In order for one to be able to do any creative activity, one must take a certain role. Playing the right role is just as important as leaving that same role. One who understands the family map has not only learned how to build relationships, but how to take the correct position. Identification means playing the wrong role, but with a much greater loss of individuality. A person takes on other people’s attitudes, beliefs, states and behaviors, and loses a significant part of individuality. This type of problem is more difficult to recognize, because the person still achieves some goals through identification, so it is much more difficult to go through the process of de-identification.

Identifications have specific symptoms by which they can be recognized. Behind every identification there is an undesirable emotion that one tries to get rid of. The compensation triangle is one of the means used to get rid of negative states. The compensatory triangle is not a solution, but a means of compensation for avoiding the emotion. The solution lies in the dissolution of the traumatic experience. The process of dissolution will be at this level enriched by the method of discretion and creation.


  • What is identification?
  • Identity loss
  • Dynamics of identification
  • Identification with tortured person
  • Identification with hero
  • Identification with dead person
  • Identification with victim
  • Identification with child
  • Methid for discreation & creation