Before we get to the next dimension of existence, the dimension of the source of all human problems, we will talk about the karmic loop and the karmic sphere as parts of the path of human development. There is an original hierarchy by which all people differ. At our core, we are all the same, but individuality makes us different. Human development is like climbing stairs, so each step represents a specific level at which a person can get stuck. To continue their growth, one needs to free oneself from the loop and leave the level, and for such a thing, it is necessary to go through a particular form of personal transformation.

Either way, a certain degree of awareness is required. And so we come to the dimension of existence in which the sources of human problems lie. In this dimension, one uses a stellar body, which consists of stellar centers. Each dimension of human existence has its characteristics, so one of the stellar centers’ aspects is that they radiate their energy. In this dimension, one can recognize human potentials that one renounces in moments of trauma, but there is much more than just potentials.

At this stage of personal development, there is no vibration anymore. It is about direct experiences one can hardly write about because it can lead beginners to the wrong conclusion.

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