Overall health is not only measured by healthy relationships based on unconditional love, but also by whether a person has goals in life striving to achieve them creatively. A person who does not have goals cannot be considered as mentally healthy person. It is not about any goals, but about goals that resonate with the one. Goals are a means of personal development. The results does not justify the means. The goal is just one stop on the way, and the satisfaction comes from the work itself. The satisfaction is in creativity. During creative process trying to achieve personalg goals one does not feel  exhausted in negative sense of that word.

Each achievement of the goal requires certain abilities. The technique ‘Goal Walk’ leads a person to the realization of how to achieve the goal, and what personal transformations one needs to undergo. The technique is very powerful and opens up a whole series of traumas that need to be dissolved in order for a person to be able to realize the set up goal. Sometimes it means leaving the existing sphere or loop of life, and stepping on the next level. The new step brings new rules and new forms of behavior for which a person should be ready and take responsibility for self-realization. 

What can facilitate setting up goals are primordial codes. Each person is born with primordial codes. For example which creative activity suits the person best, in which identity, which spiritual stream the one belongs to, and what kind of primordial relationship suits the best. Once a person recognizes his own primordial codes, he has the ability to organize his own life according to what suits him best. Knowledge of primordial codes can also help a person not fall under the influence of an inorganic being that can pull a person in the opposite direction. A person under the influence of an inorganic being turns into a dreamer who tends to enter into experiences that are not the original need of the one. To make the achievement of goals even easier, a person should go through the trials of occult development, because in this way one is freed from the conditioned perception of the material world.


  • False authority
  • Dynamics of setting up goals
  • Loss of energy
  • ‘Goal Walk’ technique
  • Loop & Sphere
  • Primordial codes
  • Dream analysis
  • Inorganic being
  • Dynamics of human development
  • Trials of occult development