The foundation of thai massage is the treatment of life energy channels (Sen lines). The pressure is applied at each point to awaken the energy flow. It is coupled with gentle and smooth movements and combined with the union of breath between the giver and the open-minded recipient. Such a sacred harmonious union will bring the masseur and recipient close to a tranquil meditative state and become one. 

Most likely, massage is the oldest method of all medical therapies in the history of humanity – far older than all recorded history. People were touching, rubbing, and caressing each other both because it felt good and because it helped to heal sickness and to relieve pain. Touch is in close relation with the transfer of universal energy and the Reiki technique.

The healing cherished by touch therapy is unambiguous. The contact between two people is always unique and nonreplicable. The shifts in the body and the soul initiated by healing massage depend on countless aspects. However, the effects are immediately recognized. This quality of human energy exchange and awareness that arises from it helps create the space and the freedom for growth and new perceptions. The flow of universal energy is essential for healing to occur. 

An excellent masseur performs this art in a meditative mood and approaches the healing session with unconditional love. The one works with full awareness, compassion, and concentration. Only the masseur working in meditative mood can feel the energy flow in the body. Only a spiritually aware masseur can treat different people according to their different needs. Without such a higher consciousness, massage becomes mechanical and loses much of its power. 

Essentially, all energy lines (Sen lines) are intersected in the center of the body, the abdominal region in the vicinity of the navel, and are in close relation with five basic body senses. The abdominal area represents the physiologic and energetic core of the body because that is the location where human intention manifests in physical reality through the human body.

Five senses & energy lines



Thai massage differs radically from Swedish massage. Contrary to Swedish massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic in the West are closer to Thai massage than Swedish massage is. Still, these techniques also ignore the manipulation of energy points and the energy flow of the body. Their foundation for these massages is the anatomical structure of the body. The primary focus of Thai massage is not a physical body but rather the energy body. The kneading of muscles that dominates in Swedish massage is absent from Thai massage: Thai masseur press the energy points or use general pressure instead combined with stretching.

Advanced stretching technique



Thai massage is by its nature “tough “massage, but most definitely it is not torture. Effects on the human body and the soul are various and depend on the receiver’s state of consciousness, a number of traumas inscribed into the body and the soul, lifestyle, and general physical condition of the receiver. The activation of energy channels and the release of all the tensions can create various feelings. Both positive and negative states are only temporary. On the contrary, passing through such experiences helps to restore the energy balance of the body. One becomes aware of one’s influence on the body. 

Energy blockage

To remove blockages for good and enable free flow of energy, one should understand why these blockages exist in the first place. Sometimes Thai massage is going to be sufficient, but sometimes it is not. Sometimes the one does not understand where the blockage comes from, and in that case, the one needs to look for an answer in one’s subconscious. Psychotherapy helps the one to discover the cause and the lesson that stands behind the blockage. Afterward, Thai massage boosts the healing process. 

Free flow of energy

Besides the treatment of energy lines, stretching is also a significant part of Thai massage because it is in close relation with human intention. To express oneself, one needs flexibility. How can one achieve something if one cannot move without obstacles? It might sound odd to someone, but imagine how one feels if one cannot move. Life without flexibility is a prison-like life. 

A secondary effect of Thai massage, but no less significant, is the influence on five elements inside the body. In average, healthy, and harmonious states, the five elements exist in a dynamic, interactive balance. In situations in which human beings have diseases and ailments, the elements are considered to be out of balance, and the person suffers. Pressure and stretching awaken circulation (fire), body fluids (water), oxygen movements (air), matter exchange (earth), and agility (ether). The effects of Thai massage are in all aspects multiple.



Thai Massage is always performed entirely clothed, and under no circumstances, receiver disrobe. The receiver should wear light, stretchy clothing such as used for a yoga class. 

During Thai massage, the receiver lies on the floor.

Flor massage


Is there an age limit? There is no age limit for massage. The massaging of babies by their mothers was probably the oldest form of massage, and even quite older adults will appreciate your touch as well.

How often should one get a massage? There are no rules or restrictions on frequency. One massage a week is perfectly fine for a whole-body massage. Even every two days is excellent. 

Who cannot be a receiver or can be a limited receiver? Cancer patients, very ill and weakened persons, high fever patients, and women during menses cannot receive massage. Special care clients are those who suffer from osteoporosis, who bruise easily and who are taking blood-thinning medication, who are experiencing acute pain along the spine, who previously had surgery on the spine, pregnant woman, clients with a history of heart problems, diabetes, and vascular problems, with fractures, high or low blood pressure, varicose veins, stomach or intestinal disease.

Damir Butkovic