Self-reallization requires good communication skills, which includes clear expression and the ability to understand the outside world. Communication implies a vibration that travels between two sides. Each chakra transmits and receives a certain set of vibrations, because chakras are energy organs for communication that are activated by will power, you just need to know how. Verbal expression is only one aspect of communication, however there are other forms of communication. One should use these channels consciously. We all use chakras as energy organs, but the way one use them is unconscious, automatic, and defined by the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to clean  chakras and use them properly for self-realization.

Human feelings, if one’s energy field is not purified, can be very deceptive, especially for people who are not prone to observe oneself. There are traps of feelings that can mislead one by not perceiving the world as it is. Instead of falling into the trap, it is better to know something about these traps, and avoid potential danger so that human development takes place with as few difficulties as possible. We all go through stages of human development, but energy blockages can stop it. A person develops physically, but energetically remains at the level of a small child. The longer it takes to get rid of the blockage, the more problems a person has in life.


  • What are chakras?
  • Chakra system
  • Activation of chakras
  • Feeling’s traps
  • Emotions of relationship
  • Human development
  • Chakra cleansing technique
  • Distorted communication