Miasm represents a collective hereditary factor that appears as pollution within the human energy field. A person does not have a specific traumatic experience, but the influence is exerted from the energy field of the individual. Miasm is not a direct experience of the person who is under the influence, but rather a hereditary factor that the person receives from his parents, ancestors and collective. At this stage, a person faces seven different miasmus associated with the seven chakras.

As a person gains independence, one is increasingly confronted with collective influences. Everyone’s task is to overcome such influences, to use them for personal development. No one came into this world to be enslaved by various influences, rather the influences are there to awaken the individual, but for such a thing it is necessary for one to mature and take full responsibility for personal growth and development. This is how we came to archetypes, that is, an idealized image that carries potential one did not recognize within onsefl, so one faces the loss of a large part of individuality. This enables conscious individuals to exercise control over such a person through an archetypal figure. Archetypes represent our inner potentials and collective patterns of behavior that need to be used responsibly.


  • Collective patterns of behaviour
  • Hereditary factor
  • Optimal conception
  • What is miasm?
  • Types of miasm
  • What is archetype?
  • Influence of archetypes
  • Types of archetypes