Health is not only measured by the amount of unconditional love, but also by whether one has goals in life striving to achieve. A person who has no goals cannot be considered a mentally healthy person. Here I don’t talk about any goal, but about life goals that resonate with one, goals that one inexorably wants to achieve. Why is this important? Because without personal goals one will not understand what the satisfaction that comes from achieving personal goals is. A goal is not something a person should strive for. The goal does not justify the means, but the goal is an inspiration for personal development. The goal is just one station that one passes on the way, and the satisfaction comes from the work itself. When one does what one loves then satisfaction fulfills one’s soul. The one has no sense of energy loss. 

Goals are recognized through the environment. If one is brought up by strong authorities, then this will have a strong impact on how one will define personal goals. All the traumas one experiences will be reflected through the choice of a personal goal. To avoid such problems on this level one learn the technique of how to use goals for personal development. This technique is called “Goal Walk”. The technique is very powerful and opens up a whole range of traumas that need to be resolved in order for a person to be able to realize the set goal. 

What can obstruct achieving a goal is a loop and sphere in which one got stuck. If one set high goals, it means that it is necessary to leave the existing sphere of existence and step onto a new level, which means abandoning the old patterns of behavior and mastering new principles of action. 

What can make it easier to define goals are primordial codes. Each person is born with original codes that suit one best: creative activity, identity, spiritual stream, and the primordial relationship. Once a person recognizes their own primordial codes, they have the opportunity to organize their own lives in a totally different way. Knowledge of primordial codes can also help one not to fall under the influence of an inorganic being that can pull a person in the opposite direction. A person under the influence of an inorganic being turns into a dreamer who seeks to enter into experiences that are not originally the needs of the one. 

Topics covered:

  • false authority
  • energy loss
  • defining goal
  • walk to goal – technique for resolving all the traumas that prevent one from realizing the goal
  • loop and sphere
  • primordial codes 
  • dream analysis
  • inorganic being