At this level one reach the dimension of existence in which the sources of human problems are found. In this dimension one has power body with power centers. Power centers contain knowledge of the totality of existence. In moments of trauma, a person renounces such potentials, turns oneself into an ignorant. At this stage of personal development, there is no longer vibrations, but direct experiences that are better not to write about, because it can only lead beginners to the wrong conclusions. At this level knowledge is gained directly, without a mediator.

The spine represents a pillar of knowledge in physical sense, so the state of consciousness of a person can be determined according to the state of the spine. At this level, the person will gain knowledge about the vertebrae, the meaning behind each vertebrae, and how the Ego prevents direct knowledge.


  • Influence of belief system
  • Emotions of consciousness
  • Power centers
  • Spine - power pillar