Miasm is a collective hereditary factor that occurs as pollution within the human energy field. The person does not have a specific traumatic experience, but the influence is exerted from the very energy field of the individual. Miasm is not a direct experience of the person who inherits it, but it is a hereditary factor that a person inherits from his parents, ancestors, and collective influences. Just as one copies parental behaviors, so one inherits a collective factor through parents with the aim of personal and collective development. 

As one gains independence, one increasingly faces collective influences. It is everyone’s task to overcome such influences, to use them as a means of personal development. No one came to this world to be enslaved by various influences, but influences are there to awaken the individual. It would be insane if one were faced with collective influences at the time of birth. One should first reach a certain degree of maturity to be able to take responsibility for carrying out one’s mission. Thus we come to the archetypes, the idealized image that influences the one. Worshiping people who took over archetype figures and loss of integrity are consequences of archetypal influence. 

Topics covered:

  • miasm – a hereditary factor
  • optimal conception
  • the influence of archetypes