The entire manifested universe communicates mutually, and yet few are those who understand what communication is and how it arises. It is usually thought that a person communicates through language by making sounds. Yes, but it is only one form of communication. Just as a person has a physical body that one uses as a vehicle, so words are a vehicle that contains certain information (meaning, message) that someone transmits. The meaning will not be understood by hearing but by feeling, and for a person to feel properly, the purity of the chakra system is needed. 

Chakras are the centers of energy communication. Through the chakras, a person transmits and receives information. However, if the chakras are not pure then distorted information comes to the person. At this level,  a person gets acquainted with the chakra system and their way of working, and how a person uses them in everyday life. 

Communication is important for the daily survival and functioning of the world we live in. It is very important that the information a person receives is understandable, and that the person can express oneself clearly. For many reasons, it is necessary to perform chakra cleansing. 

The aura is the bearer of human thoughts and emotions about oneself and the outside world and is made up of nine layers, which are also associated with human development and the awakening of kundalini energy. Each layer carries certain experiences that carry lessons that a person needs to master. An aura is a body that a person has one dimension above physical reality. It is not enough to cleanse only the chakras, but the aura layers need to be cleansed too. Daily, a person recognizes problems according to the symptoms as explained on the first level.  Nevertheless, problems can also be found in the very layers of the aura, but not yet manifested. 

Topics covered on this level are bolded in text above.