Once a man has mastered the soul’s multidimensionality, it becomes possible to communicate with the body organs and the body without obstacles. A person at this stage of development has recognized the body as a vehicle, so this very knowledge opens a communication channel. As long one identifies with the body, communication with the body is considered impossible or possible but with many filters.

You can also communicate at the cellular level. The effectiveness of the impact on the body depends on the purity of the intention. The higher the degree of purity, the more straightforward and more direct the messages reach the body. The core of the human body is the DNA that contains all the records of the human body. DNA is also an antenna that receives information from the environment. The body responds to external and internal signals and acts by the programs it receives. For example, going out to the Sun triggers various body processes because the body gets solar energy. The same is with internal messages.

With deidentification, one can understand that one can affect the body much more than one thought before. Thus, it becomes possible to reprogram genes, reactivate 12-fold DNA, treat spiritual organs, return the body to its original state with sound frequencies, etc.

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