The one experience events on planet Earth through the physical body. Journey on planet Earth one begins with the moment of conception in the mother’s womb, and the moment of birth is the first moment one physically meets the family. One’s family is a member of a particular community which is part of a society, which is again part of a more extensive system and so on to infinity. This kind of observation has a physical body as a starting point, and the direction of view is from the physical body toward more significant systems in the environment.

The observation is possible in the same manner, but in the opposite direction, toward smaller systems like organs, cells, atoms. If one disassembles the human body into pieces, then it would look similar as depicted in the next photo.

The human body as a whole is one system which consists of organs as its parts. Organs are made of cells, the cells of the atoms, and so again to infinity. The human body as a whole is at the center of human perception, but also one is capable of changing the point of view if necessary. If one decided to live at the level of atoms, then the atom would be the center of perception, and one would experience the world of atoms as one experience the physical world. From an atom perspective, the physical body could be, symbolically, perceived as follows.

However, the world of an atom is not the center of perception. Nevertheless, one can perceive that world too. It is a spiritual fact that man is not a body, but the body is one’s vehicle. Therefore one can see the astral projection of the microscopic world. One is a multidimensional being having other bodies with different organs, depending on the perceived dimension. At the moment of death, one will leave his own physical body, which will eventually dissolve, but one continues to live as a spiritual being. As a spiritual being, one has infinite capabilities. For instance, moving the point of perception one can visit other dimensions.

As a spiritual being, one can communicate with one’s own body at the level of organs, cells, atoms, etc. The cell is the basic structure and self-functional unit of all living organisms. For healing the body is enough to communicate with cells, which was described by Tomislav Budak in his articles and lectures under the name “Intentional energetics.” However, communication is also possible at the atomic level, and this kind of communication also has meaning and purpose. Atom, as a man, has a specific type of consciousness, has its own soul and its own body.

Atom is the smallest part to which chemical substances can be dismantled without a release of electrons and simultaneously keeping the characteristics of the broken compound. An atomic nucleus consists of positively charged particles called protons and neutrally charged particles called neutrons. Around the core is a negatively charged cloud with circulating negatively charged particles called electrons.

It is a spiritual fact that life is ubiquitous and that we are all experiential beings. If the atom is the smallest part that keeps the properties of the dismantled element, then one atom is also experiential being (spiritual being). In the atom’s body, one can more easily identify what is more hidden to the human eye during observation of the complex human body. It is about the connection between spirit, soul, and body. Science describes an atom as a nucleus that consists of protons and neutrons surrounded by a rotating electron. Life is usually associated with movement, therefore because electron revolves around core one can conclude that the atom is also alive. The cell is made of atoms and organs are made of cells. The human body is made of living beings. Because these are all living beings, it means one can communicate with them, but with a different model of communication. As one learns a foreign language, so one should also learn the language of the body. To make the communication channel open one should first change the point of perception. One should use perception organs one has in other dimensions of existence. One needs to change the frequency of observations, such as changing radio stations. It is essential to achieve resonance.

Atom as experiential being can be symbolically described in a way that neutron represents a particular potential (future experiences, future lessons). Proton represents gathered experiences (lessons learned). This is also the reason why the proton and neutron create the nucleus of an atom. We all walk our path based on specific needs (potential) and specific experience (knowledge, wisdom), so one atom does the same way. Electron represents the direction, or current experiences (lessons learning in the process). Thus, the electron is an active part of an atom, a proton, and a neutron are a passive part of the atom.

All this can be expressed with the language of the soul. Neutron is neutral because it has no active role in a specific moment. Does not participate actively, but has potential. Proton is a wisdom of the atom, accumulated experience. Even Wikipedia says that the most essential part of the atom is a proton. And eventually electron, which represents the adventurous part of the soul, current experiences. There is also a link with the fundamental abilities – thinking, feeling, and willing. One has no control over feelings. Thinking is subjective and objective. Thus one can distinguish body parts of the atoms according to their intention. Neutron is uninterested in the current environment, the proton is wisdom that comes from experience, and the electron has an adventurous nature.

Proton, neutron, and electron are held together by the force of a spiritual being with a specific type of consciousness. Proton and neutron make nucleus, the potential and the lessons learned, and the electron revolves around the atomic being as a center, not around the core as today’s science says. Each rotation has one center. Therefore the nucleus also has one center, and the center is a spiritual being. A set of atomic beings with the unique purpose of operating makes the body cell. The atomic beings mutually resonate and are held together by cell being. An organ is a group of cells held together by the organ being. Group of organs that mutually resonate and are held together by a man create a physical body. Similar to the magnet which keeps metal together. When a man leaves the physical body, the body itself decomposes to the smallest atom.

Everything is part of the whole. One system is simultaneously small and big in comparison to other systems. As long as policies resonate neither system loses its own character, has its own freedom of movement, and everything moves in the same direction. This is the case of resonance. The disorder occurs when one does not learn the lessons on time. Therefore natural separation occurs. In the context of the physical body, divorce occurs in the form of the disease. When one does not accept the principles and functions of the physical body, but as a stronger system imposes wrong policies. This is the consequence of ignorance of the mutually symbiotic relationship between one and the body.

Systems can work together as one based on unconditional love manifested in the merciful aspect as respect, acceptance, confirmation and recognition, and in the merciless aspect as the opposite of the sympathetic character. These two aspects are interchangeable on the development path of man and the body. The body works perfectly following the circumstances in which it is put, while one should work on one’s own personal growth. A one can make a mistake, which is an integral part of development. The problem arises when one does not learn lessons from one’s own mistakes. Does not apply lessons learned in one’s own life, but instead move on along the path that does not resonate with the principles of the physical body. The body will naturally react, and if one does not listen a particular dysfunction will emerge.



As already mentioned, one is not the body. Therefore it is necessary to establish a relationship with the body. It is also stated that the body works perfectly in all circumstances following its own potential. The body never stops communicating with the one, always there and always sincere. It is the one who needs to establish a relationship with the body. Every relationship involves two parties, two spiritual beings, and the relation of one toward another as the third force. There are three fundamental relations from a position of a one:

– I control my body. I know what my body needs. I do what I please with my body.
– I have no control over my body, I have no influence over my body,
– The body and I work together. Body and I are partners.

‘I control my body’ is a relationship in which the body is seen as an object which an individual uses as pleases. The body is not seen as spiritual being able to communicate. For such a person body is just a product with a certain lifespan.

‘I have no control over my body’ – is a relationship in which one does not see one’s own role. One instead simply accepts the physical condition as it is. One does not recognize physical health with one’s actions but rather transfers responsibility for physical health to the immunity system, genetic code, time, God, fate, and so on.

‘Body and I work together’ is a relationship that includes both sides. The one listens to the body, the body cooperates perfectly. The body does what one asks of him, but according to its own principles of existence and functions. This type of relationship involves communication between the body and the one based on unconditional love.

These relationships may sound quite logical, and many might wonder how someone does not understand this. Confirmation that a lack of understanding is missing is the moment of disease when one instead of examining oneself and one’s actions, one goes to the doctor. The doctor is not the smartest one. Everyone knows the best for oneself, and no one can understand someone else’s body better than a one who is using it. When a particular problem arises, one usually decides to take the fastest methods of healing, which are actually not fast or efficient, but totally the opposite, blurring. The consequence of blurring is a thought that the problem disappeared until the same problem arises again but in a different form. Very often, a person needs to have an excellent motive to make specific changes in life because as long as the motivation is absent, one for some reason remains inert. Only with a drop that overflows the glass one wakes up, starts to pay attention to one’s actions, and begins the personal transformation. Will someone act to prevent or extinguish a fire depends from person to person.

For a deeper understanding of the mentioned relationships, it is necessary to be aware of the multidimensional nature of existence and its forms of manifestation.


In a healthy relationship, there is no “glue” that is used for the maintenance of the relationship. In a healthy relationship, there is a presence of resonance. How the natural connection of ions works? There are positively and negatively charged ions or atoms which are missing an electron or a proton. Because they lose a proton or electron, they search in the environment for an atom that has a surplus of proton or electron and binds together. This compound has grown out of a free will, which is retained in the relationship. The same principle applies to the relationship I – body. The physical body can not exist without my activity, nor I can perceive physical reality without the physical body.

All relationships based on the “glue” are not healthy, because such a link is taking advantage of someone and is based on manipulation. In an unhealthy relationship, there is a weaker and stronger side, where strong side out of inertia and inability to overcome specific life lessons exploits the weak side. The more vulnerable side, on the other hand, is not capable of resisting the stronger side. But, when the relationship is based on free will and unconditional love, then both parties accept the circumstances as they are. The same applies to the relationship I – body. Relationship I-body is permanent in physical life. Therefore both sides should have a relationship based on unconditional love to avoid any sort of unhealthy condition.

It is a spiritual fact that the one decided to come to the planet Earth long before the moment of birth. The one who does not know this spiritual fact can live in the illusion that free will does not exist in a relationship between I – body. One instead thinks that the body is given and can not separate until the moment of death. The body is the image of the one. Free will exists, but to perceive free will personal enlightenment is a prerequisite, understanding of one’s own true origin. However, to realize that there is the existence of free will one can reach through physical reality. One never knows what to expect, one never knows what will feel like. If one knew what is the feeling like, one might never have had the need to feel, and it would be pretty dull for the one in such conditions. It is necessary to explore the physical body as well as everything else to gain a specific ability. Particular ability is not acquired by a single experience, but it is necessary to experience a given phenomenon more than once to be able to establish a healthy relationship. It is the same with the body. The one decided to stay on the Earth in the physical body long before the arrival on Earth and now has to recognize the consequences of one’s own decision. The world is mysterious, exciting, and therefore also attractive, one just needs to feel it, understand it, connect with it, explore it, etc.. The same applies to the physical body, its organs, cells, etc.

The relationship I-body is not like any other external relationship since all external relations can quickly be abandoned. The relationship I-body is unbreakable, except of course in the event of death. Since it is indestructible, it is necessary to know your own body, understand its needs, quality, etc. It is essential to learn to live in harmony with one’s own body without exploitation. Any form of abuse must be paid whether the cause of exploitation is mental or physical.

The relationship I-body is one symbiotic whole. If one does not know how to build a proper relationship with one’s body and how to use it properly, how will one build a relationship with the environment and reach self-realization? The relationship I-body needs to resonate with external relations because the relationship I-body is part of the whole.

The body is a mystery whose potential should be recognized, explored, and used in the right way on the path of self-realization in a specific environment.

Damir Butković


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  2. human body is temple.soul within in body is paramaatma.
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