A basic human need is to be in a relationship. The initial training ground for the development of relationships is the family, which carries the lesson of unconditional love. Unconditional love enables human growth and development. However, trauma prevents the spread of unconditional love. Lack of unconditional love creates unhealthy relationships, and as a result symptoms arise. Symptoms of unhealthy relationships are emotions, thoughts, behaviors which are destructive for both sides in the relationship, and affects the work of internal organs.  

The meaning of trauma is not to cause more problems, but to inspire one for personal transformation. A traumatized person in such a relationship loses contact with oneself, so self-realization sounds like a fairy tale. And it is a fairy tale until one decides to dissolve the traumatic relationship and learn the lesson that such a relationship carries. Until the moment of such a decision, the traumatic relationship is stored in the subconscious and from there it sends signals in the form of the mentioned symptoms. 

The law of karma ensures that there is no running away, but that lessons should be learned in time. Everything that is not in accordance with the nature of things, the law of karma tries to correct, hence the appearance of symptoms. Relationships should be based on unconditional love. Family members should be placed in the right place, because within the family each role has its own position. Everything that does not coincide with the universal law of karma needs to be corrected. Everyone should know their position and play the right role. 

The partnership is part of the family map, but it is not the primary cause of the disruption of interpersonal relationships, because a partnership is the consequence of primary family relationships. Although it is not the primary cause of the problem, a partnership is an excellent mean of bringing human problems to the surface. It brings out deep traumas, and in order for such a relationship to be successful, it is necessary for both sides to activate their personal compass in order to go through the development stages of the partnership with as few difficulties as possible, and to learn the necessary lessons. Partners should be two integrated individuals.


  • What is trauma and its origin?
  • What is unconditional love?
  • Structure of traumatic relationship
  • What are the consequences of trauma?
  • Dynamics of toxic relationship
  • Loss of immunity
  • Rules of family map
  • Partnership and its development
  • Integraion of animus & anima
  • What is law of karma?
  • Technique for creating healthy relationship