This article aims to present a spiritual view on the existence of a v i r u s and give a clue how to get rid of it. The text is the result of twelve years of personal spiritual explorations backed up with healing experiences.

“I myself produce a favorable environment for the v i r u s e s; I myself acquire them. The sick person needs not bombard me with them at all.”, Health and Illness, Why do we become sick?, Volume 1, Rudolf Steiner.


The human body is continuously under different environmental influences and reacts accordingly. Inside-out body is under the influence of the human soul. Outside-in is under the influence of the environment. The body as a mediator is between the human soul and external forces.

Every psychological-emotional condition sends specific signals toward the human body and the environment, and vice versa. It should be understood when someone feels a negative emotion that one simultaneously has a physical symptom, pain, discomfort, etc., which connects to that emotion. This state ultimately transmits to the environment through negative forms of behavior. In the same way, the environment affects the soul through the physical body. The soul, body, and environment are mutually interconnected continuously. Separation leads to misunderstanding when human attention is focused only on one part of human existence. Such observation makes a person blind.



Individual v i r u s = individually imposed thoughts, feelings and will

Body v i r u s = genetic material created by the human cell as a reaction on the human decision or influence from the environment / geneticali modified material made in the lab and inserted into the human body to enter cell nucleus by force and establishes a new program.

Collective v i r u s = globally imposed thoughts, feelings, and will

The consequence of a v i r u s is a loss of individuality.

Healthy human cell vs. v i r u s

A healthy human cell is internally well organized, does not attack. V i r u s attention is external, its goal is to seek & transform (this refers to genetic modification). An image talks more than 1000000 words. The same refers to behavior of the mentaly and physicaly sick human beings.



Truth from lies is recognized by understanding oneself and one’s mental states. Understanding comes through experience. One needs to overcome many obstacles to reach self-knowledge and understand one’s mental conditions and the causes of one’s behavior. It is a different way of observing in comparison to the materialistic one. This knowledge is gained through personal growth sessions and all those who are interested can freely contact me.

One whose attention is focused exclusively on the material world comes to an answer through trial and error method. Once the results match the expected thesis, the one will conclude one found the truth. Truth is only one –  infinite truth, and the material world is transient, so it is questionable what one can see by the materialistic view.

One can not receive confirmation from outside. Through personal experience, a person becomes able to distinguish truth from false. Between truth and lies are feelings that can be very deceptive if a person has a v i r u s. Under the influence of the v i r u s, a person believes what is told to beleive. For such a person to wake up, one need the experience of melting that truth. One needs to recognize differences between spiritual, soul, and materialistic experience. As long as external circumstances will maintain the illusion that someone thinks to be accurate, the one will not wake up. Humanity is systematically under such influence to prevail in the sleeping state.


The v i r u s is created in a traumatic moment. There are three types of traumatic moments: traumatic event, toxic relationship, toxic environment. Depending on the type of trauma, one distinguishes the following v i r u s e s: collective, personal, and physical. At a traumatic moment, soul – body – environment do not resonate with one another.

The purpose of the environment is awakening, but there are times when the environment is destructive because the person is not ready for such an experience. It is the moment of v i r u s transmission or the emergence of a new v i r u s or mutation moment.

The consequences of trauma makes one negatively impact the environment due to lack of inspiration, integrity loss, and weakened body immunity. One is directly responsible for integrity loss. Weakened body immunity is a reflection of integrity loss and negative environmental influence. Ultimately, one does not invest energy in personal development, but opposing behavior forms affect the environment. The v i r u s has settled in the human soul, body and is spreading to the environment. The v i r u s settled because the trauma was too intense, so the one created/accepted the v i r u s as a compromise solution. There are infinite reasons for such decision; but ultimately one wanted to safe oneself by negative means.

The positive approach to the trauma is that the person wakes up, becomes aware of one’s responsibility for the physical and emotional condition, and actively works on personal development. One restores integrity, strengthens the body’s immunity, and has an inspiring effect on the environment. Once a person learns the lessons, the v i r u s disappears. It disappears at least from the soul, which has a positive affect on the body and remains in the environment until the environment heals itself.

The v i r u s originally belongs to the astral world and therefore has no possibility of surviving in the outside world without a host. The v i r u s in the body is a physical manifestation of the astral world. “Everything that belongs to the original design lives in the outside world, while all those beings who find their ideal environment within another organism belong to the Luciferian and Arimanian influences.” – On Epidemics – Spiritual Perspectives, Rudolf Steiner.

Each v i r u s is created with a specific purpose, a program. In a psychological sense, the v i r u s is a defensive mechanism; in the physical, it is a consequence of human decision and environmental influence; it is a weapon in the context of the environment. The environment will attack you because it is traumatized, trying to solve personal problems through others by negative means.


A v I r u s is transmitted by integrity loss manifested as a belief system, acceptance, and permission. Personal integrity is compromised by manipulation that manifests as conditioning, persuasion, and order in terms of relationships. Manipulative techniques create such circumstances in which one does not see a way out. One needs to seek help. One feels vulnerable until one breaks. Various toxic agents are also used to weaken the body’s immunity.

Every v I r u s exists simultaneously in the soul, body, and environment. In the mental sense, a person voluntarily renounces personal integrity, which manifests as relationships based on conditional love, not unconditional; the one is goalless and unaware of one’s potential. Health implies the unity of soul, body, and environment. Renunciation of one’s integrity is self-destruction. Such signals flow towards the body, and the body becomes sick. Depending on the ordered rules, the body begins to create the v i r u s. Just as during sunbathing various bodily processes are activated by the outside influence. The same way different physical processes start with a command from within or from some oitside source. The body is the vehicle that reacts to commands. The v i r u s further spreads to the environment through negative behaviors or spreads within the soul in case of outside source.

The difference between the soul, the body, and the environment is that one directly controls one’s mental states. Healing of the soul happens by the will of the one. One has control over the body in the sense that one instructs the body what to do. However, the body receives instructions from the one and receives instructions from the environment. Since the body does not have a choice, it reacts according to the set instructions. If mental instructions do not resonate with external influences, circumstances for breaking the aura appears. Either the human soul will burst or will have to move to another environment, or the environment will change. Unlike with the soul and the body, one has no control over the environment but influences the environment with one’s presence. An infected person will try to change the environment for oneself.

In any case, the transmission of the v i r u s requires camouflage. Because the task of a v i r u s is to change someone’s behavior in its own favor regardless of whether it is a mental, physical, or collective v i r u s. If the v i r u s presents its true nature, it would not get permission because no one would allow personal destruction. People need to be kept in ignorance for the transmission of the v i r u s, kept deceived.

The heling process works similarly. It also should be camouflaged because the infected person, all that does not resonate with the infected image of life, perceives as an enemy. The infected person does not trust that environment but tries to change it for personal benefit to avoid emotional traumas. The healing process requires one’s intention because the therapy will not be effective without one’s will. The v i r u s, on the other hand, seeks to eliminate one’s will, which means that an infected person will rely on marketing solutions.


The presence of a v i r u s signifies that the v i r u s is present in the soul, body, and environment at the same time. By spreading negative emotions, the environment tries to break through the human aura and make one surrender the body. The creator of the vaccine presents it as a means to prevent the spread of the v i r u s. “Those who are vaccinated are becoming constitutionally materialistic. They can no longer ascend to the spirit world. That is the danger of vaccination.”, Viral Illness and epidemics, Rudolf Steiner.

The emergence of epidemics and pandemics is just a sign that humanity is globally under a particular influence that is well camouflaged and seeks to deceive humanity. Every soul is unique, yet there are epidemics and pandemics. So there is a collective lesson that society needs to learn because how is it possible for the whole Earth to get an infection by a v i r u s. That is possible because people are already well programmed and react equally to global influence. Each v i r u s intends to replicate and spread as much as possible. Since the v i r u s has spread to the entire Earth, it doesn’t take much for one to conclude that the v i r u s has captured human souls, and now it is trying to do the same with human bodies.

Compatibility is necessary for successful v i r u s transmission. Hence the need for global programming. Once program implanted in human consciousness requires one key that opens all doors. The match for the human I from body perspective is blood. Blood is a reflection of the human I. Just as the human I is imprisoned in the soul, the same way human I can be imprisoned in the body. One who is vaccinated and has not previously worked to cleanse the soul will have a much harder path to liberate oneself.

“One ring to rule them all”, Lord of the Rings, movie

The v i r u s in the human body behaves the same as the v i r u s in the human soul. It enters the cell nucleus and alters the DNA structure to accomplish the set goal. Once again, it is essential to note that the body creates the v i r u s in the body under the soul and the environmental influence. The v i r u s in the body did not arise by itself and is not some natural phenomenon that forges plans against humanity and mutates to deceive man. The v i r u s is the result of the action of the soul and the environment.

A natural human v i r u s (in physical sense) will not cause any consequences to others because it prevails in certain circumstances and with a specific goal. It’s like someone making a key for an apartment lock and expecting to unlock another apartment. That is possible only in the case of an equal/similar program or trauma. An epidemic and a pandemic are a sign of a collective lesson that humanity needs to overcome.


The reverse option for a v i r u s to exist in the body is to place it there. The materialist view seeks causes in the material world, hence the conclusion that the v i r u s is the cause of disease. Materialist science does not have the whole picture. It is not useless, but it is not complete either.

Thanks to the materialistic view of reality, the fight against the v i r u s will occur in the human body. Vaccines will trap the human I in the matter. Through a healthy and whole body, a person can connect with the source, become aware of one’s potentials. Once the poison enters the body, the person will have a threefold distorted perception of reality. Persons who have had direct spiritual experiences until that moment will be able to liberate themselves. However, people who do not have such experiences will be able to free themselves but with great difficulties, not to say almost impossible, especially in a repressive environment where there is no freedom of speech, movement, etc. Deep down, people will feel that something is wrong, but recognizing the truth will require a tremendous amount of energy.

Spiritual knowledge requires peace. A poisoned body cannot give peace, but burdens and exhausts a person. A person will continuously lose attention, and such experiences will become a fairy tale. Today, spiritual experience is more or less considered as a myth, and tomorrow it will become a fairy tale until one day is gone.

Once forgotten, humanity lost the battle. Once the v i r u s spreads to every corner of the Earth, it will only survive by getting new energy sources through new generations. For such an attempt v i r u s has support from the Luciferian and Ariman forces. Luciferians have long ruled human souls, and now comes the Ariman power – technology. Technology is not necessarily bad, but the way one uses it is dangerous. I wrote about this in my article Influence of virtual technology on human development.



Technology has a significant impact on the development of human consciousness. The way one uses technology depends on one’s intent. Until one realizes that it is evil that seeks to capture humanity, one will not understand how much technology has negatively affected humanity’s development. The majority understand it intellectually but do not understand it deeply.

Technological methods of enslavement are becoming increasingly rigorous, as the intention is to prevent humanity’s awakening. For example, we have developing telecommunications network 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 7G, etc. Electromagnetic radiation communicates directly with the body, and the body responds. The body sends information to the soul. The one who never took care of personal integrity, nor knows how to do so will not pay attention to such influences. Even if one senses them, one will attribute them to some higher invisible force defined by false authorities.

One cannot create a new form of life, but one can believe one has such ability. One can only create oneself. However, one has abandoned one’s powers. Today, one uses technology to make vaccines, non-foods (GMO products, hybrids, cloning). The powers that man has exceeded relate to interfering in the lives of other beings. Where does someone get the right to interfere in someone else’s life and change it through genetic engineering? Where does one get the idea to change external circumstances to adapt them to oneself? Such an idea comes from the world of religions. Other life forms have an inspiring effect on personal development. One should not try to change them due to one’s traumas and ignorance.

Here’s what the vaccination plan looks like today. Why? Because it is necessary to poison the body more to prevent connection with oneself. The point of vaccination is not to heal. Vaccines do not solve the problem; they do not eliminate the cause. The vaccine’s scope is to eliminate the symptoms with the accompanying new diseases called side effects in the modern vocabulary. And this is the view of those who distribute the vaccines, not the opinion of those who created it. They know the true purpose.

Even if the vaccine successfully removes the symptom without side effects, once the symptom disappears, the one loses the possibility of realizing that one is under the negative influence. One loses the opportunity for personal development. Besides, what can be in a vaccine so organically healing that it doesn’t exist in nature? In other words, vaccines are unnecessary in that context. The vaccine can only temporarily relieve symptoms enabling one to gather strength for further personal growth. Once one mastered the lesson, the symptoms disappear. How long it will take to master the lesson is correlated with the period one spent in the trauma.

What makes people ultimately leave this world under various influences is the power of a traumatic experience that people are not prepared to have. That is also why people massively accept the vaccine as a compromised solution, not realizing that it is just an even deeper decline, avoiding personal development.

We used to eat domestic products without fertilizers, genetic modification, cloning, etc. Today, it has become an industry that runs for-profit and turnover ratio. The products have seemingly remained the same, but they are not the same. They are GMOs, do not represent the original creation. They do not support human organisms.

There are, of course, many more examples in practice. The above examples are here to understand the subject matter of this article better.



Man is an experiential being, gains knowledge through experience, not books. A person chooses one’s own experiences following what resonates with one’s soul. Experience arises when there is a fusion of inner and outer image. C o r o n a propaganda works on this principle, trying to prevent one’s exploration by offering ready-made answers & solutions.

It will be clear what this is all about for people who have been actively working on cleansing energy bodies. Here is how viral propaganda affects the human soul and creates a precondition for opening the door to genetic programming.

Be responsible – plexus chakra – do not investigate, accept other people’s views.

Protect the weak – sexual chakra – you are guilty, neglect yourself.

Wear masks – throat chakra – do not communicate, be silent, and listen to authorities.

Keep the distance – heart chakra – don’t build relationships with others.

Lockdown – the third eye – stay home, watch TV, don’t think.



For a computer v i r u s to perform its task on someone else’s computer, it needs the owner’s permission. The owner needs to take the first step, and the v i r u s enters and performs the task by changing the hardware’s behavior. The methods of entry are various. A foreign program enters the host and transforms it from within. There is no difference with the v i r u s in the human body.



The idea of finding the right atmospheric conditions on other planets for man to have a new habitat is sick. Everything has its natural environment, and it is not one’s job to change external circumstances for oneself, but to get to know and understand the environment. However, there is a one who thinks one needs to find another planet and try to “create” climatic conditions favorable for life on that planet. Man also does this on Earth by implementing various programs to protect flora and fauna instead of stopping polluting. That is a characteristic of a v i r u s – it enters another being and modify (adapt) it to one’s needs.

And maybe the v i r u s was sent to Earth for some other civilization to achieve goals on Earth. If humanity thinks that way, there may be other more advanced civilizations that feel the same way. Or there are still those who believe we are alone. I’m just saying.



Getting rid of the v i r u s is possible through personal development, by restoring one’s integrity. Personal development includes self-awareness, cleansing of traumatic content, building healthy relationships, and achieving one’s own goals. The healing process does not mean having “positive thoughts”, because positive thought actually put things under the carpet. Nevertheless, sometimes positive thoughts are much better than negative ones.  This type of work will reflect on the body and will have an inspiring effect on the environment. However, we do not have the power to make decisions on behalf of the environment. If there is no change in the environment, if the v i r u s has spread too much in the environment, such an environment will negatively affect the human body and one will have nowhere to flee. It is called collective karma.

In addition to personal development, a person needs to maintain the body. There are many methods for keeping the body in shape, and I practice acro-yoga, Thai massage, and dry fasting. It is also necessary to combine the five elements, which are unfortunately quite poisoned today, and consume home-made food that is slowly disappearing.

For deeper understanding feel free to contact me.

Take off your mask, breath. You are safe.

Damir Butković


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