Just as one has a physical body in the space-time dimension, so in other dimensions of existence one also has a body. In the dimension of unconditional love, one uses the aura, while in the dimension of intention one uses the merchaba, the light body or body of intention with a whole range of organs used to achieve short-term goals and life mission (dharma). To use those centers certain level of purity is required, and one needs to experience and understand those centers.

To have meaning in life one needs to understand one’s life mission. The whole universe is arranged to wake you up, but it takes courage and confidence to enter the experience. By going through experiences one aspires toward something which leads to an understanding of life’s mission. The mission and the one have to resonate. It fulfills the one, the one does it spontaneously with joy. This does not mean that there are no obstacles along the way. On the contrary, once one recognizes the mission many obstacles will arise. That is why it is very useful to know the body of an intent from which one can draw strength and self-confidence for one’s progress.

What can hinder one from living life’s mission are defense mechanisms. It prevents one from indulging in new experiences, so it is important to know how to recognize the defense mechanism and get rid of it. A defense mechanism is a consequence of a certain traumatic experience. 

By living one’s mission one has a great effect on the environment, and as one develops along the way, one gains an understanding of the levels of creation. The first four levels are open to all people, and in the remaining three levels one enters according to one’s will because these levels imply a certain degree of responsibility that one has to develop.

Topics covered:

  • defense mechanism
  • dan-tains – energy centers of perception and accumulation of energy
  • intentional body structure
  • hara lines
  • how to use point of perception
  • life mission
  • levels of creation
  • dynamics of emotions