Once one master the soul, then it becomes possible for one to communicate completely and holistically with the body organs and the body as a whole. A person at this stage of development has already recognized the body as his vehicle, so this very knowledge opens a communication channel. Because, as long as a person is identified with the body, communication with the body is considered impossible. The meaning of communication with the body is to use it as a means of personal development, the body tells us something about ourselves. 

It is also possible to communicate at the cellular level. The effectiveness of the impact on the body depends on the purity of the intention. The higher the degree of purity, the clearer and more direct the messages reach the body. The core of the human body is the DNA that contains all the records and designs of the human body. DNA is also an antenna that receives and emits information. The body responds to external and internal signals and acts by the programs it receives. For example, going out into the sun triggers various processes in the body because the body receives solar energy. In the same way, the body performs the tasks it receives from within.

By deidentifying from the body one begins to understand that one can influence the body much more than one thought before. Thus it becomes possible to reprogram genes, reactivate 12-fold DNA, treat spiritual organs, etc. If one considers that the body is a reflection of internal states, then the idea of reprogramming genes is not so impossible. DNA is an instrument that receives, transmits, translates, and transmits received information. DNA is a replica of the soul apparatus in which there is a whole series of programs according to which DNA functions. Just as the soul has infinite possibilities, so DNA has infinite possibilities, unless it is physically damaged or artificially programmed. If DNA is damaged you need to know how to get rid of such influence or how to restore phantom DNA. Gene activation depends on internal stimuli and external circumstances. If a person is not aware of why he is experiencing a certain disease, it is possible to check genetic records and perform reprogramming. Behind every gene error, there is a certain trauma, therefore DNA does not perform according to the original design.

Every phenomenon in the world has its blueprint, so the bodily organs have their blueprint, the archetype of the organ, which can be distorted. To accomplish a mission one needs to have a healthy body. If a person carries traumas under the influence of which the development of the disease of the physical body has occurred, it will be necessary to heal the body. In the case of organ archetype, these blueprints need to be healed for the health impact to be transmitted to the body and for the one to be able to carry out life mission.

Topics covered:

  • cellular reprogramming
  • DNA activation
  • communication with body organs – teeth
  • connection of body and soul
  • solfeggio frequencies
  • archetype of organs
  • reptilian brain