At this level, you get to know the dimension of existence in which the sources of human problems lie. In this dimension, man uses a body of power consisting of power centers. Power centers keep the knowledge about overall existence. During traumatic moments one rejects those potentials, makes oneself ignorant. At this level of personal development observation ceases, it is about direct experiences that are better not to write about, because it can lead beginners to the wrong conclusions. The best way is to experience it yourself.

The spine is a pillar of knowledge, so the state of the spine can determine the state of consciousness of the one. At this stage, a person will acquire knowledge about the vertebrae, what kind of knowledge is behind each vertebra, and how the Ego prevents direct cognition.

Topics covered:

  • belief system
  • power centers
  • exploring the spine
  • Ego
  • temptations of personal development
  • dynamics of emotions