For a physical body, food is a building block body uses for growth. It is not the one who builds the human body, but the human body does it alone, the same as I grow by my personal effort. However, when it comes to my own body, then it is about a different type of food which will be discussed later. To know what is proper nutrition, one does not need any science, but personal experience, clean body, the ability to feel and exploring spirit. It takes awareness of oneself and the environment, awareness of what is right knowledge, and what is false knowledge.

What is the body? The total universe is my body. All that I perceive around me, including my physical body, is my transient body. The whole world is my mortal body, it’s all me in various forms of existence. The universe gives answers to many questions, one of which is the answer to the development of the transient human body. One must learn to communicate with the human body. The human body indicates whether something is good or not. The physical body is the image of a spiritual being, which is observed by the physical senses.

The mineral world is characterized by hardness, flora world by the capability of body development, fauna world by physical strength, while humanity is characterized by self-awareness. These characteristics are possible due to the different degrees of physical body development. The physical body is an unconscious spiritual being in service to spiritual being with higher consciousness. The physical body is a vehicle perceived by senses, which is used for the expression of spiritual being with higher consciousness. The physical body belongs to the physical plane, to the world of feelings. Without senses and the soul, it would not be possible to observe other spiritual beings. The form of the body depends on the structure of the sense organs. It also depends upon the spiritual being’s intention to present oneself based on a state of consciousness.

The degree of development of the physical body depends on the amount of experience that a spiritual being has, and lessons learned. Progress is impossible without learning the lessons. Lessons are learned through communication with other forms of existence in the physical, astral, or spiritual plane.

When it comes to diet, then one should not just pay attention to the nutrition for the physical body, but should also take into account food for oneself. Actually, when it comes to the development of a consciousness body, then one needs to learn the lessons. Each lesson is food for the development of a consciousness body. When one learned a lesson, then hunger for creative activity emerges. The light body is built through creativity. Every form of expression is possible only with the environment, and food that is required in a relationship is unconditional love. And finally, we come to the physical body that serves as a vehicle to travel around the physical reality. The one feeds the body with the food found in the environment. Food is digested and used by the body as a building block. It is also used by the one as a source of energy in the physical dimension of existence. The rest is given back to the surrounding.

Each body needs separate attention. Not one single body should be ignored. Otherwise, stagnation, decay, and the like will take place. If one does not learn the lessons on time one lags in a society that is moving forward, one becomes increasingly more incompetent. If a person is not creatively expressed, will not be satisfied, because one does not live full potential. If there is no unconditional love in a relationship, then the relationship will fall apart. If the physical body is not fed with the original food, but rather with manmade “food “like GMOs, synthetic food, processed food, food hybrid, etc. then the body will die slowly. It will be exhausted with the extraction of nutrients from such incomplete form of food.

When it comes to food for a physical body, more or less one knows how to get it, although less known is what is actually the proper food. There is no single program that must be followed blindly to achieve physical health. One should explore and recognize the right food for one’s body. Moreover, as it was said earlier, if one does not grow personally, there will be no great benefits of physical health. Eventually, physical health will be violated. I was interested in what is proper nutrition. I mostly encountered incomplete answers, a bunch of information based on incomplete scientific research or clear instructions which do not lead to direct experience. Mostly I encountered empty words. Therefore I had no choice but to do my own physical and spiritual exploration inspired by some good books I found later on written by Rudolf Steiner and Helmut Wandmaker. 

The entire physical existence, including the physical body, is my body that I develop. My body has passed developmental stages from mineral body, plant body, animal body, to the human body. Each level has its own characteristics as already mentioned at the beginning of the article. However, one significant difference exists in the transition from the mineral body to the plant body. The mineral body is internally moveable, and due to this motion, electrical current is possible. The plant transforms electricity into bioelectricity. In the plant body, electrical strength is weakened because part of the power is used for body construction and exploration of the environment. The plant transforms inorganic minerals into organic minerals. Unlike plant life, the animal body has clearly defined the stage of development, but development continues in terms of the senses. Current is internally movable in the mineral body. In the plant, the body is outwardly movable. In the animal body, most power is used for newly developed senses (sight and hearing and smell and taste). This is why animals have a healthy body, well-developed jaw, hearing, smell, and sight senses. After the animal level of development occurs the human body, which allows self-awareness. The one no longer has such a muscled body like an animal, because part of the strength is now used for the awakening process.

The path of development of the human body was described to draw attention to the fact that food is not about killing, not about torture, extermination, and similar ego-trip excuses. It is about the exchange of energy to create a more developed body which is capable of receiving spiritual being of a higher state of consciousness. Eventually, all this energy that came from nature is given back to the mineral, plant, and animal life at the moment of leaving this world. Everyone should recognize what to eat at a certain point in time. It is not necessary to exaggerate or pile up an unnecessary inventory of fats, because regeneration is a natural occurrence, there is abundancy. However, one should pay attention not to fall into the delusion created by the producers of artificial “food,” one should differ food from “food” such as GMOs, synthetic food, chemical food, hybrid food and the like.

When one eats, one does not eat a plant or animal but transforms the consequences of their work. The body converts body built by plant or animal, the same as the plant turns the inorganic mineral body into an organic. Plant or animal bodies have a tendency to transform into inorganic minerals; therefore, one needs to be careful not to overcook such food. Excessive heat is accelerating the transformation process into inorganic minerals, while moderate cooking facilitates the body absorption of nutrients. As Zen Buddhist like to say: “The right path is the middle path.” How much the body can absorb nutrients depends not only on the type of food but also on body purity. The poisoned body has less ability to absorb, but there are various cleaning methods, of which the most potent way is dry fasting.

Plants represent the basis for the development of an organic body because plants convert the inorganic world into organic. Animal bodies grow based on plant life, and simultaneously animal species that feed on flesh are formed to maintain the natural balance. The animal is a defined program, the animal has no spiritual freedom. The human body is developed on the foundation of free will. The meaning of life on Earth is not in the length of life, but to live out one’s own mission with celebration, satisfaction, and love. The festival is the consequence of enlightenment, pleasure is the consequence of creative work, and happiness is the consequence of unconditional love. Food for the physical body enables the construction of the body and the possibility of moving within the physical world. Will the one intake plant body or animal body depends on the free will of the one. Inorganic minerals are not for the human body because the human body is not designed inorganically. The transformed character of the mineral world remains in the bones, as well as plant and animal bodies exist in other parts of the human body. The human body needs organic minerals. Food does not mean murder, but transformation, exchange of energy from one form of existence to a more advanced way of life. One’s task is not to worry about maintaining the natural balance because it is a fabrication of the Ego. One should live in harmony with nature and work on one’s own development with the environment. Everything is always changing anyway. Only Ego.disturbs the original natural balance.

So, the food for the physical body is just one form of food that actually has nothing to do with a one. It is necessary for the development of the physical body. When it comes to human growth, it includes a different form of food. Spiritual food is an experience and the lessons that one learns while going through the physical world. Consciousness is food for the star body. Star body is like a plant, it can grow to infinity, the only question is how it is fed. Food for the stellar body is new experiences, new lessons. Traumatic experiences halt development of the awareness-body until the one face with the trauma and until one learns the lesson. Afterward, the way for further development is opened.

Everyone has a need to express themselves creatively because, without creative expression, there is no satisfaction. Showing intention is another form of food because that way one enters into new experiences with the environment. If one is only exploited and not allowed to express creatively, then manifestation and awakening of a light body will not take place. Expressing intention is a building block for a light body.

Furthermore, the relationship that one builds should be based on unconditional love. Love is the food that one needs to live in a relationship with the environment. Without surrounding, it is not possible to become aware of anything. When separation takes place, when Ego awakes, then this chain of transformation and exchange of energy is broken. Accumulation takes place, which ultimately leads to destruction because the one who separates ignores the fact that without the environment, one would not be aware of oneself. The universe works according to the principle of receiving and giving. It does not operate according to the law of kidnapping, theft, confiscation, etc., although these also have its function. Receiving and giving are like positive and negative poles for electrical current, which could not exist without the poles.

Taking care of the stellar body, light body, and aura are essential for the integrity of human health. Taking care of the physical body is not sufficient because the physical body is only binoculars in this world. It should not be ignored, but it should be taken into account who is looking, what is the object, and how the one uses the binoculars. In the context of the construction of the body, it is one’s responsibility to intake proper food, and the body will build itself. However, personal growth is the responsibility of the one. Levels of awareness, the strength of will, and expression of unconditional love are the responsibility of the one. The degree of consciousness depends on the type of experience that one has. Intention represents one’s deeds; therefore, the more one is creating, the more will be satisfied. In regards to love, one can give and receive it. There is a generally known saying “as you sow, so shall you reap,” or in other words, how much love one gives is the amount of love one will receive.

In the context of everything said above, it is easy to conclude that there are several types of fasting, not only dry fasting in the physical dimension of existence.  So if someone is chronically starved with love, with an expression of intent or with lack of new experiences sooner or later, one will be forced for a change. That kind of lifestyle can not go on forever. Personal transformation precedes to any change, dealing with one’s own negative experiences in which one did not learn a lesson. After gaining a lesson follows the expression of intention based on unconditional love through a healthy physical body charged with the energy required for a particular activity, lifestyle, and environment.

Chocolate is just a compensation for the lack of unconditional love, it is not food for love.

Damir Butković


  1. Phenomenal content during my prana life integration!
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    • You are welcome. ❤️❤️❤️

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