The universal cause of all diseases is a traumatic experience. Experience and environment are mutually inseparable, coincide. The same as spirit and soul are inseparable. They are inseparable since the spirit can only recognize creation with the soul, and when it recognizes, the environment is already there.


The soul is the bearer of consciousness. All lived experiences are written in the soul that one recognizes and connects based on three core competencies: thinking, feeling, and willing. Thoughts are built, while feelings are always approaching. Over feelings, one has no control in the sense that one can know what is going to feel like before it was felt. Feelings are always fresh and new. The will is invisible. Will can only be recognized in the consequences of one’s actions because it is only possible to do one activity in a moment. While a person is creating something, one can not, at the same time, observe it but can only see when it is already created.

Characteristic of feelings

As there are three core competencies, so there are three basic experiences: situation, relationship, and collision, and therefore three major consequences: creation of identity, changes in integrity and influences on immunity. The situation is purely personal experience during which a person did not build a relationship, and no collision occurred, but rather one created an identity. The collision happens when two beings move toward each other and the relationship is necessary when one has a need to achieve something with the help of another being.

Thinking, willing, feeling

The task of the one is to take care of the soul and physical body, and to built relationships with the environment. There are three basic experiences, and consequently, three basic traumatic experiences. The traumatic situation correlates with identification, traumatic relationship with an unhealthy thread. An injury comes from a traumatic collision.

There are also three basic types of manifested communication: observation, words, and touch. It should be noted that one does not build a relationship with the body in terms of energy threads. One is in direct contact with the body, feels it. The soul and the physical body are two bodies that are merged. One needs to listen to the soul and the physical body. The relationship arises when a person is trying to achieve something together with the environment and therefore creates an energy thread to connect with other beings and build a relationship.



Health is like an electric current, electrons move from one pole to the other pole until the moment of the blockade. Traumatic experience stops the flow of energy. Stopping the flow of energy means that one does not live full potential, does not live with what resonates with the soul and the physical body. When a person lives a life without resonance, the disease takes place. There is no spark. The spark occurs when two phenomena are resonating. The natural course of events in case of non-resonance is that such two beings never meet. All of today’s hybrids, clones, GMOs and similar manifested ideas are the result of human ignorance and a whole range of traumas and, as such, would never arise naturally, but were created by force by a man-God.

The spark when sperm meets an egg

The disease is always the result of a personal misunderstanding. However, it should take into consideration types of influences that occur in the environment: visible, invisible, and camouflaged. When the influence is evident, then the disease is easily cured, the one with no difficulties get back to a natural state. But, there are also invisible and camouflaged influences. The intention of such forces does not have to be necessarily positive, but may also be harmful. Due to hidden and camouflage influences, one’s physical body can become ill, without any personal trauma. It means one has no awareness that is under some type of impact. In this case, no emotion leads us to a personal traumatic experience, but it is necessary to establish communication with the body. In such a way, find out a traumatic experience that the body went through. Under such an influence, one’s soul can become ill too. One will not be aware of it because one will the consequence of such influences consider “normal.” All such forms of influences are possible by the fact that the one lost consciousness about infinite personal power, sensibility, and awareness of true nature.

It may be asked how one lost consciousness about all mentioned. It should be clear that the information about full potential does not imply complete knowledge. Knowledge is acquired with experience, and during experiences, a self-aware person uses total personal power to gain understanding. There is a natural and unnatural hierarchy. The natural hierarchy is based on the awareness of the universal laws of existence, while the false hierarchy is diametrically opposed. The problem arises when authority uses personal power and other’s weakness for their own advantage. In such circumstances, one can be forced to forget total potential because of ignorance. Camouflaged and invisible influences are part of the overall manifestation. Once full potential is ignored, such authorities pass by human attention, and a person needs a lot of time to become aware of the consequences of such influences.

Movement of the disease is dualistic, it is always a consequence of a particular experience, it travels from one side to another and vice versa via. The condition can spread in a direction from individuals toward the environment via an energy channel but also can move from the environment directly toward the individual. Or, indirectly through the physical body as a mediator. The same way that electricity passes through lines between two oppositely charged poles. To recognize the direction of the disease, everyone should, first of all, know oneself, one’s soul, and get to know one’s physical body. Only when the one is aware of this, it becomes possible to identify types of influences in their completeness.


The universal cause of all diseases is a traumatic experience. However, it is necessary to distinguish the traumatic experience of the soul, physical body, and environmental body to properly understand the disease. The traumatic experience of the physical body under the influence of the environment is possible only if one is not present, one is not aware of the trauma. The basis for the development of physical body disease in this case is unawareness, aka ignorance, which makes it possible for the condition to be transmitted to the physical body from the environment.

The disease of the soul has an individual character and is transmitted directly to the physical body and indirectly to the environment. The environmental disease has a collective nature and is transferred to the physical and soul body of individuals. It occurs under the influence of mentally and physically ill authority. The symptoms depend on the type of experience, the strength of the influence, and the intensity of the emotion. The intensity refers to the size of the soul’s part that resonates with the traumatic experience. If a person is found in a situation that requires a renunciation of the more significant part of the soul, a person will go through severe emotional pain. Such pain is transferred to the body. The environmental disease is based on the impact of authority. All disorders, diseases of the soul, physical body, and environmental body, are mutually interconnected, and they can’t exist separately.

The overall relations between the manifested and non-manifested universe

Soul disease is treated with: personal reintegration, the transformation of relationship, and healing of the physical body. Physical illness is treated with: building personal integrity, healing the physical body, and inspiring environment. The environmental disease is treated through inspiration, the transformation of relationships, and with preservation of personal integrity (not accepting unhealthy behavior of the environment). Everything is interconnected. Spirit as the source does not know the disease.

In the case when a person is unaware of where the influence comes from, a person should work on personal self-awareness and sensitivity to be able to recognize invisible and camouflaged forces. To do that one first has to become aware of the influence. Besides the physical world, the impact can come from the astral world and can also be camouflaged or play invisible.

Chinese medicine speaks of Chi energy flowing through energy channels, and when there is not enough Chi in the organs, there is a disease. It is not that there is no energy or not enough energy, but there are too many blockages that interfere with the normal flow of energy. Chi is not only transmitted through the chakras to the body’s meridians, but also to the environment through energy threads. In the same way, Chi travels from the environment toward the body and the human soul. It is a closed circuit. Therefore it is not enough just to work on personal traumas, but it is necessary to have a healthy body and a healthy environment.



Energy transfer

Awakening starts with an experience, with consciousness as a consequence of the experience. Awakening begins with the activation of stellar centers that trigger dan-tian’s, centers of energy accumulation, from where energy flow to the body through the chakras. At the moment of birth, the first action of a newborn is the activation of the body. It is necessary to initiate the process of accumulation of physical energy. Therefore the child begins to breathe. Newborn opens eyes only when there is a sufficient amount of accumulated astral and physical energy. Breathing is an expression of intent for experiencing this world.

The amount of energy in life depends on the state of consciousness. If a person recognizes the mission, then energy will accumulate naturally. Human energy is used with the purpose, and as long as one is on a mission, there will be enough energy. When a person lives no purposely, one will misuse the energy or won’t have energy. Unlike astral energy and physical energy, which are not limitless, spiritual energy is inexhaustible. Astral energy and physical energy have to be restored by the spirit, and hence the need for sleep, personal transformation, clearing blockages, etc. During sleep, the body regenerates, and man passes through daily experiences and collects light for new tasks. Need to restore power comes from the fact that the physical body and the astral body are not eternal, but the spirit eternally goes through new incarnations. The man has the possibility of meditation as a method of collecting and liberating energy, but if ducts are not clean, there will be no long-term consequences. Human energy is acquired with consciousness (light) that energizes the dan-tian’s. When a sufficient amount of energy in dan-tians is gained, one begins to act. If the dan-tian’s are polluted, there will be an insufficient amount of light, so cleansing will be required. The potential danger for the one is not to have a sufficient amount of energy for cleaning. In this case, it is just a matter of time when one will leave this world.


So, one uses personal energy centers and transfers energy to the body, and the body reacts according to individual instructions and its own abilities. The amount of energy depends on the state of consciousness and purity of day-tien-s and chakras. Where attention goes energy flows, and that is why energy channels are generated between two persons. When a person builds a relationship with someone or something, it means there is a connection between two energy bodies. The bond will be as healthy as far as the established energy channel is clean.

Basic dan-tian’s (丹田)

The energy is first accumulated in the dan-tien-s, and then through energy vortexes (chakras) is transferred to the body. The nervous system is the one that receives the energy boost (vibration). Awareness enters through the head where the nervous system triggers the hypothalamus, which sends signals to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland regulates the operation of all other glands in the body. In such a way, energy flows to the bottom, and the consequence is the external mobility of the body. Each gland is associated with one pair of chakras. Symbolically speaking, the transfer of energy happens the same way as the energy is transferred from one object to another in a moment of the collision. I am eternally active and act by my human experience. The body is passive, and therefore without my activity body could not move.

Incomplete chakra system

The above image shows, in most cases, today’s explanation of the chakra system. But, my interpretation of the chakra system is a bit different. Today’s system talks about seven chakras using the above sketch, but I would say that the above image presents six pairs of chakras. The seventh pair of chakras is missing on the image. The sixth pair of chakra operates like a lift. Therefore it was split into two different chakras. Energy flows from top to bottom and back, and each position represents a new level. As the elevator takes you to different floors and each floor looks differently. Unlike the sixth and seventh pair, five middle pairs are horizontal. Each horizontal pair operates on the same level. As the energy goes up to the bottom between the sixth and seventh pairs, so the energy of the middle five chakras exit and enters horizontally. The seventh pair of chakras represents communication in which one expresses an individual way of manifestation of the purpose.

Apple is structured in the same way. The inner layer, or the core, consists of a five-pointed star, and a layer which surrounds the five-pointed star. The five-pointed star indicates five pairs of chakras, and the layer around it represents the sixth pair. First six pairs are associated with the physical realm. There is also an outer shell as the seventh layer used for communication of individual lessons that one should overcome with the physical body.

The chakras are organized in pairs because they are the organs of communication, and communication is only possible between subjects and objects where information flows through the energy channel. In the heart chakra, higher and lower energies collide and are aligned with personal needs. The seventh layer is associated with the individual realm. There is also eight-layer which enable communication with planet Earth; one communicates a collective purpose. The same as apple has a collective purpose by hanging on a tree. There is also a ninth layer related to the Solar system. It is used for communication with the other systems, the communication of universal laws. Without the Sun apple would not exist.

Communication has a vertical, horizontal, and time aspect. Vertical communication is stable, does not change, is the contact with the source, while the horizontal is time-dependent, depends on the rotation. The one communicates with the body inwardly through the nervous system, while with the outside world through a range of small energy vortexes, acupuncture points, through which information gets to the nervous system, and ultimately to the one. The nervous system is responsible for receiving human intention and transmitting body intention toward the one, but also radiates intention in the environment and receives information from the environment.

The endocrine glands system

To move the body, one has to live inside the body. As each machine has its own heart. The engine is not run from the outside but is activated from within. The device is built from the outside. The same as the physical body is made from the outside, by the parents, and is activated from within. There is a difference between direct and indirect influence. The one affects the body directly and external objects indirectly with the body as a mediator. Smooth transfer of energy from one to the physical body and to the environment means good health. One part of the energy is used for thinking, feeling, and willing, and the rest is transferred to the body by breathing, food, and other methods. Breath is a technique that cleans and activates the energy channels of the body. Breathing is an excellent technique that frees the body of severe traumas, however breathing, as such, can not cleanse the soul. Breathing can trigger the process of cleansing the soul, and the very cleaning has to be done by the one.

It is known that 12 energy meridians run five pairs of body organs and one functional pair. Two main meridians feed 12 meridians, and there are 6 extra meridians used in case of energy excess. Meridians are activated by energy transfer, through breath, and later with food and other forms of energy. Meridians can also be activated by using elemental spirits – fire, water, earth, and air, which is activated by a specific physical activity.

In respect to physical contact, it does not mean the direct touch of two beings of a higher level of consciousness, but indirect touch through their bodies. Physical touch is a clash of two unconscious bodies triggered by the will of higher consciousness beings. The physical body would never be moved by itself but is in this context, driven by the one or the environment through collision. Therefore, when it comes to the collision of two bodies, there is actually a collision of two intentions of two entities, and the unconscious bodies are between them. The body is the intermediary through which one gains knowledge of the purpose of the outside world.

In respect to the soul contact, it represents direct communication of two beings with the same frequency. The physical body and the soul are just a means of the spirit for recognition of infinite types of influences that come from the manifested world. There is a law of collision of differences in the physical world. And, there is a law of attraction of similarities in the soul world. Spirit itself also can cognize, but in this case, cognition comes from within, there are no external influences. Differences and similarities disappear, subject, and object become one.


Detection of influences depends on the point of human attention. If one pays attention to the physical body, then one will notice symptoms that occur in the physical body. If the one does not have experience of oneself and one’s soul, then nothing else will remain but to observe the physical body. The point of attention will be body peripherals, and vision will not be complete because the point of focus is not in its natural state of mobility. Such a person is not fully awakened but ran into a series of obstacles one couldn’t handle. Therefore one retained attention to physical reality. It is sufficiently restrictive to have the point of focus on the body periphery, but it is even more restrictive to have it set deeper in the environment. For example, a person observes the world through other people’s eyes.

Human attention

Furthermore, the detection of influence also depends on the distance. If a person does not see beyond one’s nose, it will not be able to recognize external forces. And the third characteristic is the direction of perception. If one’s attention is fixed on one point, then one will not be able to notice what is happening around. Any trauma affects a point of focus. So there are three characteristics of human attention – starting position of attention, distance, and area of attention.

The disease can come from many different directions, and the only question is whether the person can notice the influence. While paying attention to the physical world, one can conclude that the matter is all that exists, but actually, influences are approaching from all dimensions simultaneously.  If force exists in the physical world, then it exists in the astral world, too, but not the other way around. If influence exists in the astral world, it doesn’t necessarily mean a physical embodiment took place. Nevertheless, the consequences of the astral world are undoubtedly observable in the physical world. The final tendency of astral beings is to prepare the environment for future embodiment.

The one who knows one’s mission has an awareness of why a particular influence is in one’s presence, and at the same time, learns how to cope with such an impact. A person who does not understand why something is happening will be forced to get along one way or another. Whether one will get out alive and with how many wounds depend on person capabilities and the type of influence one faces.


In respect to a soul disease (man disease), it can be classified according to the emotions that one feels, which occur as a result of a traumatic experience. Emotion is the most relevant symptom for several reasons. Thought has a universal character, but depends on the person. Thoughts can be imposed in words, images, and concepts. In contrast to the thinking, one has no control over the feelings. One cannot choose how to feel because feelings are always approaching the observer. The sky is blue, and that’s it. For daltonists, the sky might have different colors, but even daltonists can not say what is going to feel like until one feels. The will is invisible to the one, and it can only be identified by the consequences of one’s intent. The one cannot be will-less, but can only direct the will or someone else can direct one’s will if one chooses that way. Based on the above mentioned, emotion is the only real indicator to define the cause of the problem. Because one does not have the possibility of choosing what to feel. Feelings cannot be censored. Feelings are objective and emotions are subjective.


Emotion exists due to the identification with a specific image. While playing a particular role, when events do not take place following the character of the identity, a person experience emotions. A healthy person is aware of one’s true nature, accepts external circumstances, adapts, or either acts without panic. A healthy person feels the environment with profound peace. It strives to make a change in life following a mission. The enlightened person is aware of the transience of false identities one plays and experience life in profound peace. Each of us has a purpose, a specific task to be done. When a person is aware of the task, then there are no negative experiences, only the challenges that bring the lesson to the one. If one does not live following a mission, then it is not about the challenges, but one experiences a severe emotional state. Emotion is the result of possessiveness. Emotion is a consequence of a false image one is not able to live in the outside world, or one exaggerates in living. The ego wants all for oneself and has a pre-defined picture of what plans to achieve. The enlightened person feels the world around, knows one’s needs, accept external events, but also brings a change, while ego manipulates others to stay alive.

Emotion is not necessarily only negative but can be overly positive. This is the case when external events resonate with the identity one plays at a certain point in time, and the consequence is a personal infatuation. If the intensity of the emotion is too strong, the aura can break. For example: crying out of happiness, a situation when a man becomes open and receptive to the various entities. The intensity of emotions represents the importance of something/somebody to someone. It marks how much of the soul is occupied with a particular relationship. Describes the relationship of the one with the world. Excessive positivism hints at potential future trauma because of the blindness of external events.

Regardless of which type of emotion one feels, the consequence is somehow related to personal integrity. If the emotion is negative, a person has given up some of the personalities. If it is a positive emotion, a person is open too much. If it is a neutral emotion, it is a sign that the person shows no interest in specific circumstances, which actually allows various entities unimpeded entry.

Other symptoms, such as thinking, physical sensations, and identities, can only be a helpful means in close relation with the emotion. Very often, thoughts pass by human attention. A person will not be aware of identity if one does not pay attention to one’s behavior. Therefore someone should have to point it out. Thus, emotion is the best indicator that leads one to the cause of the problem. Emotion can also be avoided and suppressed. But, when it comes to discovering the cause of the problem, emotion is precise, unambiguous, since it brings back a person to a traumatic event.

Each chakra regulates a particular set of body organs and is connected with a specific emotion, so every emotion has its center of the entrance on the body. Physical symptoms are evident and long-lasting, but in this respect, there is great confusion because the manifestation of symptoms is similar to various diseases. The physical body has mechanisms to eject illness, so the release of disease manifests similarly to multiple illnesses because the diseases are going through the same body’s defense mechanisms. However, unhealthy influences can be clearly structured because they come from the environment.

Four basic environmental types of influences bring disease if misused: the mineral world, flora, fauna, and man. Mineral world, flora, and fauna are alone in perfect balance because they don’t have spiritual freedom. Beings from these worlds act following the blueprint. The disturbance was brought by man because man has spiritual freedom. Man is the one who started to take advantage of those worlds, and in that context, minerals, plants, animals, and man can bring disease if misused. The results of misusage are GMO, clones, hybrids, synthetics, and similar. The consequences of misusage of the mentioned worlds are the sick soul (man), unhealthy physical body, and ill environment.


Any compound can not be formed without the presence of intelligence. Element is a compound wherein each atom has the same number of protons. The mass of an atom is changed by the number of neutrons. Neutrons represent not learned lessons. When one does not learn the lessons, one becomes more massive because the one piles up. When one learns a lesson becomes lighter, the same as when someone gets rid off the burden of the back. The elements do not have an awaken consciousness and, as such, do not know what is around. Nevertheless, it still represents a compound that is the result of an intelligent being. Life is everywhere, everything is a compound, so the atom is a compound of neutrons, protons, and electrons. Only man has the need to separate the components, and at the same time, does not understand that each component is also the compound. However, there is a difference between the compounds that allow waking consciousness and compounds that do not allow it. Elements have no external mobility, but their movement is dependent on being with a higher level of knowledge. Symbolically speaking, elements may have only occasional snippets and a fading sense of what is going on around them in the time of the collision. Elements alone are unable to express their intention in the outside world.

Elements do not merge but quietly waiting for the arrival of spirits with a higher level of consciousness. The consequence of the actions of elemental spirits is called chemistry. Chemical compounds are the result of the work of elementary spirits – water, fire, air, earth. Biochemistry is the result of the work of spirits with a higher level of awareness then elementary spirits, like the spirit of plants, animals, or the spirit of the man. The biochemical process includes communication of organic minerals that are held together by the energy plan created by beings of a higher level of consciousness based on unconditional love. Organic minerals are produced by a plant in the form of a body that is used by the animal spirit to build a more developed body. Finally, man uses flora and fauna to create an even more developed body that allows self-awareness.

Symbolically, it all originates with the spirit of the Sun (fire) that evokes the elemental spirits of water, earth, air. Just as consciousness (light) energizes the dan-tien-s, which enable one to communicate with the 3D world through the chakras. The Sun awakens beings in the 3D world. They become active under the influence of the Sun due to energy transfer. Ether, as the fifth element, is actually an energy blueprint created by spiritual beings, which keeps elements together.

Five elements – five platonic solids Emotions

After separating one part of the plant’s body from the root, there is no more active plant spirit in that part of the body. There is only engraved information which has to be used on time because it slowly disappears, rot. Like driving a car. Once not in a gear car is still moving until it stops. There is a way to conserve information. But, the point here is to stress out the fact that when you tear off part of the plant’s body, the plant spirit still has an indirect influence through the torn body part. Preservation of information involves the separation from the influence of elementary spirits because a consequence of their work is the separation into inorganic minerals (elements), the primary building material used by plants, not human body.

The food that one ingests first goes through the process of disintegration in the gastrointestinal tract so the cells can use organic minerals according to the DNA blueprint. The idea that one should eat protein is incomprehensible when it is commonly known that everything is built according to the DNA record. Proteins are ingested because they contain organic minerals and information body needs. Ingested food first falls under the influence of elementary spirits, and they break down food to a certain extent. Afterward, cells use organic minerals to build new proteins, to maintain biological functions, and so on.

Ingested inorganic minerals can not be assimilated. The same as a plastic bag is not produced from crude oil but from refined oil. So the physical body is not formed from inorganic minerals but from processed inorganic minerals (organic minerals). We are all interconnected and depend on each other’s work. There is a natural hierarchy. Therefore the human body would never be created without joint action of mineral spirits, elementary spirits, spirits of plants, and animal spirits. They have prepared the ground for the development of the human body. Thus, all synthetic, GMOs, hybrids, clones, and similar “breakthroughs “are not suitable for the body because they do not represent the blueprint. They would never exist without a sick man. The structure of such products is incomplete, and therefore not useful to the physical body.



Soul immunity depends on the one. One should take care of one’s soul. If the psychological immune system is not healthy, the body’s immune system will be weak too. The influence of the environment also disrupts or builds the immunity of the soul and the physical body. If one hadn’t interfered with the natural laws, external circumstances would take care of the soul and physical immunity.

The difference between physical and soul immunity is the fact that one is responsible for the soul, and the body is responsible for itself. The body goes through experiences. If experience is artificially made, then it is the question of how the body will react. Chemistry alone does not help the body, it destroys the body because chemistry is a consequence of elementary spirits whose task is disintegration to inorganic elements. Chemistry helps to expel the residues. Each body reaction is a fight, is an answer. The body learns to fight, and during the body’s fight, one learns about the body’s potentials. It is a much smaller problem when one knows what type of influence is about. The much more significant issues are camouflaged and invisible forces that don’t have good intentions for the soul and the physical body. They can slow down human progress in a way one needs to create circumstances to help the body expel the consequences of such influences. One also needs to spend some time healing traumas. If it is about collective immunity, then one should inspire collective for a change.

Immunity is built, not given. All those who offer immunity are crooks (conscious or unconscious). Immunity is built personally, and the body needs the help of the one to pass through experience to build it. For example, when experiencing a high body temperature, it is not advisable to lower the temperature. One should help the body to reach the maximum temperature as quickly as possible because high temperature is one of the protective mechanisms of the body. High temperature is part of the immune system of the body. High temperature is a consequence of the influence of the one, the environment, or the influence of both. It must be determined where the influence comes from and make a change. Using artificial means does not cure, but only degrades sensibility, and that does not mean that the disease disappeared if one does not feel it. Artificial means can be used if the pain is too intense, to delay learning lessons while one does not gather strength. But again, for such intent, everything required already exists in the plant world.

For optimal health, one should know the laws of healing presented by the image above. Omitting only one law violates the soul, physical, and environmental health.

Damir Butković


  1. You share such profound knowledge ! Thanks for the journey you went through so that we do not have to reinvent the wheel but take what resonates with us.
    Can you clarify the part below extract from your writing? How does being neutral allow various entities unimpeded entry?
    Regardless of which type of emotion one feels, the consequence is somehow related to personal integrity. If the emotion is negative, a person has given up some of the personalities. If it is a positive emotion, a person is open too much. If it is a neutral emotion, it is a sign that the person shows no interest in specific circumstances, which actually allows various entities unimpeded entry.

    • Hi Liziwe. I see. Neutral – you are not paying attention, not awake, not interested what is going on around you.
      Positive, negative and neutral refers to subjective point of view, part of the Ego.
      There is healthy state of being, health thoughts and emotions one experience after reintegration and after learning a lesson. Then, it is not about positivity, negativity or being neutral. You are awake and experience things as they are. Once you experience thigs as they are then you can say I like it, I dont like it…
      IF yuu are neutral without knowing what you are dealing with, something can be installed below the radar, like subliminal messages, someone can persuade you to do something, etc 🙂
      Pay attention

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