Astral beings live in an inter-dimension, a dimension between the spirit and the manifested world. They are not aware of their energy source, and as such, they are dependent on other beings and their energy. It strives for manifestation in the world of creation by impairing the integrity of others. They are afraid of death because they are deeply aware of the illusory nature of their existence, so they keep themselves alive by deceiving others and thus find confirmation for their existence. Astral beings are disembodied, unaware of the world of unity, and as such, they need a vehicle (body).

As a human being exploits the human body by an unhealthy lifestyle (which I have written extensively about in the article “Dry Fasting – Path of Liberation” as well as in many other materials), in the same way, astral beings take advantage of the human soul and steal energy. Such a relationship becomes possible because of a personal integrity loss. The astral being resides in the human soul and acts from there. They can vary according to the dimension from which they operate. An astral being operating from the dimension of consciousness swallows one. One is no longer aware of one’s original identity. Astral beings from the dimension of intention govern the human will, while beings from the dimension of unconditional love exploit the one through a direct conditioned relationship. 

Astral beings should not be confused with other beings that one may encounter in the astral world. There are no restrictions on the astral plane, so it is possible to meet beings from other planets, beings of the lower and higher astral, integrity parts, lost human souls, one’s creation, archetypes, etc. Just as in accounting, there is a temporary account, so the astral plane is a transient station between the spirit world and the manifested world.

Astral beings do not come from the source, but they consider themselves as such. They have a specific type of awareness and purpose that they intend to achieve. Because they need a vehicle to navigate through the manifestation, participation is only possible by occupying someone else’s vehicle (body). Something like this can only happen at the moment of trauma when the passage is open. Relationships with astral beings can be conscious or unconscious. The aura is impenetrable; however, by creating traumatic circumstances, various foreign entities can enter. 

Once they enter the human soul, the astral being will strive to keep the passage open by all means to gain wider influence. More extensive control makes it easier to provide energy. And ultimately make possible the physical manifestation of the astral being. That is why today there are nuclear tests, wars, shocking news, bio-chemical weapons, and all other means used to keep people in a state of trauma and thus keep the passage open.

Just as everything comes from one source, so all astral beings serve one God, the false Creator, the devil. The devil never appears, acts out of the shadows with ‘generals” who carry out his commands. Hence all the false stories of God descending experiences. This way, people are brainwashed, and God becomes the Creator of everything. God is not the Creator of everything, at least not this distorted version of God. It is pretty clear who the Creator is, and such knowledge is accessible through a direct experience of the truth

The one who completes the dirtiest tasks progresses up the hierarchical ladder to the false Creator. Promoted is the one who is ready to give up most of one’s soul. However, there is an end here, because the more one climbs along with the pyramid, it becomes more crowded to take the position. In other words, apparent growth is limited because only a selected few can progress beyond a specific boundary, and everyone else is exploited and rejected. David Icke uses the term “Hunger Games” because that’s what is happening, 1% of people exploit 99% of humanity by keeping them under the illusion, unaware of personal power. Therefore, dependency emerges, a hunger for one’s survival.

The pyramidal structure does not allow prosperity for all, and as such, is not part of the original plan. It leads to wars because it is in human nature to go through personal growth. However, when further growth meets obstacles, dissatisfaction arises. One eventually recognizes exploitation, all the effort for the benefit of the ruler. 

The Birth of Astral Beings

The astral beings are very numerous, and some of them find their manifestation in the time-space dimension and other act outside of it. An astral being is essentially a program that functions in a specific way. Why the program? Because the existence of an astral being relies on a particular experience, and such a nature continuously replicates the same form of behavior that came out of that experience until one becomes aware of the influence. The astral being does not have the power to liberate itself, it is unconscious of its true nature, and as such needs to be inspired for enlightenment. Enlightenment dissolves astral beings. The Creator is the one who has the power to dismantle astral beings. 

There are many different astral beings on planet Earth, and for one to understand what one is facing, one should know how an astral being is born. First of all, the false Creator must be understood. A false Creator is an image a person has of oneself. It occurs during a traumatic moment in which a person feels powerless, but at the same time, one gets an offer with seemingly limitless power. The one who offers the solution appears in the traumatic moment when one cannot find an exit from such circumstances. At that moment, one identifies with a false image of oneself and rejects a considerable part of one’s soul. On that basis, the next question arises. From where the false Creator comes? Who is some exalted being that can offer powers that man does not already have in the natural environment of minerals, plants, animals, and other human beings?

So, it is understandable that God is a being that does not come from this planet. A being so technologically powerful that it can transmit its influence to the entire world. A being with advanced technology. A man has been forced by the great power to bow down and give up large portions of one soul by accepting seemingly limitless power. The connection with such beings is mainly carried by from past lives because today, it is no longer necessary for such beings to appear in everyday life when it is now possible for them to act and govern people on the astral plane. If the relationship with the lower astral arises during current life, a chance to transform such relation is meager due to intense trauma. And, direct contact with such beings today can only happen in great secrecy.

God is an alien being, and that confirms the fact that man has no place in his natural environment to get an idea of God. He may perceive himself as stronger or weaker than another human being, some animal or plant, but where would the globalist idea come from to conquer all of humanity. One is, by its nature, concerned with oneself, not subjugating others. Neither animal nor plant conquers the outside world. So, one had nowhere to get the idea of God. One grows in a family environment, in which everyone is interconnected and dependent on joint work. The concept of God was imposed by a more technologically advanced alien civilization so that it could govern and exploit humanity. 

The false Creator makes all other astral beings. The false Creator and astral beings are not part of the original blueprint. To understand that one should start with four elemental empires that exist on Earth, mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdom. Each one represents one dimension of existence. The mineral in its original form needs to undergo some transformation under the influence of the plant for the plant to use it to build its own body. Mineral and plant life are in symbiosis. The animal and human world are the opposite that occurs to the mineral and plant world. Rudolf Steiner has written a lot about this, and here it is only used to stress the point. Namely, in regards to human multidimensionality, there are the physical and the etheric body, the astral body, and the human I. These bodies also have their other names, the aura, the light body (merchaba), and the stellar body (consciousness body). The mineral, flora, and fauna represent the first three bodies, and the human I represents self-awareness. It is the original structure of existence regardless of what form of life it is. One who is familiar with these spiritual facts understands that the unique structure of planet Earth is severely out of balance. No alien structures should be present.

The egoistic idea of oneself as God arises from experience with some superior being, and later this form of power is passed on to the next generations through the astral plane. Such power, of course, needs to find its manifestation form in the physical dimension so that it can be practically applied. Today, this role is mostly given to money and advanced technology that one “cannot” fight. The fact that there are some more advanced beings, there is numerous evidence on Earth itself. Once a person becomes aware of one original nature, then something like that becomes quite understandable.

The False Creator is the one who creates other astral beings, some of whom have the opportunity to manifest themselves physically, and some never come into the space-time dimension but acts from different dimensions of existence. For example, when it comes to physical manifestation, all hybrids, GMOs, synthetics, cloning, etc. are the result of the action of the false Creator, the God-man, who imagined himself having the power to create whatever one pleased. Man cannot create new life forms. One can only reproduce one’s species. Of course, one can try to play the God game, but the consequences are severe. 

There are three powers that the false Creator uses. Luciferic force prevents connection to universal consciousness, while Ahriman force prevents one from connecting with Earth consciousness. Man-Ego, as a third power, prevents the one from connecting with oneself. The term ‘man’ is here deliberately used because the ‘man’ is a symbol for the human soul, and very often is associated with the physical body. Thus the spiritual dimension becomes inaccessible to those who perceive reality through Ego. Rudolf Steiner wrote a lot about Lucifer, Ariman, and Ego forces.

The road to freedom

In the case of the Luciferic forces, a person feels as if something is penetrating and breaking apart. From this power comes the idea of redemption for sins. Under the influence of Ahriman forces, a person feels as if one has to give something, to bow, to succumb. Like one bow to the far superior technology. In the context of the Man-Ego, a sense of control arises. If one succumbs to any of the forces, the one loses contact with the source.

Wooden sculpture at Goetheanum, Berne, Switzerland – Relationship Lucifer – Ariman – Man

There is a reason for saying that the devil has an infinite number of faces. The False Creator is a copy of the original being but presents oneself for the original. When one looks in the mirror, one can easily be mistaken and conclude that what one sees is what it is. However, it is only a reflection. So, a false Creator is a being that has no awareness of its true nature. 

Although our reflection can be confusing, we are all aware that this reflection is changeable and does not represent eternity. Since it does not represent eternity, then it is not one’s true nature. That might not be the conclusion for those who live only in the space-time dimension. Those will still think that this is a true identity. As long as one lives in time and space, one believes in mortality and variability. The eternal life to such a person is unknown. Namely, everything that is transient is not permanent. A person can play a variety of roles in life. One can be a parent, friend, partner, etc., and all these roles are just transient. None of these roles are everlasting. Yet, there is an original eternal identity that a person needs to recognize for oneself. One cannot be aware of transient without eternity, and words cannot express that. Such knowledge one gains through direct spiritual experience. If a person does not wake up along the journey, then one is subject to various astral influences. 

Tomislav Budak was the first person who introduced me to astral beings, and later on, I gained my own experiences. The following are my personal experiences with astral beings that I have structured according to the dimensions within which they operate to abduct or manage someone’s energy. These are the closest associates of the False Creator, his arkones. 

Astral Being from the Dimension of Consciousness 

This astral being takes energy through manipulation by maintaining a low level of consciousness, which enables them to exploit others and maintain a position of power. Exploited ones are not aware of it. They perceive themselves as in a win-win relationship. However, when the right circumstances coincide, the person realizes that the relationship has never been win-win. It was about exploitation and rejection when it no longer serves a purpose. Once a person realizes that it is too late because the person is exhausted and suddenly finds oneself in a stormy desert. 

The being that lives in the astral world and prevents awakening is named the Eagle. This comparison does not come from any kind of symbolism, but because when one encounters such a creature, it feels as if an eagle has hooked up with its claws and thrown one back to Earth (a denser type of vibration) at the moment of rising consciousness. It’s not a colorful eagle. It’s a dark force that prevents one from connecting to universal consciousness.

The Eagle feeds of energy by maintaining a low level of awareness. Once a man leaves this world, the Eagle swallows you. It does not allow departing from Earth and connecting to universal consciousness. It prevents the awareness of unity. One cannot transcend the Eagle by force, but only by working on one’s self-awareness. Without making a conscious effort towards self-realization, it is impossible to bypass the Eagle. 

Astral Being from a Dimension of Intent

In addition to astral beings who feed on human consciousness, some beings feed by manipulating human perception. The person feels like something is in their head. These beings capture the attention of others and thus receive confirmation of their existence. These are beings who seek attention, and at the same time, play hide and seek game because if they get out of the shadow, then the focus would no longer be on them. These beings only interest the person, turn their attention to themselves, or in some other direction. Under their influence, the person does not follow one’s original mission but follows the course of astral being’s will. 

Such beings look like shadows, intruders in someone else’s world. They enter at the moment of trauma, after which they will try to make as little clutter as possible. The person will not experience some extremely negative emotion but will deal with things that distract the person from self-realization. Attention will be out of focus comfortably and engagingly. The person will know deep inside that something is wrong, but one will not understand what it is all about. One will look for answers in the wrong places. Only by conscious effort and focusing attention on one’s soul does one realize that there is a deception. 

Astral Being from the Dimension of Relationships

Unlike astral beings who feed on perception, astral beings of relationships are those who take energy through a conditioned relationship. The traumatic situation is an ideal condition for the life of the lower astral. In such circumstances, the obsessed person appears and offers help and expresses power in a friendly and comfortable way and feeds on the emotions of the victim. They will seek to maintain a negative emotional state and harness the one for self-interest by offering a certain kind of power to the traumatized person. That is all possible because the traumatized person is apparently in a hopeless situation, has lost consciousness of oneself and one’s control, and as such, agrees to indescribable compromises that ultimately destroy the person. The truth is, every compromise leads to a compromise death. 

Astral Being from Space-Time Dimension

The last category is the astral beings that feed on experience. Such beings intend to take over someone else’s vehicle so that the behavior pursued by the astral being may manifest. It uses a distraction technique. The human perception is blurred, the person feels as if something is forcibly dragging him to the other side, and at the same time, the person experiences a collision, as if something is trying to throw one out of one’s shoes. It all happens in a short period, one moment. The intention is to take control. The person at that moment accepts the rules of the attacker because one feels weak and powerless. The person has lost control of one’s behavior. In this way, the astral world can create circumstances for its survival in the manifested universe. 

Once such a being influences a person, one will seek to push others out of their chairs. They will attempt to bring down and manage from their position, thus building its control network. 

The Original Blueprint

We are all experiential beings seeking similarity in diversity. Although negative emotions, opinions, bad experiences, etc. are a normal part of human development, it is not healthy when a person does something in relation to the astral world. The big difference is when one learns independently based on one’s will and in collaboration with others in comparison when acting under the influence of a foreign entity. 

The normal state of consciousness of man is to learn from one’s own mistakes, to find answers in one’s soul, to upgrade and develop oneself, to help others in their development, and not to make others guilty. Unconsciousness, negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that one experiences have their meaning and purpose, to help one learn a lesson. Sometimes it is good to move away so that one can find peace. Man escapes from fear, refuses blame, draws with sadness, corrects with anger, disappears with a trance. These are all methods that one can use for their development, but it is not good if one remains in these states. 

The maintenance of negative states keeps the passage open for the entry of terrestrial astral entities, but also of astral beings that did not originate on Earth and which came to Earth due to the penetration of the Earth’s aura. It is in their interest to maintain such conditions. Due to foreign entities and beings from other dimensions, humanity has gone down. Man is not foolish not to learn from one’s mistakes but can experience deception without being aware of it. One can fall under the influence of technologically advanced, more powerful beings (influence of technology). In any case, humans are a vital link for their survival on the astral plane, and as a result, they seek to capture the man and use him as a source of energy, as a vehicle, as long as they need it. Why would a man destroy oneself unless one was under someone’s influence? 

A person under the influence of the lower astral can seem to be healthy as long as one has a victim to whom one can transmit one’s disease. When resistance in the environment occurs, the disease occurs where it originated, in a person who is in some way associated with the lower astral. Love connects. Everything has its position in space and time, as in stacking puzzles. Each puzzle has its location. When the puzzle takes the wrong place by force, then something beautiful and natural cannot be created. The disease will take place. Astral beings are inherently lost, and present their loss as healthy and thus seek to provide sufficient energy for their illusory survival. 

For an astral being to succeed in its intention, it merely has to deceive, and in doing so, it will strive to be honest. Why does it have to cheat? Because it lives on the energy of others and when it directly expresses its intention, few would allow him. Persons influenced by an astral being will seek to divert their attention, so today we have, for example, climate change. All attention focuses on combating climate change, while the real cause is not discussed at all – total control. Humanity cares for clear Earth without noticing that it would be better to solve the problem where it arises, at the level of one’s soul. One invests in clean energy sources while at the same time does not pay attention to the pollution created by investing in such projects. In essence, it is necessary to purify the astral, understand one’s dimensions of existence and self-realize oneself, and a pure Earth will be the consequence. The Earth is dirty because man does not systematically work on one’s development but persistently compares oneself with technological progress. And we saw from where technological development was coming. The one became lazy.

The astral world is prosperous in achieving goals because it follows the order, work, and discipline, but in the context of a pyramid structure, of serving a false Creator, which is not part of the original design. Equality in diversity and joint action are the real strength of humanity. If humans act as one, inspiring each other and not allowing soul disintegration, then foreign entities would not stand a chance. 

Astral being disintegrates the human soul. Take care of your soul.

Damir Butković


  1. What do I do to help my daughter who I belive is inhabited by an Astral entity. Her husband is suffering. I know she is suffering and confused. Something happened to her when she was traumatized 15 years of age almost overnight. I’m starting to work with a shaman for myself. I’ve got a relationship with God at last. Know anyone that can help her? I believe she sent me a non verbal message. “Help me. Locked in.”

    • Hi Sandra,
      I can help her, but it has to be her decision. She should contact me, not you. What you can do for her is to deal with your own traumas. By going through your own personal transformation you will have different kind of influence on her. But, this will not heal her, she is not a kid anymore. She needs to be aware of having a problem and be ready for tranaformation.

  2. Thank you. I appreciate your comments and words.
    So far she has not reached out verbally but that might come. Especially if her marriage falls apart which it may as her spouse is very confused by her words and actions.

    I believe she sent me a message ‘nonverbally’ at the airport (Dec. 22) when we were saying goodbye. We were both crying. Message: “Help (me). Locked in”
    I’m not sure what to do with this but I will be consulting the shaman I’ve recently met and whom I trust.

    In any case, I’ve been working on my own trauma healing for many years. There is a huge change for me in that I’m no longer ‘afraid’ of her. And I feel stronger.

    I send you blessings and love, Sam

    • This opens up some questions like why you were afraid of your own daughter? What made you think she sent you a nonverbal message? Why dont you ask her?

      You dont need to answer these questions publicly, but you can ask yourself.

      To answer these questions you first need to understand yourself. Understand yourself and you will understand your daughter. No one can give you the answer, you need to understand it by yourself. If you have shaman who can guide you through that process then do it…

  3. Damir,

    If I were able to get her to the point of admitting, acknowledging that things are ‘out of wack’ and she wants some help, how could you help her?

    Seeing my beautiful daughter go through Hell is unbelievably difficult for me. I often cannot eat and want to throw up. When that happens, I Pray and Pray to the Divine God. I feel so helpless as she lives across the continent and so far away and just saw her for the first time in 3 years (covid).

    • Sandra,
      there are two options:
      1. I can teach her how to deal with her own traumas on her own. It is a step by step process, ready-prepared programme, each corse last two days and afterwarde she works on her own. Of course, I am available for questions. When she muster the subject we move on to the next level until she liberate herself. You can read more about course, just click Services / Personal Compass Activation

      2. I work with her daily / weekly. This way she will also master the process how to deal with traumatic experiences, how to heal her own energy field. Difference is, it can be more intensive, individual approach is based on her own needs, we deal with stuff that troubles herr at the moment. It is not set up programme that she follows, but she bears the programme within her, and we work on that

      In both cases she will get the full picture. It all depends how much time and energy she has, what level of commitment for her own personal develeopment she is ready to take, etc

      It is not an easy process, because she will deal with conscious, subconscious and superconscious content. She will deal with emotions, will need to feel them fully, she will have to open up..

      She will learn a lot, how to read her own energy field, how to access subconsciouss and superconsciouss levels, and lessons that she learns will have to apply in everyday life. Everything she did wrong will have to be transformed, not by my directions, but through her own understanding she will gain going through her own traumas. She will be introduced to her own multidimensionality, etc

      I mean there are infinite possibilities, depends what she needs, how deep astral world is imprinted into her energy field, etc


  4. Thank you kindly for explaining how you might be able to help her.
    I appreciate your wisdom and words.
    I’ve done lots of personal work over many years and have an understanding
    of what may have ‘triggered’ these behaviors, beliefs etc in my daughter.

    I am a person of Faith and at this time search for answers and pray
    in a multitude of ways for self, others and the Planet.
    I will be in touch if my daughter reaches out in

    • That is good, do your own research and follow your own way…🤞🤞🤞❤️❤️❤️

  5. Hey there, I have a question. I am getting more and more control over my soul and chakras, so also in the astral world. I have normally now few times a week short lucid dreams. The first time i had one, i encountered the astral being Intent (which i just read in your article) and i didnt even knew what was happening but i suddenly sat in buddha format and put my hands together, it appeared before me and tried to reach me. But i was too powerful so after i said Qi it was gone. It looks exactly like the image you put by the astral being Intent paragraph. That was 6 months ago. Last month during alot of high astronomical events i encoutered alot of more of these creatures and taught myself how to act, because they are always seeking attention but hiding out of view. Mostly i encounter them before i enter my body back after visiting an astral plane. My soul is already laying in my bed but is not entering my body immediatly. These astral beings take their chance and begin to touch me, although i already know they cannot do more than that to me. I know also the key that is relaxation and breathwork because it brings me back into my physical body. But last few times, when i was in an astral plane, i encountered a next level because it was hurting very much at my lower back and pineal gland area. First i was in my dream, i became aware and sat on a chair, i heard constantly footsteps behind me and i had no control at all. My emotions amplified their power so it scooped me out of my “dreambody” into blackness, and than i began feeling real fk pain. And i know pain is an illusion, and few days ago i managed to block the attack by saying that i am divine. And kept repeating it constantly. My question is, are these still the beings of Intent? And normally i wake up after these encounters, but can I heal a creature like this? Talk to it without being attacked constantly. Or am i than already to far from my original mission which is unity?

    • Hello Amelia,
      you are still dealing with astral beings that are attacking your intention. Such beings cannot touch your physical body, but can touch your astral body and can use your physical body. Understanding chakras is not helpful here, because such beingd attack your energy centers, they attack your light body. You dont heal them, because such beings are not natural creations, but are invented to manipulate others. You cannot heal them, because their purpose is not to become healthy. They attack you because they know your weakness which you are not aware of. You have to face those creatures and learn something from them about yourself. Once you learn they will go away. Breathing and relaxing are just temporary methods to get rid of them, but not the final solution. You need to understand yourself, since they are attacking constantly there is something you don’t know. Proof that you don’t know something about yourself are symptoms you mentioned: strong emotions, body pain in lumbar area and pineal gland. You have some unresolved traumas, that is why these creatures taking advanbtage of you. You are the one who need healing and once you learn the lesson these creatures will go away.

      • Thankyou for replying so fast Damir.
        This is indeed a key element you mentioned about the learning process for myself. That the outer world is a reflection of the inner world. I also notice more that my daily life has all impact on what happens on the astral planes.
        Those beings btw, were they once pure souls? Since all existence is one and balance. That we all are One and are the same source of seen and unseen, known and unknown.

        • Astral beings are the creation of a false Creator and carry his energy. They represent one part of the soul of the false Creator, but they do not have the possibility of self-knowledge, learning, progress, etc. Beings of the lower astral are not part of the original creation, but a means of manipulation by the false Creator. These beings belong to a parallel universe, a universe that does not represent the original creation. False Creator was once a pure soul, but along the way got lost.

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