Day 1

I started my second dry fasting of nine days on 13.08.2014. Between the first and second fasting, I did two shorter dry fastings for 3 days. Two days before the fasting, I drank a liter of lemonade throughout the day with five lemons. One day before I ate a big salad in the evening, I went to a movie theater and then eat some peanuts. On Wednesday I did not eat and drink anything at all during a day and only around noon I decided that I will continue to fast. During the day, I felt weak. At 15:00, I came home from work and went for a walk along the river Sava. I walked for 3.5 hours. While I was walking, I felt a stronger hunger which disappeared during a walk. After a walk, I returned home and took a short nap, and afterward, I cleaned my apartment and went back to sleep. That day I was exhausted without energy and with a feeling of hunger in the belly. I have not weighed myself, but it was apparent that I lost weight.

Before going to bed, I was nervous. I started to watch the movie “Awakening” with Robin Williams. The anxiety was related to the fact that I crack my fingers and had an image that my hands will paralyze because of it. I started to meditate and found out the cause and meaning of the problem.

Day 2

When I woke up the second day, I took a piss. The urine was yellow. I no longer felt hungry, but during the first half of the day, I felt fragile. I woke up at 10:00 and continued to clean the apartment, but could not do it for a long time. I was so weak that I spent a whole day in the bad. Around 14:00, I gathered some strength and went to the market to buy some vegetables and yogurt. During the walk, I began to feel better. Afterward, I went to a shopping mall to purchase juice blender, and after that, I walk along the river. I walked for about an hour, and I came home around 18:00. On my way back home, I felt stronger. I came home and once again started to clean my apartment, took out the trash. At the end of the day, I felt good, no hunger, I felt that I have a lot more energy. I did reiki to myself and was meditating. I used meditation to understand my own problems. During the day, I belched several times, and I felt that something was happening in the gut. I felt a slight rumbling of intestines. The body is obviously working on something.

I went to the store, and at one point, my vision sharpened considerably. My vision was so bright that I had no problem to see letters on product declaration.

I noticed that dizziness occurs every time I get up out of bed, and before getting up, I needed to sit down for a moment. My lips started to peel. My mouth was dry but did not feel the loss of saliva or some kind of thirst. I did not have any other symptoms.

Through meditation, I spoke with bacteria and realized that they have spread because of my own fear. I transformed this state of fear and told them to return to their typical environment. During the transformation of fear, a strange creature emerged, a creature that does not belong to my body. I explained to him that it does not belong to this body, and that had to come out. I explained to him that death does not exist and will be reincarnated in an environment that suits him best.

During sleep, I realized that I need to release a form of energy that interferes with my stomach microflora. I released it with active meditation. Before going to sleep, I went through meditation for reprogramming of the elements of the Earth. The earth element is related to the feeling of guilt that I was feeling at the location of my removed appendix. The removal caused the imbalance of my flora and fauna. I transformed the guilt emotion which I had since my young age. I was “sticking a knife in my stomach,” and therefore, I had my appendix surgery.

Day 3

I woke up at 7:00 am, full of energy. I did not feel any weakness. As usual, as soon as I got up, I went to the bathroom to piss. The urine was yellow. I took a picture of my tongue, microflora is improving, although at the same time feeling of doubt was present. I doubted all my previous actions. The lesson I should learn is that I should have confidence in my body. The body works in the best possible way. During the entire period of fasting, I was venting, and I guess it was because of the peanuts. I did not do an enema because I decided to go through dry fasting, which means there is no contact with water.

I had a feeling that I did not lose much weight as I did during the first day. Today I no longer felt nervous as I felt yesterday before bedtime. On the contrary, I feel much stronger and more stable. Guilt is practically gone. When I thought about guilt only extremely slight feeling in the lower abdomen emerged, but that was just remaining energy that yet had to be transformed.

On several occasions, I felt prickles at the top of my tongue, but I also felt that I begin to swallow dumplings and had a soar throat. The urine is still yellow. I reprogrammed the elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water in my body. I felt that day that the body works intensively on intestines, around the stomach area, and today, the pus started to go out from my teeth. The body opted to heal intestines and mouth.

In the evening, I went to walk through the woods where I made a breathing technique – drawing energy from the Earth. I repeated this technique 100 times, which filled me with energy.

Day 4

I could not sleep half the night, probably because I was sleeping a lot during the third day and because at the end of the previous day I made the technique of deep breathing of drawing the Earth’s energy and took a barefoot walking. I even took a piss around 1:00 am. During the night, before I took a piss, I felt stomach pain and the slight contraction of the intestines, but after taking a piss, it disappeared. In the morning, I woke up around 8:00 am, and I felt good. I had energy, but my mouth was drier. Deposits on the tongue increased. Blisters emerged on the tip of the tongue as a sign that the disease was coming out, which is why I felt slightly nervous. The mucus from the upper right teeth disappeared, and at that moment, the body was healing the tongue. I felt a slight burning sensation on the tip of my tongue. My lips peeled and mouth was drier than the previous days. At 9:22, I felt a slightly queasy stomach. In the morning I felt great, I was on the mountain till 16:30, and before that, I was in the city and in the marketplace. On the way home, at about 18:00, I felt slight nausea in the stomach, although I did not feel hunger nor thirst. I spoke with a friend and told him about fasting, but later on, I found out that it was better not to tell anybody because of the concern for a friend I could disrupt the process of fasting. I did not fell under the influence of a friend’s care. I was listening to my body.

While I was on the mountain, at the chapel of St. James, I had direct experience with another spiritual being who pointed to me the meaning of love toward others. It was an excellent experience. I was attracted to the energy and was receiving images. The lesson was that one should provide love to its beloved ones and to all people. Besides nausea,  mild pain in the lower left abdomen occurred. During a moment of writing this article, I felt nausea. This is the end of the acidotic crisis, or at least should be. I felt that I need to conserve energy. I still felted prickles on my tongue. I pissed at 18:15 and urine was still yellow.

In the evening, I felt a little stronger pain in the lower abdomen, and I felt that I had feces in the intestines. During the afternoon, I felt my mouth is dry more than usual. Before going to bed, I rubbed my feet with urine.

Day 5

I woke up in the morning, and I felt great. Morning urine was still yellow. I took a piss in the same volume as in previous days. There was no longer a pain in the belly, although I felt that something is going on in the stomach, that feeling was happening after swallowing saliva. There is no much Candida on the tongue surface.

My mouth is drier than the previous day, there was no hunger, and I had energy. Before going into the woods, I rubbed my feet with urine. I was in the woods until 16:00 and took a piss there around 15:30. I did some walking and basked in the sun. Solar energy was enjoyable. As I enjoyed, I was connected with the Earth, and I felt pleasure and happiness. Again, I had the experience with the angel who showed me a heart of love, love for all. I came home around 16:20, after which I washed the bathroom and went to sleep until 18:30 when my brother came. The brother I walked to the lake and back, and afterward, I felt the increased loss of energy. I lay around 22:30, and before bed, I rubbed my feet with urine. My mouth was dry, and it was difficult to swallow. Before sleep time, I felt fear, will I succeed, how much longer I have to fast. I had the impression that it was parasite’s fear, which was in me.

The tongue was covered more with waste, although in the morning it looked like there was less waste. When the brother arrived, I felt his fear for my state, which was not good for me, because in these times I needed peace and support. Before going to sleep, I felt that the stomach was active, and it seemed like something burnt me. I did not feel anymore that I have more feces in it. When I vented, I felt I was getting better. There is no hunger, but I felt that my body processes something all the time, and I feel that everything that did not support me dies. Sometimes I came across a thought that I lost too much weight, but it was vital that I felt good, and it meant that my body did something as long as I did not feel hunger. I still have some source of energy in the body.

I felt the culmination that all collect on the tongue because, in such a way, bacteria tried to survive. I have to hold on for some time. At the moment I am most concerned with saliva, or lack of saliva – dry mouth and the rest is all right. My skin was dirty and flaky, and my urine was still yellow.

Before bedtime I felt better, the abdominal pain disappeared, but my mouth is terribly dry, and I felt like something had been created in the bottom of the throat, so I tried to throw it out.

Day 6

Morning urine is still yellow, but the color is slightly changed. I felt good, there is no hunger nor thirst. I felt that the body maximized the production of water. There is no more fear in my stomach, but I feel that my stomach is still active. Last night I had the impression that something had left out of my body, or as if something died in my body and had no more influence on me.

As fasting progresses I have more power and all I need is peace. In the morning, I woke up with even more energy than usual. I vented every day, which is good because it was a sign that something was happening in the body. I felt that what was being processed was more difficult to digest because I have a slight tension and pain in the stomach. Yesterday I pissed twice on the mountain, and before going to sleep, I pissed on my feet. My mouth was still dry, but bacteria withdrawn from the tongue. I had the impression that the Candida died and that its body now needs to be expelled. I slept in the woods, and that exhausted me, but I needed fresh air because it helped to create clean water in the body. I realized that freshwater is necessary for my own cells. The sun was enjoyable, but spending too much time in the sun is exhausting for me. Therefore it suited me to spend some time in the shade.

I prayed for all the angels, the universal spirit and all the positive energy to help me and give strength to my body, but actually, I did not need help because I had the power to finish the whole process. I went back to the mountain. Dog-tired, because I did not sleep well in the woods. I thought that the weather would be excellent, however the wind was blowing and I could not sleep in a sleeping bag, so I moved to the car, but I did not immediately installed the bad in my trunk, but I slept in the back seat as ultimately was not the right decision, because the car was small .

Excretion of toxins

Day 7

I woke up at 7:00, did breathing exercises, and took a piss. Urine was still yellow. There were fewer deposits on the tongue. The tongue was extremely dry, and I rarely swallowed, but when I decided to swallow, it was a thick mass of bacteria with a little water and then digested by the body. It was my fault for swallowing it. All that I needed was to spit out from the body.

I felt okay, although I felt slightly nauseous in the morning. Generally, I’m okay, I did not feel hunger nor thirst even though my mouth was extremely dry. I went home to get some sleep. Everything takes its course, I just needed to be patient and hold out a little longer.

I’m dizzy and had thoughts in my mind to go to Silba on rehabilitation, drinking fruit and vegetable juices and enjoy the sea. I did not take a bath for seven days, my hair is all weird, the skin was dirty, and I could not wait to take a shower and take off the dirt from the body. I’m a lot stronger this time than I was during my last fasting for eight days. As I returned home from the mountain, I went to sleep, was very exhausted, I felt a slight headache and nausea, so I concluded that I entered into the second acidosis crisis. I rubbed my feet with urine and went back to the mountain to take sunbathe because it was a good feeling to be in the hills. I pissed twice on the mountain. The urine was darker than in previous days, a sign that deep cleaning of the body began. I spent all day on the mountain, sometimes on the bench in the woods, some times near the stream. My mouth was dry all day. Sometimes I had nausea, I massaged my stomach, and it passed. At one point, my mouth was so dry that I was scared and did not know what to do now, but I went through and realized that I was in the final phase. I realized that I need to spit because it was toxins released by the body, but until that moment I was swallowing it because I thought this way I feed the body and give him more power and water. But actually, I additionally burden the body, because I was afraid of dry mouth. The body can produce water, and all I had to do was spit it out. Since I began to spit tongue became clean. I spit a lot of Candida. I slept next to the stream from 18 to 22, after which I went home to sleep. That night I began to spit dark saliva, it was significant and meant that the body started to clean itself deeper. During the night, I felt that the body is healing my throat.

The urine during dry fasting

Day 8

In the morning I woke up at 7:00 and went to the toilet. The urine was still dark and darker than the previous days of fasting. My mouth still dry, but I was in a good mood. Saliva is no longer dark, now it became yellow. At times I experience short nausea. In the morning, I realized that a lot of things manifest in the mouth because food gets into the body through the mouth must get out through the mouth. I had no more fears, I just felt my body and listened to its messages. I felt the exact moment of nausea, moments in which the body throws garbage, etc. I got a lot of help from breathing techniques and techniques of the transformation of karmic patterns.

I spent almost all day on the mountain. I came home at around 18:00, but I immediately proceeded to the river to walk a bit (since I did not spend much time on walking, but rather on sleeping), because this alleviated the body to expel what it was not necessary. After I came back, a friend came to my house and brought me fruit and then I felt a strong urge to eat all of this fruit. I felt tremendous anxiety and did not know where to go. Questions started to spin in my head, until when, how long does it have to last, and at one point, I asked God to help me, to tell me the way. The moment I asked God a message came to me from a friend, that I do not need to torture my body and that sea is the good cleaner. She gave me a prayer, “Jesus, surrender my sufferings to God,” after which I started to cry. Layer on she told me another prayer, “your faith healed you,” then I cried again. In moments of prayer, I understood the meaning of a conversation with God. Conversation with God is in reality conversation between Ego and myself. I thought that “I ego” is a God, but actually my words are merely a reflection of myself. I actually gave a meaning of God to the ego, not to God. That was why there were conversations with God through which one get the answer, because the ego is a ignorant. Truth is that I am God, but God is not EGO. The words can only be pronounced by myself, and Ego can only be their agent. It was a huge lesson that I realized through this fasting. By realizing the lesson of God, I realized that two days ago I got understanding that fasting is done, that the body did its work. I began to spit Instinctively, but actually, I should have started drinking water and lemon juice, because it helps the body to expel all toxins. Realizing all this, at 23:00, I drank lemonade and mucus on the tongue and throat began to melt. I spit an hour or two, and then I went to sleep.

Day 9

In the morning, I woke up and again drank lemonade and water and was spitting for an hour, after which I eat yogurt that helps the development of intestinal microflora and dumping the trash from the body. Immediately when I drank the yogurt, I went to the toilet to dump accumulated waste in the intestines.

During the morning, I was sleeping, drinking lemonade and water, spitting. This is what the body needed, it needed fluids to throw out all that is digested in the body, and I was an obstacle by thinking that the body has to do it all by itself. The body had done everything but afterward needed help to make the process of ejection completed in a shorter period. The message of fasting is that I need to listen to the body. I realized that fasting may be one of the ways of self-recognition.

During this fasting period, I realized that the statement that the body starves during fasting is not correct. There is no exhaustion. It is about what I was going through an unpleasant experience that I have prepared for myself with my previous way of life. It is liberating for the body, as well as for the spirit. The purpose of fasting is to purify the body and free the spirit. Those who say that fasting exhausts the body only show that they are not aware of themselves. They show that there is still some form of identification with the body. The body and its organs need rest, and hunger is one way of resting the body, but with specific purpose and meaning. The fact that the body uses energy to discharge garbage and later has no more energy for everyday human activities has nothing to do with the body, but the spleens that one goes through which influenced the one who eventually brought its body into the mentioned state. The body has an energy balance. Fasting strengthens immunity and body reject all the burden that was not useful, weakens the immune system or takes energy away. Fasting frees the body, does not destroy it. Fasting frees the senses, one has more energy, becoming more concentrated, delete old information written in the old water, the perception is better.

Damir Butković

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  1. Thank you for sharing I use oil pulling when I feel nauseous in dry fasting, it’s very effective. But if you don’t want liquids, you could scrap your tongue every morning. I only dry fasted for three days. I’ll try more next time. Good to have your experience.

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