So far, there has been talking of individual influences, but one is also part of a whole and faces collective forces. The first collective influence that one faces is miasm. Miasm is not a direct experience, but it is a hereditary factor that one inherits from parents. Parents passed it thanks to their family and collective influences. Just as the one copies the behaviors of parents, so too through parents, one inherits a collective factor with the goal of further personal development.

The name collective should not confuse a person thinking that it has multiple sources, but it is a single source that spreads its effect to multiple addresses. The best example to understand is the Internet example, where virtually everyone has collective influence. The topic here is rulers of the astral – astral beings that have collective influences. One has already learned that the astral is a transit station, the blueprint world, and has no energy source. Therefore one needs a carrier for manifestation.

Since the astral world precedes physical manifestation, it is much more important to get rid of astral influences and then recognize their forms of expression in physical reality. Liberation from physical influence alone will not free a person from the source of influence permanently.

The matrix as an energy field belongs to the collective influence. It has a global influence because it is about the programs in the field automatically downloaded. Every system exists primarily to advance and deepen one’s self-manifestation and not make one accept the system’s rules blindly. What gives strength to the system are like-minded individuals. There is nothing wrong with being surrounded by like-minded people, but it should be clear to everyone that the matrix as a system has one source. The term ‘system’ itself leads one to wrong conclusions and decisions. When it comes to the matrix and its rulers, there will be primarily talking of the lower astral ruler and its archons who are doing their best to adapt the Earth to their own needs.

Such influences have a powerful impact on the one. However, it is also possible to get rid of such influence. That is important in the context of creative self-manifestation during the current life, and it is equally important for after-life.

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