So far, topics were individual influences, but one is also part of a whole and faces collective forces. The first collective influence that one faces is miasm. Miasm is not a direct experience of the one, but it is a hereditary factor that one inherits from parents. Parents passed it thanks to their family, etc. Just as the one copies the behaviors of parents, so too through parents, one inherits a collective factor with the goal of further personal development. Under the influence of miasms, one concludes that the problem is genetic and there is nothing one can do. On an individual level, there are seven different miasms which influence has to be dissolved to get back in a healthy state. 

As one grows, as one gains independence on the self-manifestation path, one increasingly faces collective influences. It is everyone’s task to overcome such forces, to use them for personal development. No one has come to this world to be enslaved by various influences, but influences exist to awaken the individual. It would be insane if one faces collective forces after birth. One should first reach a certain degree of maturity to take a certain degree of responsibility for carrying out one’s mission. Thus we come to the archetypes, the idealized image of human behavior, collectively accepted models of behaviour. In case one does not master the influence of archetype, the life of the one might become very limited due to accepted model of behavior or one loses contact with personal potentials. In both cases, one loses oneself.

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