Just as the one in the space-time dimension has a physical body, so in other dimensions of existence one has other bodies. In the dimension of unconditional love, one uses the aura, while in the dimension of intention, one uses the merchaba, the light body or the body of intent with a whole series of centers and organs that are used to achieve one’s short-term goals and life mission (dharma). A certain degree of purification is required for the conscious use of these organ and centers. 

What can hold a person back from living one’s mission are defense mechanisms that prevent a person from surrendering to new experiences, so it is important to know how to recognize a defense mechanism and get rid of it.

By living one’s mission, a person enrich the environment, and as one grows one goes through levels of creation within which one act. The first four levels are open to all people, and the remaining three levels are entered by one’s own will, because entry implies a certain degree of responsibility that needs to be developed for one’s life.


  • Organs of intentional body
  • Dan tian - centers of perception
  • Point of perception
  • Identifications of intent
  • Defense mechanism
  • hara line
  • Life mission
  • Emotions of intent
  • Reptilian brain
  • Levels of creation