The basic human need is to be in a relationship. Without relationships, we would not know who we are, and there would be no new generations. The starting point for the development of human relationships is in the family. The fundamental lesson family keeps is unconditional love in a merciful and merciless aspect. A person learns to build relationships within the family, and unconditional love in its merciful and unmerciful aspects is what enables human growth and development. If relationships do not include unconditional love, but conditioned love, the family will not be functional and healthy. Relationships within such a family will be traumatic, and as a result of a traumatic relationship, an unhealthy bond between family members will emerge.

The meaning of a traumatic relationship is not to disable life, but to learn something about oneself.  If the family lacks a constructive approach to problem-solving, the traumatized person will build compensatory patterns of behavior that will obstruct self-realization. One can postpone family lessons, but not indefinitely. There is a moment when one will have to face unlearned family lessons.

Traumatic relationships are stored in the subconscious until one is ready to accept those experiences and learn from them. To successfully master the lesson, it is necessary to know the structure of trauma. To postpone only worsens the situation, because traumas accumulate, and it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to cope with such a burden later on.

The relentless law of karma takes care of learning the lessons on time.  The law of karma says as you sow, so shall you reap, the law of cause and effect. To think that something does not exist just because we deceive ourselves that it does not exist is insane, but it gives a person some kind of hope thinking that one will avoid the consequences. One can ignore the consequences, but can not avoid them, therefore it is better to deal with traumatic relationships as soon as possible. 

Activating the personal compass enables a person to master the way of living in the dimension of unconditional love by recreating healthy relationships based on unconditional love, and placing family members in the right place on the family map. A person learns how to approach family members in the right way.

A partnership is part of the family map, but it is not the primary cause of human issues, because the partnership is a result of primary family relationships. Although not the primary cause of the problem, a partnership is a great way to bring human problems to the surface. It brings out deep traumas, and for such a relationship to be successful, both people must activate a personal compass to go through the developmental stages of the partnership with as less difficulties as possible. For a partnership to succeed, a certain degree of integration of both partners is needed, which, in addition to transforming unhealthy family relationships, includes the integration of the male and female principles of existence, animus, and anime. 

Topics covered:

  • technique for recreation of healthy relationship by activating the personal compass
  • what is a traumatic relationship, and its dynamics and structure
  • unconditional love and its forms of manifestation
  • unhealthy connection, and decline in immunity
  • establishing healthy relationships with family members, and placing each member in the correct position
  • partnership and stages of partnership development
  • integration of animus and anime
  • law of karma – law of cause and effect