Just as one in the space-time dimension has a physical body, one has a body in other dimensions of existence. In the dimension of unconditional love, one uses the aura. In the intention dimension, one uses the light body with a whole range of centers and organs to achieve short-term goals and life mission (dharma).

Just as a person recognizes the world around oneself with eyes and does not need to doubt that one sees something, one can use the light body’s centers and organs to perceive one’s intention and the environment’s intention. Admittedly, to do that, one’s soul needs to be purified enough to recognize the centers and know how to use them.

To have a meaningful life, one needs to know the life mission recognized by experience. The whole universe is here to wake you up, but courage and confidence are required to gain experience. By going through experiences, a person recognizes what suits him and, consequently, realizes dharma. In any case, the life mission relates to what fully fulfills the one. One does it spontaneously, automatically, and with joy. That does not mean that there are no obstacles on that path. On the contrary, once a man recognizes the mission, everything will try to stop him. That is why it is beneficial to know the light-body from which one can draw strength and self-confidence for further progress. One learns to use light body organs – hara line, intentional threads and dan-tians. 

By living a mission, one improves the environment, and as one develops on the path, one also gets to know the levels of creation within one operates. Defensive mechanisms one created along the way can prevent one from realizing this dimension of existence. The defensive mechanism makes self-realization difficult, detaches one from new experiences. It is necessary to dismantle its influence and all other influences to avoid the trap of senses. Traps guide one to make wrong conclusions and decisions and drag off one from life’s mission.