A person at this level of development has already recognized the body as one’s vehicle, so within this state of consciousness the communication channel with the body opens. Because as long as a person is identified with the body, communication with the body is considered impossible. The meaning of communication with the body is that the body is used as a means of personal development, the body tells us something about us. The body is a reflection of internal states, and one can say thank you to the law of karma. When one learns a lesson physical symptoms disappear.

It is possible to communicate with a body at the cellular level. The effectiveness of the influence on the body depends on the purity of the intention and the level of consciousness. The higher the degree of purity, the clearer and more directly the messages reach the body. The core of the human body is inscribed in the DNA, which contains all the records and blueprints, so there is the possibility to reprogram genes, treat organs, etc. At this stage, the attendant encounters very subtle influences, which one usually recognizes with the appearance of an illness. Unfortunately, genetic damage cannot be physically replaced, but it is possible to communicate with the energy blueprint of the damaged gene, DNA or organ and send signals to the body in this way. In this way, the reactivation of the 12-fold DNA makes sense.


  • Cells reprogramming
  • DNA activation
  • Body communication
  • Relation Spirit - Soul - Body