adapts to the development of the soul.

Development of aura

Each development is taking place in a specific time frame. Development stages cannot be skipped, just as it is pointless to expect a child to begin to walk before they learn to crawl. At each step, one needs to stand, each step carries its own lessons that need to be learned, and each level gives a specific type of responsibility. The transition to a new stage does not necessarily have to be painful if the person learns the lesson on time. Otherwise, the lessons will be learned the hard way. Because development is not something that can be stopped. One way or another time will come when one will have to learn. In the context of the process of awakening, the transition to a new step means that the person direct attention to another dimension of existence – the aspect of unconditional love, relationship dimension. The dimension of presence “where” one uses the aura as a body. Capabilities of the second dimension have been developing unconsciously up to this moment. The understanding of unconditional love will greatly depend on mastered lessons in physical reality. There is no separation, but everything is rather interwoven. Sense of separation can emerge with focused attention on a single dimension.

From the moment of birth, one first becomes aware of one’s body and environment. Later on, one becomes aware of attitude toward the body and the environment which had been developed in the meantime. However, one was not aware of development because the right circumstance has not yet occurred. The total energy was focused on the development of the physical body, but the person unconsciously absorbed behavioral models. If the one establishes a relationship with one’s body and the environment inappropriately, does not set up right attitude, does not use the body following its functions, makes wrong conclusions and decisions, the one will later in life face problems of confusion. Expression and building relationships with our environment depend on the downloaded behavioral patterns. Everything that children picked up from their parents and the context in terms of character now becomes visible. For this reason, it would be desirable for human development that parents are enlightened people, who went through the process of awakening to the end. If that is not a case, one will be forced to master the lessons by one’s own effort to be able to build healthy relationships in the future. Awakening is a very delicate process, and to fully unwind it requires maximum attention and care with as little turbulence as possible.

Each stage of development is different. It should be clearly recognized what kind of experiences one has and how to approach and make one learn a lesson. Everyone should be clear that an inexperienced person can not understand the world of an experienced person. The task of parents is to understand their children. Give them directions on how to live through a specific experience. It would be advisable to follow the principle of “like cures like,” therefore when it comes to relations child should find one similar to live through one’s needs with. Any form of prohibition will leave the specific need unsatisfied. Every life step should be experienced. The unfulfilled need remains squat in the human soul and keeps a person at this stage of development. As time passes by, circumstances are becoming increasingly challenging to fulfill a repressed need. What is characteristic for this stage is that the child starts to perceive the 2D images which precede the physical manifestation.

Development of the body of Intent

In the first phase of development, messages are transmitted by behavior. In the second phase, the emphasis is on imagination where messages are sent by various fairy tales based on the experiences one can find in one’s soul. Based on the skill, one can receive a message about building a relationship following unconditional love. After dimensions of unconditional love, new circumstances begins to emerge in which a person becomes aware of the aspects of intention, the dimension of vibration.

Once again, it should be noted that the development is unstoppable. The moment of transition from one dimension to another is not dependent solely on one’s readiness and the number of lessons learned but also depends on the environment and its path of development. If one did not learn the lessons of unconditional love, it would be challenging to overcome life’s lessons that are waiting for the one in the dimension of intention. One will encounter serious obstacles. Depending on the lessons, once learned, will make one able to cope with external circumstances. In the dimension of intention, one recognizes one’s own sense of purpose and the purpose of the existence of other spiritual beings in the environment. The one purposefully connects with the world. A person begins to build his own opinion based on the experience.

Development of the stellar body

All previous stages of development were preparation for entering the nonvibrational dimension of existence, an aspect of consciousness. This is a stage of development in which a person recognizes the truth of one’s own existence, of one’s original identity. An adult knows oneself as the creators of one’s lives, as the creators of one’s own destiny. One begins to create a life with the environment. Further raising of consciousness depends entirely on one’s will. The natural development path is that one reaches the state of personal enlightenment, and further on one independently defines the future experience and further development. Before the enlightenment, one is facing the soul lessons associated with a particular experience that had to be overcome to become enlightened.

It is important to stress that personal development does not stop with self-cognition. However, now, as a spiritually free person, one is capable of facing obstacles on one’s own way. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the development of one until the moment of enlightenment so one can acquire spiritual independence. This is a true dream of each person, one’s own freedom.

Stages of development can be graphically displayed as follows:

One through the worlds of creation recognizes one’s own body multidimensionality to finally come to the awareness of one’s own true nature. In other words, a person first meets the physical body and the environment (3D world), then meets his soul and mental plane (2D and the 1D world). Only when a person recognized onself in these worlds, only then becomes ready for the first meeting with one’s original nature and original nature of existence, spiritual dimension.



The task of the teacher is to follow the personal development of students up to the moment of enlightenment when a person becomes able to independently manage one’s own life. A teacher is a person who according to the student’s needs creates the circumstances in which a student passing through specific experiences. Recognizes one’s own full potential, learning the life lessons, and as an adult uses them for one’s own creative realization. The relationship teacher-student-adult never stops, but throughout life is transformed, changing its shape. From the moment of birth, parents play a teacher’s role. Afterward comes teachers in schools, professors at universities, business mentors, various unnamed teachers who are found everywhere in the environment from which people often learn something valuable.

What a student should understand through teachers to achieve a stronger degree of self-realization is the body functionality, unconditional love, freedom of creativity, and self-cognition. If a teacher is not an enlightened person, then he/she can not prepare the person for independent living in the right way and bring one to the top of the mountain. Each lesson is an in-depth knowledge gained through the opposite. Thus the learning process includes not only the compassionate aspect but also ruthless aspect. To understand what free creativity means, one should be familiar with unfree non-creativity. Unconditional love recognizes conditional love, fulfillment through non-fulfillment, physical functionality through physical dysfunction. The teacher will not necessarily always be the favorite person. If he/she approach disciple in the right way, then the student will understand the message painlessly. The teacher transferred the message following the current level of student’s development.

The relationship between teacher-student-adult is a universal principle that is infinite, manifests itself in all stages of life. The specific individual relationship can cease to exist. But, if the universal law had its end, that would mean that the learning process is final, but fortunately, this is not true. The teacher is necessary since man is born as physically powerless and not fully aware of oneself. There has to be a person who will introduce children to the world. It is quite a natural course of happenings because if it were not so, it would not be able to talk about development, it would be boring. Human development is something absolutely natural. Something that should occur naturally because the purpose of development is learning a lesson that later allows a person independent life and free creativity. Man is not sole inhabitant on the planet Earth that is going through a process of development. Everything around is also going through a process of evolution, just in a different way. One mineral is internally mobile and changes its shape under the influence of the environment, while a plant reproduces and grows in an infinite number of forms. One animal moves and can go through the environment in its own way. Man is born as a free spiritual being. But, this is a state of consciousness where one can come if the natural course of development is allowed to fully unwind. Learning a lesson is what gives a sense of freedom. If one could gain freedom without absorption of lessons, then one would not be aware of one’s own freedom. Independence would not have any meaning to such a person. Freedom is not something that is inherited but is achieved through one’s own work.

To get along in this world, it is necessary to know one’s own full potential. Without knowledge of full potential, one cannot stand up equally with the surrounding. Spiritual maturity takes place through recognition of one’s own full potential. There is physical, soul, and spiritual maturity. The development is always present, it can not be stopped, but it is possible to set personal and collective barriers. The purpose of the obstacles for one is to recognize one’s own potential and freedom. Very often, it happens that one is put in prison by not getting support from the environment for recognition of one’s own potential. In case the barriers are not overcome on time, one will shrivel physically, mentally, and spiritual freedom will become like a distant unachievable dream. To prevent this, a teacher is required whose task is to make the student aware of one’s own infinite potential.



When one does not receive support for self-development, one is forced to find a comfort zone in which one is firmly encamped. One no longer think of getting out, and later forget where is the exit door. Comfort zone becomes the only acceptable world for such a person and will resist everything that will try to get one out of the comfort zone. Such events will occur until one is left with no choice but to leave the comfort zone.

The cause of degenerative development is unique – a traumatic experience, and all the rest are merely the consequences of wrong conclusions and decisions resulting from a traumatic experience. Here are some of the consequences: delay of learning lessons, ignorance of the natural process of development, ignorance of the multidimensionality, ignorance of the structure of existence, a false concept of time, inability to distinguish the correct from faulty, fixed attention, dispersed attention, fake social laws, GMO, hybrid food, indoctrination, false system of education, the identification with technological development, inability to distinguish technological progress and human development, ignorance of one’s own role in the world, giving the predefined answers – insert a picture before the experiences, learning about what is supposed to feel like, thinking in economic terms, non-human values, mission impossible, “quick” way of life, confusion, incompetence, inability to connect with a world, failure to distinguish dimension of existence, the inability of a healthy recognizing connections between people and events – disorientation, physical and mental illness, non-creativity, no freedom, debt relationships, the slave relationships, dependability, ignorance, inexperience, inability to distinguish natural from unnatural, etc. All of these consequences are here for one to learn something and apply. A person who learns from one’s errors and changes behavior following learned lessons shows signs of healthy human development.

Unnatural is everything that has delayed degradation. It cannot reproduce, has no need for new experiences and has no awareness of one’s true origin. All human creation is finite, has a lifespan. All unnatural has an impact on human consciousness. However, it is difficult to manipulate with those who are present, aware of their own source, and full potential. Such a person is mindful of the importance of one’s personal development, knows one’s soul, and the material world uses for further personal growth. A person who is unaware of one’s potential is not able to resist external influences. It is not able to recognize impacts nor understand fully, but one ascribed various explanations that have no contact with healthy human thinking. A complete and integrated person understands the events in the environment, and for understanding, facts do not need additional evidence, because a comprehensive and integrated person knows who and what one is.

For those interested in disturbing influences of human development, I recommend a book of Tomislav Budak “Transformation of karmic patterns,” the first and second part. The first book deals with individual influences, and second with collective forces.



If a person does not reach one’s own potential, one will not be able to live a happy and satisfied life completely. One may think that has comfortable and accomplished life. One can be informed about the existence of a happy and accomplished life, but one will not understand it nor will be able to apply it in everyday life. Symbolically speaking, is it possible for one lotus to understand a flower if it never blossoms? It is not. It will become aware of one’s own beauty only when it blooms. Until then will gradually become aware of one’s own potential following its own internal needs. In the same way, the awakening process happened to humans.

Everyone is a source of infinite potential which needs to be recognized by oneself through a relationship with the environment and find a practical application for a happy and self-realized life.

Damir Butković

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