Does harmony or disharmony rule the world? Is it necessary to establish a balance? There are infinite shades. Some do well in life, or at least they think so, some people are sad, depressed, angry, they do not feel well and would like to change the whole world. Because they think world events are not moral, criticizing at the same time their environment while ignoring their own behavior.

There is no such thing as disharmony, there is no necessity for the establishment of harmony. The world is always in balance. The world is currently experiencing a more harmonious unpleasant experience because many more people need such experience. The minority is trying to find their place under the Sun to make their own personal development pleasantly.

Disharmony is not possible. Someone might be too strong, but only because the other is too weak, and this is also called harmony. The weak one can become stronger. To become stronger one should first become aware of its weakness. One needs something external which will encourage one to wake up, to realize one’s fragility and the need for strength and change. Thus, the total events in the nearest and distant environments are quite normal and harmonious, following human needs. The way will the harmony manifest itself depends on the state of consciousness of each individual, on the degree of personal enlightenment. Many of us ask ourselves whether traumatic events must occur in the world today. Obviously, it is necessary. However, what anyone has out of asking questions and expecting that something will change. Nothing will change only by asking questions without personal transformation because each change starts and finishes with an individual.

One can say there is no time and space for personal growth. But, honestly, it is not about time, but the lack of will for personal change. There is enough space and time for everyone. One just does not accept that the external circumstances are the consequence of a state of consciousness. Each individual should take responsibility for oneself. One can not sit and wait for conditions to change. However, one can expect, but then one should not complain about its personal state because of its own independent decision. One should take responsibility and magic happens, a person found its place. No pain, no gain. With the personal change, one leaves the old world which was previously energized because the object on which personal attention was focused grown, it strengthened. If attention is directed solely to the external environment, the environment gets energy, is gaining importance, and solely by external observation environment can not be known from the inside. If for a change one turned attention to own soul, it would come to the fore, and all a sudden there is an opportunity to understand the outside world. It is necessary to transform one’s own spleen, change behaviors, and the change in the environment will appear. The outside world has been instantly dyed with another color. This is a personal contribution to external circumstances, and this is the most that one can do. A person communicates, transmits its vibration, send a message by its actions. There is no need for words. When activities are aligned with the thoughts and feelings, the one acts out of love. The same vibration is transmitted to the environment. The environment responds in the same way, but not in a way one usually imagines, but in a harmonious manner consistent with the current way of life of the individual karma. Each of us carries personal karma, which is inevitable. As soon as a person starts to change behavior, the better. Because karma is not only how one acts toward others, but also how one does for oneself.

There is room for all. It is not possible to take someone’s place, but it is possible to be under the influence of delusion. And delusion is also here to make a person aware because the conscious person can not be misled. The illusion would not come if there were no reason for it if one consciously or subconsciously was not looking for it. The one always gets what one asks. One should not criticize those who deceive but to thank them for bringing treasure. For bringing new life lessons that will make one capable of coping with changes that occur in the world. If one learns lessons on time, there would be not too many “villains” in the environment because nobody would pay attention to them.

Darkness has set upon the Earth. Yes, there is darkness, but this darkness is the image of states of consciousness in which humanity is. There will always be darkness, and it is not possible to be without darkness. The darkness symbolizes unexplored territory. There will always be unexplored areas because there would be no development without it. What would life be if we knew everything? Would it be a life? Therefore, there will always be darkness. The only question is in what form will manifest and how long it will last. There are infinite forms of manifestation. Those who are afraid to step into the darkness, of course, will criticize all around them. One does not necessarily need to step into the inner world to perceive changes in the external world. But if there is a need to understand the cause of the problem and its meaning, one needs to work on discovering one’s role and contribution to the current situation in the world. One will need to realize the causes and meanings of personal problems and change behavior. One’s purpose is not to change the world because it is impossible, but to go through personal transformation and external change will be the consequence.

One who thinks the world needs someone to maintain harmony, one who feels that the world is ruled by disharmony, think only of one’s needs. One would like to change its own surroundings instead of going through personal transformation, instead of living fully trying to achieve personal goals without violation of freedom of another. If, however, one violates the liberty of another, let that be a lesson because one can only be aware of freedom when one loses freedom. There is a saying: “you do not know what you have until you lose it.” One who dares to criticize others without personal transformation also thinks only of oneself, because each of us goes through specific experiences and has one’s own lessons. The behavior of the “bad” guys is going to change when the environment changes. The act of the “bad” guys is going to change when there is nobody who gives them attention. There would be not so many “villains” if there are no millions of people who are blindly following them. One is too concerned with other people and does not deal with personal problems. One should give more attention to oneself. To see others as a boost, a source of information, rather than trying to change the environment just because one does not feel happy. The world around us should be our own inspiration for the transformation of our thoughts and emotions to be ready for future experiences. Because life is continuously changing and never standing still. People are inspired by each other, help each other, encourage awareness.

It is not the same when someone experiences the world in dual mode and when one lives in a dual world. One who lives in a dual world depends on the relation of harmony and disharmony, hence the need for something or someone to change. The one who lives in the dual world is carried by external circumstances. There is no disharmony in a world of unity, but there is only harmony. Imagine a cloudless sky. Imagine a cloudy sky. Sometimes there are more clouds, sometimes less, and sometimes there are no clouds. Clouds symbolize our life lessons. There would be more sunny days if we learned our lessons on time. However, the Earth has become more cloudy, so cloudy that blue sky can only be seen on the horizon.

If the awakening of individual consciousness does not occur, it will get even darker. It will remain only a mental image of a blue sky. Just the idea of a blue sky and a ray of light that will only some individuals be able to connect with a mental image of the Sun.

If this will not be enough for an individual to realize that individuals are the ones who do it, then even stronger prison (matrix) will emerge. It will become life in a small balloon carried by the decisions of others in which there are no more ideas of blue sky and no mental image. Some have already come to this stage. They are not even aware of it, and it is a question of what must happen to awake such person.

As one puts oneself in a stronger prison and continually refuses to take responsibility for oneself, one will need to go through a stronger pain. Through intense soul fire, the fire which one will be passing through for several future lives, because one will not be able to survive during one life.

When individual awakening takes place, the individual will begin to reject all lies, all illusion, all the false ways of behavior and actions. When all wrong fall off, darkness will begin to disappear, blue sky will re-emerge, the Sun will appear. This is the way to the blue sky, to the Sun.

This is all harmony, not disharmony. One needs to realize that for passing through the changes, personal transformation is required. Otherwise, one will be forced to learn the hard way. There is no other way. Nothing is fixed. Therefore one needs to expand awareness, not because one wants to change the world, but for personal self-realization.

Changes in the world are a result of personal transformation. It depends on the overall state of consciousness on Earth what type of harmony will manifest. All those who are only able to blame and criticize others contribute to the maintenance of their own darkness. So, if someone really wants to understand who is responsible for the situation that surrounds one, one should take a mirror and state a question: “Oh Mirror, oh mirror, who creates such an environment around me?

There is always a way to make a change, although sometimes it can only appear that there is no way. There is always the way. It is only a question whether there will be required an atomic bomb for an individual to understand or one will learn its lessons painlessly and on time.

Hope will not bring salvation. There is no familiar way. Repeating someone else’s way that someone passed is only the mind illusion of going through know and that the outcome is already there. The one who thinks to know the path deceives oneself because one is the creator of its own way, and no one knows what is ahead. What kind of life would that be if one knew all the answers in advance? The one first needs to take a step, and the understanding comes afterward. Each person experience and create its own image. Rose which decorates itself, decorates the garden. This, of course, does not mean that one should focus all its efforts on its own feelings for himself, on the collection of world treasures to make itself wealthier. No, because such behavior only makes one more miserable. The one should take the world treasure from the environment, transform it with one’s power, and give it back to the world,  thus developing a sense for others. The same as the rose would not be so beautiful without minerals from the environment that helped her to grow, to develop. And In return rose gives back to the environment with its beauty, by making the garden more beautiful. Beauty is the fruit of the rose. The apple is the fruit of a plant that also drew minerals from the Earth, and in return gave apple which can be used for the construction of the human body. How would it felt like if the apple retained all the minerals taken from the environment just for itself? Apple would rot. Imagine what would happen to your body if one only drink water without giving it back through the urinary tract. The body would inflate and burst. Therefore, an individual is a change, one should develop oneself, respect the freedom of others. The fruits of one’s labor are given back to the environment because, in such a way, one’s further development is possible. It makes it possible for an infinite life circle to rotate. If one wants to be able to accept the endless changes, one needs to acquire the ability of water. Be mindless, shapeless, like water.

Damir Butković

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