For a person to be able to undertake any creative activity one needs to be placed in a certain role. Playing the right role is just as important as leaving the same role. One who understands the family map has not only learned how to build relationships, but also how to take the right position. Identification is copying someone else’s behavior to establish closer relationship and to achieve certain goals. Identification is a consequence of the traumatic event. This type of problem is harder to recognize if a person is not prone to self-observation, because it is a very subtle influence one should know how to recognize. It is necessary to know the symptoms related to identifications.

Each identification is based on the compensation triangle within which one behaves. There is no good role within the compensation triangle, because those roles are compensation. It is necessary to abandon the compensatory model of behavior. To liberate oneself a certain knowledge of identifications is required. 

The method of creation and discreation is very useful in this type of work, because it facilitates the recognition of identification. 

Topics covered:

  • structure of trauma resulting from traumatic event
  • identification of relationship
    • martyr 
    • hero 
    • dead person 
    • victim 
    • child
  • goal identification
    • intellectual 
    • follower 
    • cold person 
    • wanderer 
    • slave 
  • method of creation and discretion