The matrix is an energy field consisiting of the collective unconscious of humanity. It has a global influence. People automatically download programs inscribed in the matrix. The one has a feeling that something wants to take over.

The matrix tries to keep itself alive at all costs by acting from the astral world. The rulers of the lower astral govern the matrix and take care of its energy level. Such influences have an extremely strong influence on a person precisely because they are collective. However, it is possible to get rid of such an influence. Because the original intention of everything that holds one back is to inspire one to release one’s potential. For such a thing, it is necessary to rise above the astral world, to rely on oneself and one’s own cognitive powers. One use such influences for overcoming the manipulative methods and programs used by the rulers of the astral.


  • What is matrix?
  • Field
  • Types of manipulation
  • Programming
  • Lords of lower astral
  • Cognitive powers