As one grows, as one gains independence on the self-manifestation path, one increasingly faces collective influences. It is everyone’s task to overcome such forces, to use them for personal development. No one has come to this world to be enslaved by various influences, but influences exist to awaken the individual. It would be insane if one faces collective forces after birth. One should first reach a certain degree of maturity to take a certain degree of responsibility for carrying out one’s mission. Thus we come to the archetypes, the idealized image of human behavior. During a traumatic experience, one can start to worship the persons who take over the archetypal figure, which means that one loses a large part of personal integrity.

Book of Rudolf Steiner’s “How to Gain the Knowledge of the Higher Worlds” talks about the guardian and the great guardian of the threshold. The great guardian of the threshold refers to the collective influences that one needs to overcome. Until one masters them, one will not have permission to enter the spirit world. Once one recognizes the mission, one will invest all his resources to accomplish this mission. One can achieve a mission only by including others, and one will not be able to do so correctly as long as one is under the influence of archetypes.

Every phenomenon in the world has its image, so the body organs have their archetypal image, the archetype of the organ, distorted. There is a saying: in a healthy body, there is a healthy spirit. To accomplish a mission, one needs to have a healthy body. If one carries many traumas in the soul, their influence will bring some physical body disease. It will be necessary to heal the body. If body organs are severely damaged, one has to recover these archetypal images for the health impact to be transmitted to the body and for the one to be able to carry out a life mission.

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