Dry fasting is conscious abdication from the intake of any kind of food and fluids in the body with the aspiration of achieving the original physical and soul purity by redirecting activities of fundamental natural principles. The concept of dry fasting has nothing to do with body starvation. There are different forms of fasting. However, in the context of the physical body, there is only one form of fasting, and it is dry fasting. All other types of “physical fasting” imply some sort of food or fluid intake into the body, such as water fasting, fruit juices fasting,  etc. All these additional forms of “physical fasting” are here to implement a particular type of coarse cleaning out of the body. Preparation for deep cleaning if one needs it. During dry fasting, the body is put in difficult circumstances in which all defensive body mechanisms, which were asleep during intake of food and liquid, are now activated.


The principle of duality - Yin & Yang (阴阳)

The one with his soul exists in the dual world, experience through duality. Everything has two poles, two extremes, yin-yang, warm-cold, night-day and so on. Every phenomenon that we experience is expressed through two extremes. With food intake, the body uses its own power in two diametrically different approaches – destructive and creative approach. The destructive force breaks down food into its component parts, followed by a creative force when food components are used for the construction of the body. When one ceases to bring food into the body, the body still uses its own power. But the object toward which the power is now focused had been changed. The body no longer directs its own power to food inputs. The power is redirected on the stock, foreign organisms, to pathogens, weakened tissues, and all unnecessary. Another focus is everything that has to be restored and healed. The body has its own intelligence. The entire process of decomposition and creation is done according to the principle of priority. According to the vital importance of body activity.

The one lives in the body and by its actions influence the behavior of the body. The same as the Earth with its rotation around the Sun affects the expression of one. One is active by day, and at night is asleep, experiencing the world through two extremes. The body is a vehicle used by one in the physical world and which has its own type of consciousness. The body’s reaction is a reflection of human decision and the influence of the surrounding. The one should treat its body as a conscious being, without ego and based on unconditional love in case one has a need to live a balanced life. Because every form of the opposite behavior supports the creation of physical problems and various diseases. It is natural and quite normal to make mistakes, to act incorrectly because only through incorrect steps, one becomes aware of what is right. Problems emerge when one does the opposite of what has learned as right and when one is not capable of recognizing mistakes and learning from them.


Path of liberation

Hunger is the lack of nutrients in the body. The main mental image that one has when it comes to fasting is that feeling of hunger occurs when a man does not take food. Fortunately, it is not so.

Tissue from which the body draws energy during the dry fasting are sugars, stored fat, proteins, second-level tissues, pathogenic tissues, bacteria, viruses, weakened cells of body organs, etc., therefore, from everything that one had input in its body or ended up in the body indirectly. As long as there are excess or foreign organisms, the body has something to decompose. There is no feeling of hunger because the body is fed up with accumulated energy in the body. With foreign and pathogenic organisms which are not able to survive conditions without food and water, because they live in symbiosis with one’s eating habits. The hunger that occurs on the first day of dry fasting is not real hunger, but it is a physical habit of an exogenous form of eating. It refers to the food that one usually intake. If one goes through such experience, hunger disappears, because the body redirects its own power to the endogenous form of food. Unlike foreign microorganism in the body, the body’s cells have the capability of taking oxygen from the air over the skin, and by the synthesis of fat from the body and oxygen from the air body creates the water. This is the form of endogenous fluids creation.

All life forms in the body depend on human behavior. This stems from the fact that the body system is a member of a more extensive system, planet Earth, and live under the laws of the Earth system. Viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms manage to live in the body because they live in favorable circumstances. As long as they live outside the body, they are members of a vast system of planet Earth ruled by certain life circumstances that should be followed to survive. As residents of the human body, they are no longer just members of a planet system. Now they became members of the physical body, a smaller system ruled by different life conditions. The man is superior to the body and is therefore in the same context superior to these microorganisms. Cessation of food and water intake, micro-organisms can not survive. Their ability to survive depends on one, and one’s eating habits. The same as one could not survive in today’s human body if Sun decided one day not to shine.

When it comes to pathogenic tissues, the situation is similar. In fact, everything that is pathogenic is not healthy, built on false foundations, or wrong behavior of a one and body is just a reflection of such action. When one change a pattern of behavior, everything that was created with that behavior can not survive. Pathogenic cells are actually weakened cells which have found themselves in difficult life circumstances which did not support a usual way of development. Imposed conditions prompted cells to transform into something pathogenic, unnatural, unhealthy. During dry fasting, such cells can not survive due to the abolishment of food and water they used for living. Therefore healthy cells will use such weakened cells in the fight for water and oxygen. Only when the body used its food stocks,  foreign organisms, and all pathogenic tissues in the body, only then come to the state of physical hunger. Then one should begin with the intake of food and fluids in the body.

During dry fasting, the body uses its own organs as a source of energy which the body needs to take out everything that is not required and what decreases energy value for the body. According to studies of G.P. Malahov, the brain as a physical organ is not consumed, and there is a minimal consumption of the heart. Other organs are to some extent used as an energy source. What should be remembered is that the weight loss has an individual character and how will manifest depends on life habits, experiences, circumstances, and everything that shapes the individuality of the body-soul.

“Fasting,” Gennady Malakhov Petrovic
“Fasting,” Gennady Malakhov Petrovic

The consumption of the body’s organs happens according to the principle of priority. This does not mean that there is a pre-defined model under which decomposition of organs and tissues takes place, but the body adapts and decompose according to certain life circumstances. When man ceases to intake food and water in the body, specific organs lose their function. To survive new conditions, the body decomposes those organs which were previously used for food and water processing. When a man starts again with an intake of food and water, the mentioned organs regain their function in the body and begin to develop. After physical activity, specific muscle groups had been formed, so during idle state a particular group of muscle atrophy. This is the principle of priority. The level of organ decomposition defines the degree of rejuvenation. Absolute recovery will take place when the body takes out all excess. That does not mean that it will happen during the first dry fasting experience. The body has certain energy stock which has to be supplement by new food intake in case that energy stock is not sufficient for absolute cleansing.

Due to weaker external physical activity, internal energy sources are used for taking out the trash. The heart does not lose its importance but works with a lower intensity, which is the reason why cardiac mass is minimally used as an energy source. The work intensity of the digestive organs is reduced more than the work intensity of the heart. Therefore, digestive organs are the better source of energy, due to given circumstances in which the body is during the dry fasting.

The absolute hunger is a condition when the body has used all energy supplies. It is the state in which the body starts to decompose healthy tissue, it starts to eat itself. The state of absolute hunger does not necessarily mean that a person has reached the level of absolute purity. It could also reach a condition in which the body has no internal energy for the implementation of physical liberation. How many times a person will need to undergo a process of dry fasting to reach a state of absolute purity is of the individual character.



So far, it was written only about physical hunger. With the appearance of physical hunger, one should start eating, but during fasting, other types of hunger can mislead one. Make one stop the process of dry fasting before real circumstances took place. So, there are several types of hunger. Tomislav Budak perfectly described human multidimensionality. Man has four bodies. Therefore there are four kinds of hunger: the hunger of the physical body, the hunger of the energy body (thoughts, emotions), the hunger of light body or hunger for intention and hunger of stellar body or hunger for awareness (understanding).

Each of these hunger has different characteristics that have to be recognized during the process of dry fasting so that one would not have made the wrong decision. One must recognize the moment of absolute hunger and then needs to shift body forces to the outside world. One should begin with an intake of food and liquid to start the rebuilding process of the body. Nature will always point out the moment at which one should stop fasting. It will signal it through a variety of symptoms that can not be misunderstood by those whose judgment is not soiled with prejudices or those who have gone through the experience of fasting.

Physical hunger is connected with the work of organs which got used to one type of energy source. When that type of energy source is abolished, the body is in a situation in which it is asked to independently find an alternative energy source. During this transition, a feeling of hunger occurs. The cause of hunger, in this case, is a cessation of food and fluid intake into the body. During this transition, one receives signals from the body in the form of feelings that primarily needs to be understood, and afterward, one can take real actions.

Hunger of energy body (aura) is related to thoughts and emotions that occur during dry fasting caused by a specific traumatic event from the past in which a person made certain conclusions and decisions. Accepted a pattern of behavior that had become an integral part of the person’s subconscious. The cause is hidden in the subconscious. It has nothing to do with the lack of food and fluids, but with the lack of unconditional love. Dry fasting is only an external stimulus which reminded one of the traumatic events, but it really has nothing to do with dry fasting. Such thoughts and emotions deceive one during fasting, and it is necessary to be free of them by the transformation of karmic behavior patterns and make decisions later on. It would be wrong for one to make conclusions and decisions related to the dry fasting from the state of hunger for unconditional love.

A hunger of light body occurs as a result of the lack of expression of intent. If a person is blocked in its creative expression by one’s own thoughts and emotions, then hunger of light body occurs. Individual decisions should stem from one’s free will, not as the result of external circumstances. During dry fasting, the conditions that influence one to stop the process of dry fasting significantly increase. What is required is, therefore, a firm intention for one to complete fasting and to transform all soul obstacles that arise along the way. When one cannot conduct fasting and started the process of fasting by the decision sprang from the free will, dissatisfaction will occur. It is a result of unconsciousness which caused the inability to express the free will to the maximum. If one wants to be able to carry out the intention to the end, it is necessary to transform unwanted subconscious content, to transform current weakness into one’s strength.

The hunger of the stellar body is a result of a lack of awareness. The one is an explorer and needs raising awareness, learning about oneself, and its surroundings. Every form of ignorance, lack of self-awareness makes the star body hungry for understanding. Because if someone’s behavior is unconscious, a particular type of problem will arise in the life of that person to awaken the one. If the problem is continually ignored, a hunger of the star body occurs. Foods that require a stellar body is understanding arising from the direct experience of truth. It is not the understanding of the self and the environment based on physical and soul senses. This understanding stems from the core of the object, from the interior of the object which one cognizes. It is understanding that can not be seen with the physical eye, the to hear with an ear, feel wit a touch, etc. It is an understanding that comes from spiritual experience unencumbered by experiences acquired about the environment through a light body, aura, and a physical body. It is the understanding provided by spiritual experience used to build the stellar body.

As planet Earth is superior to man, so the stellar body is superior to the light body, aura, and the physical body. The light body is superior to the energy and the physical body, and the energy body is superior just to the physical body. Any form of hunger can be used in a constructive and destructive way, as physical hunger is used to clean the body. All four bodies should be mutually adjusted during dry fasting. In the case of specific problems, one should recognize the cause, learn a lesson, and make the necessary change.



The body has its own intelligence and is built intelligently, like everything else in nature. All you have to do is listen to the body. There are no two same human bodies, and therefore, everyone should understand its body to know how to use it. There are no universal instructions for one’s behavior toward his own body. Each person is an individual and depending on the individual characteristics, one develops the specific physical capacity of processing food in a certain period. Imagine having a tube diameter of 10 cm and 2 meters long. Through this tube, at a particular time, can pass a certain amount of waste.Take, for example, that you have two piles of waste. One pile has 5 kg and the other 10 kg. It is quite logical that the pile of 10 kg may take longer to pass through the tube than a pile of 5 kg. If a person fails to provide a sufficient amount of time for waste expel but instead takes a new amount of food, then undisposed residue remains in the body. Waste is waiting for another chance for ejection. It will be increased for a new amount of waste, and so on. If one continues burdening the body with new food intake, the body simply needs to process this food. There will be no time to deal with the waste discharge so the waste will be deposited all over the body. If the body did not have a specific capacity for the waste deposition and a certain degree of flexibility, with wrong behaviors body, would instantly lose its functions. One would have left the physical world. Only when one stops entering the new amount of food, only then the body may dump waste. Multi-functionality does not exist. There is only one activity at a time. The time that is required by the body to take out the accumulated waste depends on the amount and type of waste and the amount of free energy that the body has. Free energy is a surplus of energy that one can use according to their own needs. Therefore, one must rest during fasting to allow the body to deal with the discharge of waste.

Today’s diet includes various foods that the body cannot even digest or either quickly ejected. It is slimy and sticky food that produces caps and attracts a bunch of other waste. The one also intakes various poisons (various artificial drinks, drugs, etc.) and at the same time thinks that using them achieves some positive effect. There is no real positive effect on the body, but it is a psychological illusion that occurs under the influence of these and similar stimulants. In this context, one way to get rid of that kind of waste and toxins is fasting, respectively, giving the body a chance to cleanse and heal itself. For fasting is even used the term “surgery without a knife,” because it really is that. No surgeon can release the body of toxins that have accumulated in the body cells.

The body knows what kind of food it needs. The body can not assimilate toxins and various artificial, synthetic foods, but they are deposited. All this is a result of the natural intelligence of the body. The body needs organic foods that can be easily processed and assimilated, and all the rest only burdens the body. If the body did not have the intelligence and used everything that was put in it, then one would really become what one had eaten. The following saying would be valid: “I am what I eat.” Fortunately, this is not the case. All that one ingest is decomposed and used to build what body needs, under a condition that the one ingested nature-made, not man-made food.

The body is the mean of cognizing, but if the body is full of waste, there is a resistance that reduces the body’s functionality and mobility. There are physical laws that have to be respected during the usage of the body. As the diesel engine requires proper motor fuel, as well as the body, it needs the correct power source. If we poured petrol in diesel engine failure would occur which can be remedied only by removing gasoline from the engine and pouring diesel. The situation is similar to the body. The difference between the engine and the body is that the body is a sophisticated mean. The body can exploit the various forms of “fuel” whose usage brings specific effects depending on the type of “fuel.” The consequence is the waste that remains in the body after the food had been decomposed and energy exploited, demineralized body, etc. Continuous intake of large quantities of food with low energy value and non-organic food brings the body to a state of accumulated waste. Waste should be removed by allowing the body to do so. If there is no dumping, sooner or later the body will face its failure, lack of energy or some sort of disease. This is a call for the help of the body, the body wants to be allowed to do the cleaning process. This is a fundamental principle underlying the dry fasting which says: “to intake something new, you must first throw out the old,” “to build something new, old should be destroyed.”

The body does not require any external mean for dumping because the body has the ability to self-cleaning. The body is a conscious being, every cell of the body is a conscious being. Every cell of the body has a specific task and knows what to do. The same as anthill can be viewed as a single entity where the ants and mother are organs, and each of them has its own consciousness and a specific task. When everybody does its job, then the whole anthill works perfectly. If ants brought improper food, a mother would not have survived, and the entire anthill would be jeopardized. The same happens with the body governed by one.

The cells know what they need. When a man puts something in the body which cells do not need, a specific organ that is affected by improper mode of behavior sends some signals to the one. Cells, organs, and bodies are not in the stage of development that can communicate with words, but use different forms of communication such as for example the feeling of pain, pleasure, discomfort and so on. What is necessary is to take these signals very seriously. If these signals are not taken seriously, one creates negative karma for oneself. The law of karma does not act only in the case of man’s relationship to other people, but the law of karma also refers to the relationship with the human body. One, without thinking about it, accepted the fact that the Sun is respectfully superior to one, so one should respect in the same way the body and its principles. Specific uncomfortable physical signals are actually forms of communication body use to tell the one to change behavior. Because with the existing type of behavior, one does not show respect to the body. When one has no physical problems, one forgets about the body, there is a sense of physical well-being. When a man, for example, feels physical pain, it is not just about that individual organ does not work, but the body as a whole does not work. Human’s multidimensionality is not aligned. One organ can be the weakest link in the chain, and it will contribute to the system failure. However, the cause is a traumatic experience during which man created an unhealthy relationship with the body.

The body should be regarded as an intelligent system of interconnected smaller units. Each organ has its own purpose and meaning, like cells within each organ have their own purpose and meaning. They all together form a coherent whole. Every cell of the body, organs, and the body as a system have a specific type of consciousness, and man is the one who keeps the cells and organs together. The body has its own life, but there is a more significant meaning of its existence except for itself, to allow one understanding of the physical world. The same as man is part of a more extensive system in which one does a specific task regardless of the task which performs as an individual. For instance, a man is living in the energy field of the planet Earth. In such a way has a mission to behave following the principles given by the Earth. Planet Earth is also part of a bigger system, and so on.

The universe is based on the principle of free will. The free will of the one is expressed in the physical body through the freedom of movement based on the principles of material existence. One should show respect for the body and accept the principles on which it works. Any form of imposition of free will, which is not following the fundamental principles of physical existence, disrupts the body’s stability. The body has a defense mechanism, and it can handle the wrong actions of man, but not indefinitely, as the balloon has its own capacity to which can be inflated. Thus, each incorrect action will need to be corrected with the opposite positive activity. If the one exaggerates with the negative behaviors towards the body, the illness will occur. To help the body to return to its original state, one will need to make specific changes in its relation to the body.



Effects of dry fasting are visible in all dimensions of human existence. Blood purity is absolutely necessary for clean thoughts and feelings in the context of a healthy relationship of one toward the body, but also toward one’s own environment. The state of the body is a reflection of one’s spleen, but also the reflection of external influences to which one brings the body. Obstacles a person faces during dry fasting depend on the degree of body pollution, the state of consciousness of the individual, and life experiences that one went through during a lifetime. With the transformation of thoughts and emotions that can occur during the dry fasting, a path to self-realization becomes possible. It is a process that has its own course and whether one will come to that type of consciousness depends on the physical readiness and the degree of mental and emotional purity of a person.

A sick body is only a reflection of one’s consciousness state. The disease is not created at the moment when symptoms appeared because nothing comes overnight, neither a disease. The disease is something that is being built. When symptoms occur at the physical body, the foundation of the disease had already been made a long time ago. Short-term dry fasting is a great way to check your health or to recognize the symptoms of the disease that would occur if one continues to behave in the same way. During dry fasting, the disease is getting out of the body. Exits at the weakest point of the body. Because during dry fasting disease comes out, it should not be surprising that one gets sick at that moment. One should let the disease to get out entirely, should allow the body to get rid of it. If a person at that point interrupts fasting, the person will prevent the release of disease and all other types of waste and toxins. In carrying out its own self-will without listening to body signals, man suppresses the disease deep into the body. The one who has a firm intention to heal itself will ultimately realize the impeccability of nature in giving the signals when to stop fasting. Going through the whole process of dry fasting, one set the foundations for healthy physical and mental development. With the discharge of waste, feelings, and thoughts that emerge as a result of the contamination disappear. The contaminated body includes polluted thoughts and feelings, and the pure body includes pure thoughts and feelings. The cleanliness of the body facilitates the path to self-realization.

The one is an explorer, and it is in one’s nature to explore various forms of food. The man should recant nothing. But today’s world is full of hybrid, genetically modified, and artificially grown food. Therefore human’s explorer nature often comes to unnatural foods that destroy the human body. The purpose of such foods is earning money, not the health of the human body. Money has nothing to do with human health and the products that are advertised as “healthy” food, in general, are not healthy, nor the body can assimilate it. The only thing that one can learn from such products is that they are not suitable for the human body. Normally, a man makes a mistake once, but if one continues to make mistakes, then it is one’s decision which talks about one’s psychic. There is so-called “God’s food” that was not created in a laboratory, not created by genetic modification nor formed by forced mating of different plants and animals. “God’s food” is designed according to the original plan naturally. As such is the only that the human body needs and only this kind of food the body can assimilate without adverse consequences. This form of treatment of the body is based on respect. It stems from man’s understanding – as above so below and vice versa.



Power comes from the spirit, and how will manifest depends on the physical capacity to accept the power. The capacity of the body is a result of the life experiences and lessons learned. The vitality is the total power reduced by all loads that are in the body. The load is all foreign matter, mucus, pus, toxins, and other impurities that interfere with circulation. That this is so can be confirmed by every engineer. The effectiveness of a particular machine does not equal power, but of power should be subtracted degree of friction, therefore E (efficiency, energy) = P (power) – F (friction). The body vitality depends on spiritual strength to manifest through the body and all the garbage inside the body. With fewer impurities, the vitality is greater.

The physical body is built of five elements: water (blood, body fluids), fire (heat), dirt (bone, meat, tissue …), air and ether that holds everything together. The human body should be regarded as an air engine, which is, excepts bones, completely made of rubber – elastic – spongy material called flesh and tissues. The body is a system that works according to the principle of air pressure with the inner fluid circulation. The lungs as an air chamber and a heart as a valve. The atmosphere around the body creates external pressure. The human body works fully automatically upon inhale of air pressure, exhale of chemically changed air and upon outside atmospheric pressure, which influences the vacuum in the body. This is the power of the body.

Power is infinite, unlimited, and equal everywhere, but it is restrained by the body itself. It is decreased with the accumulation of unnecessary substances in the body by overeating food or unhealthy food, which reduces the counter pressure of tissue. So, it is useless to mention the value of food to increase strength or vitality as long as the body is full of unnecessary matter.

Power stems from the spirit, and that can be exemplified by the work of the heart. Today there is still a presence of the opinion that the heart is a pump. If the heart were the pump, the disease would never be able to be healed. The activity of the whole is responsible for blood circulation. When a person is sick, it is natural to lose appetite. With the cessation of food intake, the blood becomes toxic because the system of veins releases toxins accumulated in the body. Each cell has its own life, and for its survival, pure blood is necessary. The cell is always active in absorbing nutrients from the blood. If blood is toxic and has no nutrients, the cell does not have nutrients to take, and then the feeling of hunger is a normal reaction. Since the body cell has nothing to take from the nutrients, it is crystal clear that the heart is not a pump that pushes blood through the body bringing nutrients into the cells. The cells with their own activity take food. The body of a jellyfish is proof of such a statement. It has no heart, but jellyfish are still able to live inside the sea. It is the same situation with blood circulation from the mother to the fetus.The one who thinks the heart is a pump can ask: what should be the power of a heart to pump the blood which is several times thicker than water, through millions of capillaries? There is no math model that can prove that. Artery, according to its structure and inlet of nerves, is the organ that can stretch. Vain is by its structure and inlet of nerves, an organ that has the capability of contraction. Just like muscles, have the ability of contraction. The microscope shows that ingredients of blood can flow in both directions. That also proves that the heart is not a pump. The heart is the pool that regulates the amount of blood in circulation according to the needs of body cells.

Vitality does not depend on solely and only on food, but more on the fact how much the human body is clogged with various toxins and mucus. Any artificial increase in power using a variety of stimulants always function at the expense of vitality. Physical vitality, physical and mental efficiency, endurance, and robust health with air, and water is at its maximum as long as the body is not clogged. The time limit in which the body can survive without food in ideal conditions is unknown. Power can be increased through endless agents like sunlight, but only in a cleansed body. In such conditions, the body can assimilate nitrogen from the air.



Energy balance is the relationship between the energy value of taken food and daily energy needs depending on a lifestyle. One can also look at the energy balance in the context of a relation of various types of energy and ways of its usage. A highly physically active person requires ready-2-go and higher value energy, in contrast to the amount and type of energy that is necessary for more relaxed physical activity. Energy is not used only by one, but also by body and body’s microflora and fauna. There is only a certain percentage of energy available to one.

The intensity of energy consumption of one, body and body’s flora and fauna also depends on one’s age. After birth, the most significant amount of taken energy body uses for its own development. As the body develops, it requires a lesser amount of energy for its development. Therefore a need for a more considerable amount of energy disappears, however, what may remain is a habit. If one continuous ingesting a higher amount of energy that it is no longer necessary, one will create an energy imbalance. The body will begin to stockpile energy. Therefore, a person must be aware of present life circumstances to be able to have a balanced life. Energy intake should be in line with current circumstances and lifestyles.

During fasting, it is essential to recognize its own energy level. If it is a negative energy balance (less energy available than required), then dry fasting is not a technique that one should apply for body healing. The method of dry fasting can only be used in the case of energy balance and in the case of positive energy balance (more energy than required at disposal). During dry fasting, the body should have enough energy for expelling all the toxins and waste. If the amount of energy is not enough, one would first have to collect a sufficient amount of energy.



When it comes to dry fasting, there are many taboo topics as a result of human laziness and lack of interest that ultimately mislead the person. Taboo issues arise when one without critical approach and willingness to explore the knowledge of others, unconditionally accepts someone’s way of thinking. The one continues to act in life without questioning the validity and even does not want to talk about it. Truths mentioned below were illuminated by my own strengths and should serve only as an inspiration to others, because man is a conscious being, and as such tends to new understandings. The knowledge comes from experience, and therefore, it is not transferable, but each person acquires personally.

Fundamental knowledge that I have obtained are as follows: The body is a collection of spiritual beings that one holds together as a whole. – Every cell of the body is a conscious being that can communicate. – Every organ of the body is a conscious being that can communicate. – There is only one energy that manifests itself in infinite ways. – The body can use different energy sources. – The power comes from the spirit. – Dry fasting frees the body, soul, and spirit. – One is not a body. The one is a state of consciousness. – Dry fasting sets to present moment. – A man is a free spiritual being. – The body is a free spiritual being. – In a healthy body free spirit. – The body is a universe that man needs to understand. – Behavior, contrary to natural principles confirms the existence of natural laws. – The body is the man’s temple. – An ill person who seeks health should have a respectful relationship with the body. – A man should accept the body as a mean for experience, creative expression, and communication. – The body is the mirror of man’s spleens. – The man has no control over the body’s reactions. – The body has a specific capacity. – The body does not know the feeling of suffering. Suffering is a spleen that person is experiencing. – The structure of the body, organs, and body cells is one that allows actions of physical laws in a specific way. – One who tends toward health is obliged to take care of the body. – The cleaned body provides a clear sight. – The inertia is spleen’s characteristic, not of the body. – Processes of construction and destruction take place in the body. – The body has the ability of self-healing. – The body can remember. – The disease is a transient condition. – The disease is the result of a distorted spiritual perception of reality. – One prepares its future by acting in the present. – The work of the body’s organs is a result of the work of the whole. The heart is not a pump. – The physical body is subordinated to the influence of man, as man is subordinated to sunlight. – Food does not build a body. Food is the building block of the body. – Food is a much broader concept of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and fish. – Nature is in the body and around the body. – Food is information that a person enters into the body.



The intensity and the way to prepare for dry fasting have individual character and depend on the total psycho-physical condition of the one and one’s decisiveness to make life changes. As there are no two same personalities, no two same physical bodies, there is either no ideal preparation model for all people. However, specific steps should be taken into account before the start of dry fasting: food, water, psychological preparation, meditation, breathing, and physical activity.


Many times in my life, I have heard a saying, “You are what you eat.” No one is what one eats because if one ate certain types of food, one would become that specific type of food. It’s about experiencing what one had eaten and not about becoming food that had been eaten. Food is a vibration that affects human behavior. The body can not assimilate anything that is not familiar with, something that is not resonating with its own original structure. Everything that is brought in must be decomposed first and then rebuilt in an appropriate form for the body. Everything that one eats first has to be converted to a liquid state, which makes it possible to construct what the body needs because the blood is the one who transports nutrients. Depending on one eating habits, it is easy to comprehend how much energy is required to make it liquid. It is easy to notice what kind of experience a person will go through, and in what state of consciousness one is.

From the inorganic mineral world, one can not build a body. If a man could assimilate inorganic minerals, then one could eat a little of inorganic iron (for instance iron bar). But that does not cross anybody’s mind. Ingesting inorganic minerals the body becomes rigid, takes the properties of inorganic minerals. Not because the body assimilated inorganic minerals, but because the body did not have time to dump inorganic minerals due to excessive intake. The body deposits them on the side until it gets an opportunity to dump. The body can assimilate organic minaret, mineral compounds with carbon. To transform the inorganic mineral in an organic, a certain amount of energy and carbon resource is required. Entering inorganic minerals one actually depletes its body of carbon, the primary compound of organic beings. In such a manner disturbs the mineral balance of one’s own body.

The plant is characterized by the ability to adapt to the physical world and to reproduce. Plants are beings that digested the inorganic mineral world and prepared it for the one in the organic form. When one eats the plant’s body, one input matter that can still be easily formed following one’s needs. Unlike meat, plant enables one to build itself with a minimal amount of energy. Plants also have a specific type of vibration and bring a certain kind of experience to one which is much milder and lighter than the vibration that one gets with animal flesh.

Animal food requires a more significant amount of energy for the decomposition and utilization of ingredients needed to the body, which reduces the value of free energy. Animal meat is a source of nutrients that carry a specific type of vibration. Strength does not come from meat. Power comes from the spirit, and physical strength is the result of lifestyle. The flesh of animals is a good incentive for the development of capabilities that one is missing and animals have. Each animal species has a specific form of behavior, life habits, and characteristics. Consuming meat of animals one input in its body a certain vibration of the animal. The consequence of meat consumption is a large amount of waste and acidity produced during digestion. It requires a specific effort of the body to solid meat turn into the liquid state. Excessive consumption of meat produces the prolonged acidic environment in the body which supports conditions for the development of the disease. Keeping attention in one of the extremes one creates unfavorable conditions of life, it stops the natural movement between alkaline and acidic state of the body.

From the spiritual point of view, animal flesh enables one more intimate relationship with the material world. Allows one to manifest one’s thoughts and emotions because the animals are the ones that have a markedly developed ability to move, agility, and endurance. Plants, on the other hand, allow the separation of one from the material world (not literally) and connect one with the spiritual world. All plants grow upward, thus symbolically indicating their desire for immaterial knowledge.

Regardless of the diet, to take out the most out of eaten food, body cleanliness is necessary. Everything that was not created by nature and is entered in the body is the poison to the human body one way or another. Disturbs the normal functioning of the body. It is difficult to exploit nutrients entered into the body from toxic blood, in contrast to the situation when pure blood carries nutrients. During dry fasting, the whole body cleanses itself, including the cardiovascular system. By changing the diet, the body can also partially clean itself, but the process is time-consuming. With the new form of the diet, it is not possible to replace dead water with a fresh one. During dry fasting, the body disposes the old water and creates new freshwater, because the body has this ability.

One is a free spiritual being. As such, one can do whatever it likes. But, one also needs to take responsibility for its actions, a way of life, and be aware of the consequences of one’s actions toward the body and surroundings. Mercilessly exploiting the mineral world and killing wildlife just because of unnecessary accumulation of wealth and food, are also subject to the law of karma. One should treat its surroundings respectfully.

In the context of building the body, one can eat plants and animals, depending on which experience one needs to go through. However, it should be noted that this refers to the plants and animals that have evolved in their natural environment. Life is all around us, therefore no matter what one eats, there is life in it. The thesis of those vegetarians who say they do not eat animals because they do not like killing is superficial because life is ubiquitous. Nowadays, it is imperative to distinguish real food from what is only advertised as food. It is necessary to be aware of the fact that everything that was created by man, the body can not fully assimilate if it can assimilate at all. This is so because the man cannot create new forms of life with natural electricity, but can only replicate itself in that way. All the food that man has created is artificial and, as such, is a poison to the human body. For example, it is said that the carrot is very healthy. But actually, it is a hybrid plant that was formed by the merger of wild sweet potato and wild carrot (Queen Annes Lace). As such is not suitable for the human body. Since there are two different plants, their interconnection can never occur naturally, but starch (adhesive) is needed to be merged. The same as toxic partnerships between people. If two people resonate, there is no need for the glue that will keep them together. Every life form that is naturally occurring does not contain glue, starch. When vibrations resonate, there is no need for glue, but things happen naturally. More about hybrid and artificial food one can find out in the lifework of Dr. Sebi.

The wild carrot (Queen Annes Lace)
Wild yam (wild yam)

One is not alone on the planet Earth. One should understand the consequences of one’s actions and how one behaves according to its body by entering various forms of food and how it behaves toward its environment. One needs to understand the importance of proper behavior towards the body, instead of just pleasing its soul obsessions at the expense of the body. One should become aware of the consequences of its behavior that arise in the body and that karma is inevitable. One’s duty is to enable the body to cleanse itself and maintain the original blueprint. One is part of the environment and should not put itself as a supreme being who thinks that can do what one wants. The same principle is all around us, regardless of what one thinks as an individual. Diet is just one form of cognition of the environment. It is essential to know how specific types of food influence one’s consciousness, especially during the recovery period as a final process of dry fasting.

Nowadays, life is a tragedy of diet because as soon as one filled its stomach with food, one starts to feel better. This feeling stems from the fact that the process of eliminating waste was stopped. This fact explains why the intake of food has become a habit and is no longer what nature intended it to be, which is a need, not just a pleasure. The man has a need to build the body, and when the body reaches the original blueprint, the need for food is reduced but does not disappear. Also, one needs to understand its environment, but at the same time, one should not attach to anything like, for example, addiction to chocolate.

In the context of dry fasting, rough parts should be dumped from the body, which will alleviate passing through the process of dry fasting. Change that one should do as part of the preparation is the transition to easy-digestible food, which will help the body to expel rough waste and prepare the body for deep cleaning. The fruit is a powerful cleaner with acids that dissolves the residue in the body and in this way helps the body to expel it outside, while the vegetable is more useful for rough cleaning. Vegetables with its structure push waste out. If necessary one can do various cleaning techniques for individual organs, for example cleaning kidney, liver, gut, etc. With different methods of breathing, one can clean the lungs, blood. Prolonged walking is excellent for cleansing the lymphatic system, and so on.


The human body is 70% composed of water and can not survive without water. This is one of the fundamental truths when it comes to dry fasting. The abolition of water uptake does not mean one is left without water because there is a natural mechanism by which the body synthesizes its own water. With the decomposition of fat, the body synthesizes its own water using oxygen from the air. In this way, there is a replacement of old, dead water in the body with a newly and freshly produced one. That is the secret of dry fasting because the replacement of old water with the new one is only possible with the abolition of water uptake. When you take into consideration that water has a memory, the replacement of old with new water brings fresh and pure thoughts. The body is free of the old vibrations that have hindered the work of the body.

All forms of inflammation require water. Just imagine what lives in water that man has collected during a lifetime. What kind of problems can arise only from the fact that the body is full of old, dead water full of various microorganisms that body do not need? Water is considered to be the source of life, but also water can be the source of death. Water can transfer substances and organisms. When one sees a stream – see the water. When one opens the tap – see the water, when one sees mountain spring – see the water. But all this water is full of inorganic minerals and microorganisms. Such water is the Earth bloodstream, so as blood in the human body has a function to disperse nutrients. Also, water on planet Earth has a function to disperse nutrients. The nutrients carried by such water are inorganic minerals that plants use in the process of building their own bodies, during which the inorganic mineral is converted into organic. We are all witnesses that water is full of lime that the human organism can not assimilate, but is deposited in the blood system, on the teeth and the like. The best water for the human body is one that is produced by the body itself.Then distilled water filled with organic minerals found in fruits, revived distilled water, etc. Pure distilled water is not a fiction and fabrication, it already exists in nature, is part of a natural process and is called the rain. Although one should consider atmospheric pollution, which is the reason why it is virtually impossible to find pure distilled water in nature. The moment when the water did its task, the moment when inorganic minerals were transferred to plants and animals, its function is executed. It evaporates, it becomes air, it releases all the garbage, it detaches itself from everything. The water free from impurities becomes again capable of binding with new minerals. There are three states of water: ice, water, and steam. Therefore there are three forms of consumption of water, and the body can consume water in all three states.

There is an opinion that distilled water demineralizes the body. The body is constructed of minerals. It does not exist in this world because it was merged by physical forces, but because there is an energy body that holds it together like a magnet that gathered metals around itself. Proof of this is the moment of death when the life force leaves the body, and the body then falls apart, turns into dust – from dust is formed, to dust will return. With drinking distilled water, one does have the feeling that water takes minerals out of the body, and it is true. But this feeling is related to the excess of organic and inorganic minerals in the body. It is not related to those minerals that the body already assimilated. Distilled water takes out of the body the excess of minerals that were not assimilated. Once the body is cleared of residue, the feeling of false demineralization will disappear, because there is no more excess to dump.

Another term that is necessary to explain, that can be a source of delusion, is dehydration. Dehydration does not mean a lack of water, but the lack of hydrogen which the body uses as fuel. When one runs out of hydrogen which body extracted from the water, the body starts to decompose the fats, proteins, etc., and the synthesis of oxygen from the air with hydrogen from the fat produces water. Organ with the largest storage capacity of hydrogen is the liver.

Water has its own structure and ability to memorize. The structure of water maintains a healthy body structure. Energy is all around, everything has a specific frequency, and thus the water. The healthy structure of water allows a positive effect on the body.

Psychological preparation


Devotion to the truth and righteous actions is the most crucial attribute one should have before starting with dry fasting. This applies to any form of personal development. The truth is what liberates. Sometimes even experience is not enough if a man is asleep if not awake and if one has no tendency toward the truth, but deceiving oneself. The fact is that the experience will not disappear. Only when one fairly observe its own experience and figure out the lesson one should have learned, then one will become more capable of life. Otherwise, one will be borne in life by wrong conclusions and decisions in the wrong direction until one learns the lesson. The one should breed love toward the truth and righteous actions, because the one who seeks eventually finds, and only then personal development will take place. One who deceives itself with various prejudices, false beliefs, and expectations stagnate. It is necessary to detach from all prejudices, false beliefs, expectations, and so on. Dry fasting is the way with a lot of useful lessons for life, and it’s essential to be present and to keep attention to processes in the body. To absorb all the treasure on the way one must admit its own mistakes, look truth in the eye, and make the necessary changes, start to act righteously. Maintain continuous conscious attention toward truth.

“Life often test us through suffering.

seduce us through joy;

therefore, let joy test our heart

and suffer the way to the truth. “

Rudolf Steiner


During dry fasting, the one goes through intensive psychic states. Therefore one needs external peace for facing with oneself, with the truth. The whole process is not simple. A person should be with someone who has the experience, or one might be alone if one feels ready. The environment in which a person is should be supportive and encourage the person who goes through the process. It is best to spend time in nature, forest, at sea, surrounded by natural frequencies.

“In soul you search, and you’ll find

riddles of the world; then,

trust in life and learn from it;

in life you will be the embodied

answer to the riddles of the world “

Rudolf Steiner

Unconditional love toward the body

The body is one’s vehicle, which one uses to cognize its own environment. One should understand it to use it properly. One can reach an understanding of its body only by expressing unconditional love. One who does not know its body, can not use it properly. The body is already perfect and should be accepted as such. Strive to some ideals does not make sense because in nature, there are no two identical phenomena, and there is no such thing as imperfection. The pursuit of some ideal is an expression of lovelessness toward the body. Dry fasting helps the body to return to its original state.

The body is a conscious being, and the body will return in the same way as was treated. To act out of love for the body is to accept its own body and listen to its signals. The body is one’s temple and should be fully respected. The man who for years did not listen to the body, but conducted his own self-will, should do the opposite positive activity to allow the body to return to its original state. Fasting is a way of showing love toward the body because in such a way body has a chance to get rid of everything that does not need.


Dry fasting is mentally and emotionally intense experience for the one. For full experience one needs to follow specific steps, such as for example proper nutrition, long walks in nature, temporary isolation from society, breathing exercises, directing attention to its own spleens and physical condition and so on. A man should deal with personal psychic states. Total concentration should be on one’s bodies. One should aspire to the truth and righteous actions and directly face with anything untrue. Every obstacle should be cognized and understood, because this is the way of freedom for the body, soul, and spirit. After toxins had been expelled, thoughts related to toxins will disappear. Only memories will remain and a sense of purity. These are all specific forms of disciplines that one should adhere to if one wants easily pass through the process of dry fasting.  If one wants to go into nature – one should take a walk if one goes to sleep – one should take asleep, if one has a problem – one should meditate. Discipline is necessary for any kind of lifetime achievement.


Events in one’s environment do not happen the way one imagined, but every event is a consequence of the activity of spiritual beings. The body is a set of conscious spiritual beings. The body has its original blueprint and with dry fasting person gives a chance the body to return to its original state. The recovery will not happen the way one imagined but takes place according to the priorities of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a sense of patience that would allow the recovery of the body to its original state. The one needs to listen and pay attention, learn lessons, and let the process play without interference.


One should be able to observe itself objectively, must be transparent to the spiritual world, for the world around oneself. One should behave like a human eye. What one sees? Why does light pass through the eye? This should be understood solely as a comparison. One sees because the eye does not want anything for himself, but unselfishly, lets the light in. If an eye wanted something for itself, then one would not see reality but would project its desires on its environment. In this way, one needs to observe the world around it. It needs to experience it unselfishly as we do with the physical world. In physical reality, no one tries to go with its head through the wall, because one knows it is impossible. One unconditionally accept the wall as it is and not trying to change it, however, when it comes to the people, then the situation is slightly different. People project their own personality to others and try to turn them into something that fits them. In this manner, the reality is avoided. So, one should be able to observe the body objectively, unselfishly so one could learn something.


One is obliged to take responsibility for its body. If one does not take responsibility for its body, no one else will. No one else will, not because maybe someone would not want to, but because it is impossible. When one is sick, no doctor can help one. The doctor can only postpone dealing with the real cause of the disease, the doctor can create a false sense of health, but can never lead a person to a healthy state. This can only be done by the person itself by taking responsibility for its own health.

Will for cognizing

What does it mean to have the will for cognizing can easily be understood from the story titled “The desire for truth.”

“One young aspirant came to the famous Rosi and asked him to accept him as a student. This man asked him whether his desire to experience truth is strong enough. The young man said to him: “I want the truth more than anything in the world.” Rosi said, “Then, you can stay.”

The student was doing everyday tasks, was bringing water, cooking food for teachers, washing dishes, digging, sometimes meditating, but there was no trace of the truth. Months and years were passing by, and the student was increasingly growing discontent. “I came here to experience the truth, not to be a servant,” he thought. One day he could not take it anymore and complain to Rosi. He said to him: “Let’s go for a walk.” The student thought: ‘Now Rosi will do something and I will get the reward for all this waiting. “I went full of expectation. When they came to a deep stream, Rosi did not go over logs but stepped in the water. “Aha,” thought the student, “now he will give me a lesson. He will do something, and I will be enlightened. “

When they were in the middle of the stream, in deep water, Rosie suddenly pinched student for neck and sink him into the water. “That’s it!” Thought the student. “Now, I will enlighten.”

However, nothing happened, except that Rosi gripped him in icy water. The student began to lose oxygen. He was still waiting for enlightenment, but he let a few bubbles of air to alert Rosi not to exaggerate with the lesson.

Rosie was still firmly held the student underwater.

This was no longer a joke to the student. “Anything can happen to me,” he thought, and began to struggle, trying to shorten this kind of teaching. Rosi was still firmly held the student underwater. Suddenly a student became aware. “He will drown me. Drown me, that’s for sure. This man is not a teacher. Instead, to convey me to the enlightenment, he is using me as a servant. And always seemed weird to me. “And he remembered all the rumors he had heard about his teacher. Now he was sure that they were true and that he was dealing with someone eccentric or lunatic. “What kind of enlightenment I want to live! I just want to get out of the ice water! Get out! “And he exerts all his strength to be uprooted. But Rosie insisted. The student realized that it is over. The power was leaving him, swallowed some ice water, the lungs wanted to burst. He had only one thought in consciousness – out of the water. He exerts all the remaining strength, trying to get out. At this point, Rosi leaves him, and he jumps out of the water with a scream that was heard far away, “AAAA !!!”. Rosie terrible shaken him and said: “Well, when you wanted the truth as much as you wanted the air, you would experience the enlightenment!”

In the same way, a man should have the will for cognizing its own body and all the forces that destroy and build it.


Meditation is a state of no-mind, a state of pure consciousness without thoughts. Only from such a state is possible objectively observe events from the environment. For this state, one should monitor its bodies, its reactions, and spleens which occur during dry fasting. For individuals, it may seem unreachable, but it is possible. Dry fasting getting closer one to this state because the body dumps the toxins and all the waste from which arise various thoughts. When the trash is out of the body, dirty thoughts are gone. Through meditation, one realizes that there are fewer thoughts. When thoughts disappear entirely, the truth remains. Dry fasting does not release all thoughts but releases the part arising from waste located in the body. The remaining thoughts relate to the external environment and repressed soul contents. One must recognize the difference between thoughts that come as a result of personal soul content and thoughts that arise in the soul as a reflection of external circumstances when the soul is only a mirror. If a man in this way approaches dry fasting, if one focuses its attention in this way, it is possible to recognize the difference between thoughts. Finally, we come to the understanding that the person can get only one thought. All the rest come from outside. And now one can objectively observe its soul and physical states that arise during dry fasting.

Breathing and physical activity

Life energy is all around us, literally spread through the air. When this energy is concentrated, then tangible, and visible forms occur, such as the human body. Less concentrated life energy is a building material for more subtle objects: thoughts, feelings, and so on. Life energy is our very nature. The man lives in this world only when breathing. But how to breathe? Breathing can be done in different ways. If you want to drag through life illness and suffering, it is enough to inhale a small amount of dirty air, without oxygen and with less energy in the lungs and vice versa. For the weak support to life, it is enough. For a complete, valuable, healthy, and happy life, it is not enough.

Any form of physical activity is associated with breathing. Therefore long-term nature walks during dry fasting are desirable. Physical activity activates deeper breathing. Walking through the woods gives fresh air rich in oxygen and life energy. Deeper breath of such air purifies the body.



Before the start of the dry fasting, it is necessary to make the diagnosis of physical state and spleens. To determine the physical and emotional states, one does not need to visit a doctor who will “explain” to one its psycho-physical condition. The essential requirement for recovery is primarily an awareness which cannot be given but experienced. Others can only provide information to one, show the direction which may hold the answer to the issues that one experience, but the one need to walk that path. To determine the condition means one need on its own become aware of its condition in the context of the problem that one experience. The environment can only give information on other people’s experiences. At the same time, one should be careful not to identify with someone else’s experience. No one can accurately determine the diagnosis better than oneself with its own work. The external picture is a copy of one’s spleens. One should roughly determine:

  • the relative amount of waste in the body,
  • type of waste that dominates (mucus, toxins …)
  • the type and quantity of drugs used in the case of pus presence
  • organs which are in the process of decomposition, if any,
  • the level of vitality,
  • thoughts and feelings which follow specific physical condition.

Every person, if objectively observe its body, can answer the questions above. The next step is to review the history of the disease by establishing the following facts:

  • How long is a person sick?
  • What is the name of a disease one has?
  • What was the nature of the treatment of diseases? How long and how the disease was treated?
  • Has one been in any operation?
  • Did one take some other form of treatment?
  • What thoughts and feelings emerge in these states?

The next thing a person should be aware of:

  • what is the current diet,
  • for which food one has a special desire,
  • undesirable and unnecessary habits,
  • the previous form of the diet,
  • thoughts and feelings that arise in these conditions.

Short-term fasting is an excellent method by which one could easily get the answers to the questions above. The sooner patient starts to feel bad, during the short dry fasting, means one is more poisoned and clogged. If a person gets dizziness, the headaches occur, means that there are a lot of toxins and mucus in the body. If high heartbeat rate occurs, it means that one somewhere in the system has pus or one used drugs before which is now going out through the system.



There is not much literature from which one can get information about stages of dry fasting, but only a few good sources. The magazine „Svjetlost“ No. 128, August 2013 published an excellent article about dry fasting in which Ana Jakuba gave a good overview of the stages through which one passes during dry fasting. Books by Genadij Petrovic Malahov are also a good source of information. The process of dry fasting consists of three phases: preparation, dry fasting, and recovery.


Psychological preparation
Breathing and physical activity
Dry fasting

  • Breaking habits of food intake in the body – last one or two days. This is the phase during which any form of contact with food causes excessive salivation, there is a sense of hunger, and one can not sleep well. The mood changes during the day. Thirst is bearable. At this stage, the body still consumes what was ingested in previous days.
  • Initial acidosis – lasts from second to the fourth day. At that time, the body consumes stored reserves and intermediate tissue whose degradation creates the acid inside the body. The body is dumping the waste, weakened, and pathologically changed tissue. The processes take place according to the principle of priority. In the beginning, everything superfluous decomposes, and afterward, healthy tissue decomposition starts according to the level of importance for the vital activity of the organism.
  • Body resting – begins on the fifth day of dry fasting and ends on the eighth day. One can feel better and have reduced nausea. There is no hunger, but thirst increases.
  • Final acidosis – lasts from the eighth to the eleventh day of dry fasting. During this phase, all defense mechanisms of the body are activated, which allows the healing of many “incurable” diseases.


Recovery lasts three times longer than the dry fasting, and it is the most critical phase. During recovery, a person should gradually increase the physical activity of food processing in a way that the first few days, one should drink fruit juice and vegetable soup. Then gradually switch to coarser food. A man should pay attention to those foods that its body longs for, and after ingestion should follow body reactions, what type of energy is produced, and so on.

The above-described process represents only a rough description of events. Each person is an individual. The whole process depends on the degree of contamination of the body and the soul of an individual. Each person should recognize all phases on its own. It is important to be informed about what is happening in the body because it can easily happen that one interrupt the process of dry fasting in one of the stages. At the time of interruption, the blood is extremely toxic. One should pay attention to the fact that in the case of interruption, one does not start with severe food intake. That would only increase the toxicity and lead one in a more difficult state.

There are some contraindications. Dry fasting is not for difficult cardiac patients, people with one kidney, severe mental patients, pregnant women, people with severe brain trauma, people with cancer or tuberculosis in an active state, persons with cardiovascular diseases, purulent inflammation, kidney and liver disease, pathology of endocrine system, people with less weight, the general weakness of the body, people with thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and psychological unprepared persons. All these contraindications have something in common with energy balance.


Dry fasting is an integral part of everyday life, it is inevitable because the world is manifested and experienced through duality. Any form of extremity disrupts the natural balance, including continuously food intake in a physical body. The opposite of food intake is no food intake or dry fasting. To maintain the body and life balance, it is necessary to integrate the discipline of fasting because this is a natural process of evolution. Electrons move from the negative pole to the positive pole, and vice versa, and if it were not so electricity would not exist. In the same way, the processes taking place in the body, from entering the food to the cessation of food intake and vice versa. With dry fasting, one reach an understanding of its body. Begins to understand one’s lifestyle habits that led him to specific body state, becomes aware of its body working capacity. At the same time, one does a good deed allowing its body to clean itself.

The body should be respected and showed gratitude because it is not possible to experience physical reality healthily without a healthy body.

Damir Butković


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  1. Thank you – brilliant article.

    • You welcome!

  2. I’m printing out your article and shared with my dry fasting sister who also printed it. The only strong disagreement I have with you is your long list of “contraindications”. You would be surprised how autophagy creates stem cells and can even during autophagy do amazing things. For example I do on average two weeks of hard dry fasting (24/7 no water, now showers, etc.) and even though my thyroid was removed in 1971 my body is now totally off all glandulars, so the body can restore function via long medical dry fasting, and I suspect some of your other contraindications came from sources that simply did not try hard enough or long enough as I have. A renewed life for all.

    • There is a short explanation that contraindications are related to energy balance because, in life, there are points of no return, when the body is too weak to deal with the consequences of someone’s actions. I don’t say it is not possible, but sometimes great personal transformation and great body cleaning are required prior to dry fasting. Each story is unique.

      Nevertheless, Your story is amazing and proves that if one is ready body will find the way.

      Thank You!

  3. Yes, I do have a strong need to finish a work before I pass on, and this requires a very healthy brain/body complex, and, yes, I have had hundreds of hours of assisted looking into the past traumas, with great results of a better attitude.

    Your article is our daily inspiration of dry fasting, and yes, there are those – my father was, for example – who just need to let go and try better the next time around. It is a skill and an art beyond most practitioners’ level of expertise and resources to routinely help restore optimism and willingness to some of our brothers and sisters.
    I wish a renewed life for all.

    • ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I am reading and my eyes whisper gently for rest. My gratefulness unspeakable. Peace. Happiness​. Joy. Unity in love freshness of our limbs planting in budding flower sir’s presence

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    • There is a spiritual copyright protection – it means knowledge is not transferable. Nobody gain any knowledge just by reading it or copying it, but I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately this is the world we live in – if you want to protect dont share. Content I share is just an inspiration and is far away from what I teach and share on my courses. Expirience matters. There could be a lot of IFs, and just bu thinking about it my head would explode. Protection leads to separation. Everyone is responsible for one’s actions, so dont worry, be happy 🎉🎉🎉

    • …and yes, if you find someone and you are sure about plagiatism, then let them know clearly what they have done, just to make them conscious about their actions…

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