The Ego is a false image. One is identified with that image. The behavior of the Ego comes from unawareness, misunderstanding, non-creativity, coldness, etc. The Ego does not change but tries to change the surrounding on his own image. It makes the human body and the environment unhealthy. It is destructive and repellent to everything new. The Ego refuses cooperation with other forms of existence that do not fit into the Ego image. The Ego lives in a duality striving to maintain stability by influencing the environment, therefore, can be constructive and destructive for oneself. Ego can achieve balance as long as the surrounding accepts such a model of behavior.



The ego is firmly defined, does not know the intelligence. The wisdom and logic are somewhat limited and apply only to the specific framework in which the Ego lives. The ego is identity, defined structure. Imagine the blood vessel of 2 cm diameter and a fat clot of 1 cm diameter passing through. The fat clot symbolizes Ego, a blood vessel is an environment in which the Ego expresses itself. The ego has no possibility of getting out of the blood vessels, the Ego knows only the cardiovascular system. The Ego likes to pile up, express its greatness, gather power, tend to become bigger and bigger. And thus the mass of fat clot becomes bigger and bigger until it reaches a diameter of 2 cm and gets stuck in a blood vessel. This is the point that scares the Ego the most because this is the moment of Ego’s death, the moment when the Ego leaves this world. The Ego thinks that by the accumulation of material wealth and by extending the life, Ego will escape inevitable death, but at the end, Ego chokes itself. Before the moment of death, Ego lived a destructive way of life for itself and for others and was thinking that blood vessel was not able to stop him. To pass unhindered through the vessel’s obstacles, the Ego needs to run over all the obstacles on the way. Otherwise, Ego would get stuck in the blood vessel and experience death. While the mass of fat clot was relatively small, it could circumvent. However, as the mass of fat clots got more massive, the only way to continue the endless and monotonous circulation is to destroy everything that is on the road. Eventually, every self-centered way of life ultimately ends up very painfully. Once clogging occurs Ego dies, but also a lot of other forms of life that could not continue journey due to clogging that occurred. However, Spirit continues the journey.

Spirit goes through personal transformations. Every personal change is, at the same time, the physical transformation. The personal transformation has nothing to do with the accumulation of material wealth. There is no weight gain, but the strengthening of blood cell that can live in the new circumstances. Exchange of energy takes place, exchange of substances. If there is a mutual exchange, a clot can not occur. However, if one only takes, then accumulation occurs, stockpiling takes place and eventually, clot emerges. It does not hurt to have a certain amount of stock, but the Ego knows no boundaries when it comes to the accumulation of commodities. The Ego lives in fear of death, therefore always wants to have more.

Destruction, disconnection is the consequences of the inability to connect experiences which are directly manifested in the body’s nervous system. The effect of thinking can be constructive and destructive for the body. With thinking, one creates a thought which refers to a particular experience.  Unconnected thoughts lead to destruction. The soul memorizes. Memories enable connection of experiences by attaching a specific name to the experience. The one who does not pay attention to personal experiences, the one who does not know which thought and feeling belongs to which situation or relationship, will be disoriented. The ones who “put bad experiences under the carpet” will be nervous. Nervousness is a sign of lack of understanding, a symbol of decay, the one who is nervous shakes. The one who is neurotic bites nails pulls hair and uses a variety of destructive patterns of behavior towards the body and others. One can just imagine what is happening inside the body while one is nervous. The influence of unconnected experiences that are awakened in certain circumstances is like a bomb. When the bomb explodes, smoke and fire do not have such a devastating effect on the environment as does vibration that expands. The wave splits up the surrounding into small parts, makes things unconnected. Misunderstanding and unconnectedness of experiences influence the same way, but more subtle way. The word unconnectedness itself means that something is not whole.

Insensitivity is expressed as a cold character of the Ego which manifests on the body through pale skin, thick blood with slow flow, stiffness, uniform and slow breathing, etc. An insensitive person looks lifeless. The impact of the emotional state of the person is visible on the rhythmic behavior of the body – through breathing, blood circulation, lymphatic system, heart rate, pulse, etc. As had been described by a blood clot, the same way breathing with difficulties, slow blood flow, indicate decay. In such cases, it is only a matter of time how long the body can withstand the rhythm of Ego. Breathing slowly prevents the flow of oxygen into the body. With less oxygen in the blood body functions slowly dying.


The food Ego consumes has a significant impact on the physical condition. As a blood clot was formed by the influence of inappropriate nutrition of the Ego, the same way one can get into various difficulties under the impact of inadequate nutrition.  For example, slow or fast breathing, diluted or thick blood, behavior change toward oneself and the environment, the way of thinking changes, and so on. One can distinguish the influence of excessive intake of food from artificial food. The problem arises when the Ego thinks it can create new forms of food like GMOs, hybrids, synthetic foods, chemically processed food, etc. All that is created by the Ego and presented as real food actually destroys the body.


Control of weather conditions is possible only with the help of Ego because if there were no Ego, such an idea would never have been able to manifest. The Ego is the one who attacks and who defends. In this particular case, protects from the Sun, because Ego accepted the idea that the Sun causes cancer. In the background of the story stands fear. When one feels fear and does not understand techniques on how to transcend fear, then one ignores the obvious, such as the fact that without the Sun, there would be no life on Earth. When one is afraid of experiencing the emotion that comes from a specific traumatic experience, one will take all measures to prevent a recurrence of the traumatic experience. The ego begins to interfere with the universal laws. In the context of weather control, Ego entered into the fight with the universe, with the Sun. How big such Ego has to be to override the Sun? Such greatness will destroy everything to protect the image of oneself. It fights against unreal enemies until one day all life on Earth vanishes.


The vaccination is also built on the fear of various incurable diseases and on the possibility of dying. When one is afraid, one will do anything to avoid circumstances in which such experience can happen again. In the case of vaccination, it is about the poisoning of the human body with chemical preparations to prevent the attack of incurable diseases that arise who knows where. It is presented as strengthening body immunity while at the same time ignoring body immunity itself. How big such Ego must be to think that understands the body’s immune system, can help boost immunity? And simultaneously still do not understand brain functions, DNA, and other body parts. Unfortunately, it is about the money, enslavement of humanity, to prevent the awakening of humanity, to keep mankind in the dark. It is all presented in the context of physical health because otherwise, people would not buy that idea. The body is a window into the manifested world, and if the window is dirty, then the one has a wrong perception of what is happening in the environment, and vaccines make the window dirty. No chemistry created by man does not strengthen the body’s immune system because biochemical relationships primarily occur in the body, relationships between different forms of life. Man has no power to create other beings according to the original spiritual blueprint. Human being can only create another human being. The body’s immune system is built in a relationship with nature, and not in connection with artificial chemical products.

Money is also a mean of control because the spiritual function of money is almost forgotten. The real purpose of money is to represent the value created by man’s work. Ego function of money is the manipulation of masses. Masses are aware of the fact that money is the result of people’s work, but not aware of the fact that money is no longer equivalent to work. The money is created “from the air.” Thus inflation and debt are created, forcing people to work more and more and at the same time, do not have time to deal with oneself. “Run for the money “slows down the process of human awakening. The Ego will, of course, always find an excuse why is something good to successfully manipulate the targeted group of people. When it comes to health money again plays a vital role for Ego. The Ego’s idea of money, among others, is that without money, there is no health, which is also a grand illusion. There is no direct relationship between health and currencies because money represents the value of one’s work, and health is the result of knowing oneself.



Here are some other aspects of Ego that also have some form of physical manifestations:

The Ego takes advantage of the body for oneself.

The Ego does(doesn’t) care of the body for oneself.

The Ego thinks, feels, and acts for oneself.

The Ego is moving in terms of the known.

The Ego manipulates to get what one wants.

The Ego is willing to kill for the events to take place in the Ego’s favor.

The Ego accepts change within one’s own framework.

The Ego is a false self-image.

The Ego lives in a world of duality.

The Ego makes one’s actions more beautiful.

The Ego creates confusion for its own survival.

The Ego steals for oneself because creativity is not Ego’s possibility.

The Ego represents oneself for something that is not.

The Ego exploits the environment for the sake of one’s own success.

The Ego gains power by manipulating the masses.

The Ego comes from the astral world.

The Ego plays the game of power.

The Ego is not intelligent but reconstructs already known.

The Ego uses a divide and rule technique to strengthen oneself.

The Ego is compassionate and ruthless for oneself.

The Ego is severe and playful for oneself.

The Ego creates laws and rules for oneself.

The Ego survives with other’s energy.

The Ego is cooperative as long as it has benefits.

The Ego is in a search for longer life-span.

The Ego prevents the awakening of the original draft.

The Ego simultaneously creates stress and offers help.

The Ego compensates one’s own ignorance with knowledge of others.

The Ego prescribes spiritual abilities to oneself.



In contrast to the Ego, Spirit’s influence on the body and the environment is based on the original plan. Ego is only a pale imitation of the blueprint, although today’s technological solutions and methods of manipulation create seemingly perfect copies. When it comes to the influence of the Spirit on the body, then instead of accumulating (obesity) comes to strengthening the body. The activity of the Spirit, similarly as the activity of the Ego, can change the body’s rhythm depending on the circumstances and one’s needs. By thinking the Spirit also has a destructive power but with a purpose to create something new, while Ego destroys the environment for the sake of oneself. There is food made according to the original plan, food that is not produced by man, but food created by the Spirit. The fundamental difference between the Spirit and the Ego is that Ego can reconstruct already known, while the creativity is the ability of the Spirit. Spirit connects, feels, and recognizes one’s own creation. The Ego does everything for oneself, and therefore, one should be on high alert when it comes to the effects of the Ego.

The original plan is that one learns to live with the body in symbiosis and tends toward one’s own development through diversity and personal transformation. The difference is not here to attack us, but to inspire us for personal growth. Without contrast, it is not possible to go through personal transformation, and it is not possible to become aware of oneself.

Learn from your body and apply that knowledge toward the rest of the environment.

Damir Butković

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