I am the one who creates, feels, and thinks. I am the creator of the blueprint. I present myself in endless different forms. I recognize myself through creation because I can not see myself, the same as the eye can not see itself. The creation is a consequence of my own work. My environment is my creation, a group of different forms, character, purpose, and type of consciousness. Nature is my playground, classrooms, and workshops through which I walk in various forms, and the human body is just one out of infinite designs.

Fundamental powers - thinking, feeling, willing

It is necessary to distinguish the activity of creating, creation, and creativity. I am not aware of what I am going to create, but I become aware of my own creation when it is already created. If I knew in advance what I’m going to create, it would have already been created so it could not be regarded as a creation. Through experience, I recognize creation as a result of my own work. Creating is the activity, the creation is the product, and creativity comes from relationships with the creation based on a degree of personal freedom.

To understand the world of creation, I use the power of thinking and feeling. With feeling, I observe worlds of creation in the space-time dimension in the form of the object (the physical world), images, and concepts. (the astral world). Without feelings, I wouldn’t be able to perceive creation. To understand the very essence of the creation, I need direct spiritual experience.

The thought is a result of thinking. Thoughts are important because they are used for communication and explanation of events. Thoughts refer to a specific experience. One thought exists as a word (sound), and the word is the name ascribed to a particular experience. Meaning is an assembly of different experiences in one meaningfully sentence.


Man represents experiences gathered through the human body. All images, memories, concepts, thoughts which represent experiences through the human body make me a man. Man is a symbol for a human soul, for human experiences. The soul is a barrier of impressions that I carry from life to life.

There is a difference between spiritual experience, man’s experience, and body experience. Body experiences refer to objective reality, how an object looks like. Each object has a purpose. Man’s experiences are personal. Each experience has a personal meaning for me in a relationship with an object. Spiritual experience is non-personal, it is universal. It is the same for all. In spiritual experience, subject and object become one.

When I observe external reality, objective world, I use an expression I body. While I observe a subjective world, I use an expression I Man. In the spiritual world, there is no man nor body. Only I. My existence is infinite with my life impression imprinted in the soul. I am neither man nor body.

 What is the human body?

The human body is a center in time and space dimension where two life forms meet, one visible another invisible. It is a meeting point of consciousness and unconsciousness, will and no will, love and no love. I am invisible, and the body is visible. I am conscious, and the body is unconscious in physical reality. The relationship I – body, is built based on my experiences as a man. Influence is mutual,  there is no superiority. I recognize myself through the body.

The human body is a universe with many different living beings. I am the one who gathers them into a whole, the same as the magnet attracts metal in one place. Each organ is a living being that, together with other organs, forms a human body as a whole.

The body is a window to a specific dimension of existence. To participate in the manifested world, I need a vehicle, I need a body as a perceptual organ. Like using binoculars. When I observe distant objects with binoculars, I do not think that I see with the binoculars, but instead the binocular is just the body I use.

Body development and development of body senses

The body shape is a consequence of many influences. There are external influences like the process of reproduction, food, relationships, physical laws, etc. On the other side are my personal influence, my needs, and my experiences, my soul. I live in a body as my own creation. Therefore I am limited with the body in physical reality. I am here to recognize my creation by influencing it. My deeds are my influence, the body is my tool for explorations. By influencing, I recognize how my body grows, what is necessary for the growth, what are the body properties, etc. The human body signals to me whether or not I act properly, and signals me about external influences.

The body has its stages of development.  As the body develops, I become more aware of my full potential. There is a body blueprint. When body blueprint is fully revealed, I can become aware of my everlasting and universal body. Therefore it is important not to interrupt blueprint awakening. There is a specific food for body development and for my personal growth. If the body is continuously overloaded with fake food and artificial products, it is questionable whether the blueprint will reveal. If I don’t live in conditions with unconditional love, it is questionable will I be able to recognize my full potential. Multidimensionality of food includes body food and my personal food.

The human body has five senses through which I become aware of my perception centers. When body senses are fully developed, I can sense reality around me. My body is just binocular into reality, and I am the one who perceives it. To see clearly body senses and my perception centers have to be clear. My personal perception centers can be blurred with traumatic experiences, therefore to see clearly I need a clean body and the soul.

There is a natural order of body sense development. It all started with the mineral body, which represents the basic sense of touch. I cannot move in the mineral body, but external circumstance touches me. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel that something is around me. This was an incentive for the development of the plant body.

The mineral body is internally moveable, while the plant body is also externally moveable. I created myself a plant body because I am interested in an outside world that awakens me. The sense of touch is now transformed into a vision and sense of taste. I turn an inorganic mineral body into an organic plant body. I use roots to taste and branches to see. Now I can get an impression of what is around me, but I still do not have a full image. To get a complete picture, I need more advanced senses.

The animal body is more developed. Sense of touch, vision, and taste are now more advanced. Therefore animal has more active touch, has eyes to see and mouth to taste. Besides these three senses, the animal body has an additional two senses, smell, and hearing. The smell is a new additional sense to taste, and hearing is a new extra sense to vision. I am now able to touch, taste, see, hear, and smell.

The human body is the next stage of body development. All previous bodies are used for exploration of the environment. With the human body, I can recognize myself and my eternal body, which is invisible to me. I cannot see myself, as the eye cannot see itself. I can only experience myself, and for that, I needed a perfect body.

The relationship I – Man – Body

A healthy relationship with the body is crucial for traveling through the environment. The physical body is like a window to the outside world that I use to experience a specific frequency range. A particular framework is necessary because it is not possible to perceive all at once. I am not limited by the body, but the body is the frame of the perceptions within the space-time dimension. I am not defined by the body, I can change my perception.

I inhabit the body. I participate in the world of creation through the body. The human body has a character, but it operates unconsciously. I can see the body, but the body cannot see itself. The human body has no awakened consciousness because only this way, I can use the body as a vehicle.

The physical body is my life partner. It is the closest relation I can have. The relationship I–the body is more intimate than all other forms of relationships inside of the manifested world. The relationship I–the body is not fixed, it develops, as well as all other relationships. I am not here to decide on the behavioral model of the body but learn about the body by influencing it. There is no ownership one over the other, but it is a symbiotic relationship. I must learn to cooperate with the body. My activity should be aligned with the potentials of the physical body because the body is my creation. I have a responsibility to take care of the body. A healthy body healthily communicates with me. The clarity of perception depends on the degree of body and soul pollution.

Body pollution refers to all external influences like food, physical laws, climate, etc. Soul pollution refers to personal meanings of experiences, and each traumatic experience blurs perception. Both pollutions are my responsibility. The difference is that I clean my soul while I have to create circumstances in which the body cleans itself. I clean my soul by dismantling traumatic experiences, while for the body, I need to help it to clean itself, and the most reliable way is dry fasting.

The body responds unconsciously and automatically because it does not have an awakened consciousness. To understand the communication of the body, one should feel the body vibration and observe body reactions. Body language is always sincere and unambiguous. I only need to understand and accept the message.

The fundamental purpose of a relationship is to learn something about oneself, the body, and other forms of creation. Without communication, there would be no awaken consciousness. Accordingly, the environment I live in is here to teach me something and to learn something from me. Communication with the body is essential because the body is my closest environment. The body is my partner, and if I do not communicate with the body, it is hard to imagine our healthy co-existence. If I am not able to understand the body, then what to expect from my behavior toward the surrounding.

I directly feel the body and the consequences of my influence. There is a possibility that someone does not understand the communication of the body because it is used to the mental form of communication. Mental contact is successful when participants share a similar experience. It includes words, and the body cannot speak. The real conversation is transmitted by feelings. By thinking, I assign names to what I felt, so I could be able to distinguish my experiences.

Communication between body and me includes thinking, feeling, and influencing. I make conclusions and decisions based on my experience. The body reacts. “The activity of thinking is in correlation with the body nervous system. The feeling is revealed in the body through the rhythm of the breathing, blood circulation, directly, not indirectly via the detour of the nervous system. The intention is manifested through the exchange of substances always expressed as a combustion process in the body. It implies a particular activity. When we have these fundamental insights, then we can understand our body reactions more precisely.


With inhale, I collect energy. With exhale, I influence the outside world. I breathe because the body has an influence on me. When I exhale, I recognize the consequences of exhalation. This is the process of creativity and influencing: awareness, accumulation, communication, consequence. The child first becomes aware of the need for breathing, then inhales (gathers energy), exhales, and at the end, observe the consequences. Breath is a transformative technique, and such knowledge comes from my relationship with the body.

Damir Butković

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