A partnership is mainly the result of knowledge gained within the family. The partnership is the mean for self-development, which enables partners to apply acquired knowledge. It allows partners to express unconditional love in its highest form. There are countless forms of partnership, and it all depends on the partners. In any case, the partnership brings deep traumas to the surface, and for the partnership to succeed, both sides need to reactivate the personal compass.

Just as there is personal development and stages of personal development, so there are stages of partnership development. The ultimate goal is one’s creative manifestation, and the partnership helps us along the way. For a partnership to reach its peak, the personal integrity of both partners is required.

The easiest way toward a fruitful partnership is when both partners grow simultaneously. Partnership in which both sides do not resonate, one side gains more in comparison to another side. In this way, an imbalance emerges, which eventually manifests itself as a specific type of disease. Integrity in the partnership context is about masculine and feminine principles as parts of one’s integrity.

Before entering into a partnership, relationships with ex partners are an obstacle. It is a matter of mental hygiene. Of course, it is possible to “sit on two chairs”, but then one cannot experience the full power of partnership. Whatever is the case, it is necessary to clean up ex relationships and build a new partnership on a sound and new foundation. Ex relationships leave behind inevitable consequences that subconsciously burden the one and existing partnership. If one is not ready to do it for oneself, then at least in respect to a significant other, one should dismantle former partnership’s influences.

In such a way, circumstances for the maximum degree of openness and resonance emerges. If there are blockages, the partnership will face difficulties. One of the challenges that arise is the traps of sensitivity because the partnership strongly pulls out all the deep traumas. Pitfalls that lead a person to wrong conclusions and decisions which can be counterproductive for the partnership.

After family relationships, the partnership is the first next relationship that evokes strong emotions, requires excellent communication skills, and knowledge of human multidimensionality to avoid misunderstandings. In this context, the system of chakras as communication organs are very crucial.

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