The matrix as an energy field belongs to the collective unconscious influence of humanity, it has a global impact, because it is about programs that are in the field and that people automatically take over when it is within such a field. Every system is there primarily to encourage self-realization, not to make a person unconditionally accept the rules of the system. What empowers the system are like-minded individuals. There is nothing wrong with being surrounded by like-minded people, but it should be clear to everyone that the matrix as a system has one source and that the name system itself leads a person to wrong conclusions and decisions. When it comes to the matrix and its rulers, then there will be primarily talked of the ruler of the lower astral and its archons who are doing their best to adapt the Earth to their own needs.

What stands in front of human development are three trials, the guardian of the threshold and the great guardian of the threshold. The great guardian of the threshold refers to the collective influences that man needs to overcome. Until a person masters them, they will not have permission to enter the spiritual world. Once one knows the mission one simply does it, and the matrix and the rulers of the astral will try to stop every form of self-realization and disobedience to the world ruler.

Such beings have an extremely strong influence on humanity precisely because they are collective, but it is also possible to get rid of such influence. This is important not only in the context of self-realization during the present life, but it is equally important for the afterlife.

Topics covered:

  • the matrix
  • programming
  • rulers of astral world
  • influence of energy field
  • types of manipulation
  • three trials, guardian of threshold, great guardian of threshold