The body of power belongs to the dimension of consciousness. Knowledge is power. The knowledge one needs to manifest oneself in physical reality is inscribed in the centers of power. Centers of power contain knowledge about oneself. In total, there are thirty-three centers of power, just as the spine has thirty-three vertebrae. 

What prevents one from cognition of such knowledge is a program that says that one learns by observation, by directing attention to some external object. Such a person is not aware of the degrees of cognition and the ways of cognition. Another reason why a person is unable to reach true knowledge is ignorance of one’s true nature. 

At this level, one will get acquainted with the first seven centers of power, and the rest one will recognize independently along the way. We work with the first seven because they are centers of individual character, and the other centers are so subtle that a high degree of inner purity is needed to work on them. Such knowledge cannot be easily manifested, because for a person to be able to act from any of the centers, it is necessary to rearrange their lifestyle in detail. 

One of the consequences of working at the centers of power is that a person masters the direct spiritual ability to research, so those who are more interested can use this technique to do spine research and come to certain knowledge. Before that, attendees will be inspired by my research of the spine and the knowledge I gained along the way through direct spiritual experiences. Because the spine is a pillar of power, a pillar of knowledge about oneself, and who is not aware of one’s power has a problem with the spine.