The course of human development in time and space begins with a birth in the physical body, which has five senses that are used as orientation tool. Natural and completely normal need in the first years of life is to direct the greatest amount of energy to the development of the physical body, because the body will be used for research, gaining experience, building relationships, achieving goals, and recognizing one’s potential.

After the seventh year of life, a person enters the second cycle of development. A person learns about unconditional love, learns to build relationships. He confronts the emotions that arise as a result of conditioned interpersonal relationships. At the age of fifteen, the development process continues through human creativity. A person recognizes what interests him in life. After the twenty-first year of life, power of thought has to be recognized and lastly, after the twenty-eighth year of life awakening should take place. One recognizes one’s original nature in that seven year period.

Why is the moment of awakening important? In addition to the fact that it is generally important to know who am I and what am I, awakening is important because afterward person continues development by transforming all the experiences one has gathered so far in life. The transformation of the accumulated experiences represents the progress of humanity. Each succeeding generation gathers the experiences of their ancestors and uses them to correct their mistakes. New generations are correcting and making the world a better place.

After awakening one goes through stages of development again, but now in the opposite direction. The person now has the task of recognizing one’s powers, and following them to organize one’s life by living life mission, and building healthy relationships. The physical body will follow such internal transformation. 

The process of awakening occurs naturally and spontaneously. Newcomers need to be allowed to develop unhindered, but what if that is not the case? What if a person lives in circumstances of conditioned love where creative activity and expression of one’s own opinion is forbidden. Such a person will have major developmental problems with the potential to develop more severe forms of the disease. As such, one will be dependent on the system in which one grew up and it will take a huge amount of energy for a person to get rid of such a system.

If a person grew with enlightened parents, then the development process would run spontaneously and undisturbed. By nature, a person would ask questions, and enlightened parents would try to inspire the child to learn with their support and guidance. However, this is generally not the case. First of all, parents are not enlightened, so they program their children from an early age. The consequence of this form of programming is a strong identification primarily with the physical body. 


The physical body is a vehicle that receives vibrations from the environment through the five senses. Vibrations are absorbed through chakras which purpose is to receive and transmit vibrations. The astral body accumulates energy by which a person can perceive intentions. The spiritual body is knowledge, filling the astral body with the energy needed for communicate with the environment. Communication in the environment creates a form (vehicle) used for traveling around the world. 

The form of sand that is created by releasing the frequency

The physical body is my creation, my vehicle, because what would be the meaning of creation if it is not used. The aura, astral and spiritual bodies are my energy bodies that have infinite possibilities. The aura provides unlimited possibilities of communication, astral unlimited amounts of energy, and the spiritual body unlimited cognitive possibilities. What is missing is the limitation – the vehicle – the physical body. 

The physical body can only be built from something external, something to which I can give form. My eternal abilities are radiating, energy accumulation and communication. To be able to use these abilities, it is necessary to have an environment. That is why the world of unity is manifested into infinite life forms so that one can understand one’s abilities. For a person to understand creation, one needs to explore it from within. 

And so we come to an identification that creates a problem in understanding the world. In a multitude of forms, a person forgets oneself as a source because there has been an identification with a particular form of existence. I am not a form of existence, but a form is my creation. To recognize unity multitude must exist. Identification occurs due to continuous programming during childhood, creating unfavorable conditions for the development of the child who then has no choice but to forget about oneself. 

Identification is a reflection of one’s will. By identifying one forgets about the possibilities of the aura, astral and spiritual body, which are not limited by time and space. By identifying, one limits oneself to the possibilities of the physical senses. The physical senses are not the primary human senses. 

Through physical identification, one relies exclusively on the physical senses, and relativizes all other cognitive possibilities, and considers them irrelevant. Physical senses are no less important, but they don’t mean much alone. The physical senses say nothing about one’s relationship, intention, and state of consciousness in which the other being is. A person can only speculate or provoke someone’s behavior about it and then draw conclusions based on a certain assumption. That is what science is doing today. Science is quite blind, but most people listen to science instead of learning to use one’s cognitive abilities. It is as if a person is looking through binoculars and is convinced that one is binoculars. Binocular’s only ability is to zoom in and out, and one can wipe the glass here and there. So the person is pretty limited. This is what happens during the earliest childhood. Identification with the body separates a person from knowing oneself, one learns about oneself as a body. The body is just a vehicle that a person uses to explore the world. 

One lives in the body and one’s will is instantly manifested through the body, therefore one can easily conclude that one is the body. The observer identified oneself with the object of observation. The consequence of such identification is a distorted view of the world. A person thinks that memory is in the brain, that the heart is a pump, that bacteria and viruses attack humans and other scientific discoveries used for deception of human beings. 

The consequence of identification with the body is that a person is confronted with the infinite complexity of the body because the body is a mini-universe. The person identifies with something external over which one has no direct control and then feels powerless, so one relies on all external means to “solve” medical issues. 

The body is a set of other life forms that one holds together. Just as a person cannot change another person, but one inspires the other, and the other makes one’s decisions, the same way one influences the body with one’s actions and intentions, and the body reacts and follow human decisions. The body follows the instructions and acts following the circumstances in which it is placed. By placing the body in certain circumstances, one learns about the body and oneself. 

The logic of the identified person is disturbed. A person has lost contact with oneself, so one simply does not understand that everything one observes, feels, or thinks about cannot be an observer. Nevertheless, identification is still happening. A person observes and feels the body, so one concludes that one is a body and ignores the observer. Why? Because it is programmed in a way that neglects oneself, one only relies on external authorities. The person agreed to put on pink glasses, forgot about glasses along the way, and is convinced the world is pink. 

It is hard to explain to such person that it is wrong, until one voluntarily decides to reconsider personal decisions, traumas, until one decides to explore one’s soul and one’s powers, etc. As long as the conditions are favorable and the person is not forced to reconsider one’s knowledge, any crucial change will not happen. Usually, an illness or some hopeless situation forces a person to change. Unless, of course, they fall into the hands of the medical mafia before that, which pushes the disease even deeper into the human soul and body. 


Spiritual Identifications

Spirit is a set of thoughts. The astral is a set of energy forms. An aura is a set of colors. Spirit, astral, and aura are parts of the soul and their content is a result of experience. The body is my creation influenced by thought, intention, and emotion. The body is the result of the action of the spirit, the astral, and the aura. I am a source of energy, light, and love. I am the one who gives power to thought, forms, and colors . I am the one who in this way influences the mineral world around me to build the body. I am the creator of concepts, forms, and colors. Concepts, forms, and colors are my creation, it is not me. The body of the aura is partially intertwined with the physical body. The aura embraces the physical body, and the first layer of the aura that is located next to the body is called the etheric body. 

Reasons for identification can be various. There may be traumatic circumstances, but also someone can conclude one is the body only because the etheric body is intertwined with the physical, so the human intention is instantly transferred to the body. By deidentifying from the body, a person faces new identification and thinks one is feeling, energy, intention, thought, light, consciousness, etc. By identifying with the object of research, the person forgot about oneself, and thus the point of attention shifts to the periphery of the body one identified with. 

In addition to traumatic circumstances, wrong conclusions, and forgetfulness, during childhood one goes through a whole series of programming and therefore simply falls into total oblivion. One simply no longer questions one’s beliefs, taboos, and dogmas. What can further confuse a person is multidimensionality. Each dimension of existence implies a different way of cognizing. Thus the dimension of love excludes the physical senses but includes the feeling of one’s soul and one’s surroundings. The dimension of intention includes perception of astral images, and the dimension of consciousness includes direct cognition, when subject and object become one. 

Every form of identification has a purpose to point the real potentials. A long-term identification is certainly not good. Long-term identification only speaks about the state of consciousness one is in. Deidentification from the body occurs when a person begins to use the aura, feelings are activated. One feels vibrations. Vibration is a process that travels from point A to point B. Everything a person feels around is not the one. So, for self-realization to happen, all feelings need to be extinguished. However, if one fails to do that one can identify with feelings, therefore one thinks one is emotion, relationship, love, communication, etc. 

Deidentification from feelings happens when one recognizes the dimension of intention. Every time one’s perception is directed towards something external it has nothing to do with the observer. To cognize the observer the intention should be self-centered. If failed one can thinks one is energy, intention. etc.

Deidentification from intention is broken by “pure” thinking. A person should recognize when one thinks about something external. If it is external then this is not the observer. Every thought that arises about the environment is not a thought that concerns oneself. A person should feel the difference when one thinks about oneself or the outside world. When one fails to do that, identification with thought occurs, so one thinks that one is thought, word, consciousness, etc. 

Deidentification from consciousness occurs when attention is completely removed from the outside world, only then one is in the right circumstances for the permanent deidentification experience. 

The identifications that a person goes through are: I am not, I am the body, I am love, I am intention, I am consciousness. When a person goes through the process of deidentification, enlightenment occurs, that is, direct spiritual experience of the truth. Short-term enlightenment can be achieved easily during Enlightenment Intensive Program, however, if one does not deal with subconscious content, such experience can easily be blurred. The point is to reach permanent enlightenment. This is not an easy process, because it involves continuous cleansing of all subconscious content that prevents one from self-realization and consequently from direct experience of truth.


  • inability to understand
  • inability to understand duality
  • inability to understand universal laws
  • incomprehension of body, aura, astral, soul, and spirit 
  • hypnosis, projection, addiction, physical inability
  • limited action, feelings, and thinking 
  • ignorance of oneself 
  • inability to recognize the truth… 

Effects of enlightenment are totally opposite of identification’s consequences.

Damir Butković

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