Man did not come to this world just to communicate and build relationships, but one also came to express creatively. Communication and unconditional love are by nature two-way. Energy flows in both directions. Thus, each individual also has the opportunity for creative expression. Each of us has come to this world to self-realize, and the environment serves as inspiration. 

A healthy person knows which direction to go and along the way achieves different goals. Goals are just individual stations of one’s life path. A goal is a means of personal development that inspires a person to move forward. The goal is not the final destination, but only the temporary station one achieved, enabling one to see the path one has traveled and to prepare for new challenges.

In the context of personal development, a goal can be used as a means of healing by leading a person to recognize personal weakness. A person should not succumb to weaknesses by seeking a short path, as this ultimately numbs the person and makes one incompetent. 

At this level, one learns to use the goal as a means of recognizing the limiting internal factors one needs to face. Some of such factors are the life loop and the sphere in which one is and does not know how to get out of it. One does not know, because one has never faced his inner feelings that prevent one from moving forward. The person’s attention is fixed, so other perspectives are inaccessible. In other words, the point of attention has lost its flexibility. Attention is focused on only one zone (perspective). Following the basic human forces, there are also basic comfort zones. The point of attention needs to be mastered and gain back flexibility through energetic exercises of perception. 

The technique used to identify internal limiting factors is “goal walk”. By using this technique, a person provokes oneself and awakens negative inner states that need to be addressed for a person to start living a fulfilled life. 

In addition to all the above, at this level, a person can recognize the innate (primordial) codes that are inscribed in the human energy body. Through direct communication with these energy centers, a person comes to know about life preferences, so once a person recognizes them, one can begin to build a life based on such knowledge. Each of us possesses certain skills that suit one best and that one loves to work on. When there is love in what one does what can go wrong. 

Additional means that can help one in self-realization are dream analysis and the use of the subconscious in the realization of some specific tasks. 

Topics covered on this level are bolded in the text above.