Self-realization requires good communication skills. It includes expressing one’s ideas, but also the ability to “listen” to the outside world. Communication involves vibration that travels between two sides. Each chakra emits and receives a certain range of vibrations because chakras are energy organs of communication that are activated by the power of the will, you just need to have the know-how. Verbal expression is only one aspect of communication. However, there are other forms of communication and it is a great loss if one does not use them consciously. We all use chakras as energy organs, but mostly unconsciously, defined by our authorities. Therefore, it is necessary to perform chakra cleansing and use them consciously and properly.

Human sensitivity, if the soul is not purified, can be very deceptive, especially for people who are not inclined to see themselves as a potential cause of problems. Namely, there are traps of sensitivity that can mislead one so that one does not experience the world without filters. Instead of falling into the trap, it is better to have some knowledge and avoid potential danger so that human development takes place with fewer difficulties. Namely, every person goes through developmental stages, but energy blockages can stop one. A person develops physically but remains mentally or emotionally at the level of a child. The longer one waits to get rid of the blockages, the more problems one faces in life. 

Topics covered: 

  • chakra system
  • technique for chakra cleansing
  • traps of sensitivity 
  • dynamics of emotions
  • human development – raising kundalini energy