The logic, wisdom, and intelligence are different terms for different types of consciousness. The logic is a specific sequence of an event, one concept, one idea. Wisdom refers to the collected experience with a particular event or one thought, one idea, the knowledge formed of logic gained out of the experience. Wisdom connects several different concepts, different ideas, and all depends on the amount of experience of the individual. Intelligence connects all thoughts, all ideas into one unit. The logic and wisdom are found solely in the sensory-objective environment (manifested universe), while intelligence cannot be found. It can only be directly experienced as insensible subjectivity, as an unmanifested universe when the object and subject become one. Awareness about the sensory-objective environment is acquired indirectly. The recognition of insensible subjectivity is gained through direct spiritual experience. Intelligence belongs to the world of unity, knowledge of who or what someone or something is.


An intelligent person does not try to merge the world around oneself, one is aware of the overall interconnection, one is conscious of unity. An intelligent person in everything sees a relationship and fellowship. Intelligence is the awareness of oneness. Awareness of separation, apartness, detachment, division, merging, and alike is non-intelligence. Nevertheless, this separation is necessary to recognize unity. Without non-intelligence, there would be no awareness of intelligence. Intelligence and non-intelligence could, but also do not have to work together, as one tries to separate, and the other knows that separation is an illusion. The encounter of intelligence and non-intelligence is like splitting an atom, it releases enormous amounts of energy, and the way of the usage of such energy depends on the individual. Today, such power is mostly used in a non-intelligent way in the form of an atomic bomb.

Spiritual intelligence

Someone may know the idea of a boat. Know the logic and wisdom of one boat, understand how the boat moves, how it can be used, and in what situations. However, this all relates to one idea of a boat. At the same time, one can know the idea of a tree, the logic, and wisdom of a tree, how it looks, how it grows, how long it lives, but it applies only to a single tree. Without spiritual intelligence boat, tree, lanterns, and everything else as in the picture above would remain unconnected. Intelligence is the awareness of unity. Intelligence refers to all boats, to all the trees, all the lanterns, etc.

Newborn learns by copying the behavior of the environment because, in this way, a newborn comes to an understanding, acceptance, approval, and recognition. Depending on circumstances in which a child encountered others and their response to a child’s behavior, the child continues to use such action. Begins to follow a certain logic to achieve a relationship with the environment. Later on, that logic is transformed into wisdom due to accumulated life experience. If a child grows up in a surrounding where lanterns are produced and used, the child will know the logic of making and using lamps which will, with gathered experience, be transformed into wisdom. The child will know how to use the lantern in different situations, but without intelligence, the child will not know to put lamps in the relationship with the rest of the world. A child is born with intelligence, but there is no awareness of one’s own intelligence, but one should recognize oneself as an intelligent being. Awareness of oneself as an intelligent being and awakening of such consciousness requires a specific environment. Intelligence is the awareness of all relations. The logic and wisdom can be used for processing and rearrangement of already existing concepts, but intelligence connects concepts with the entire existence.

The one who directs its own attention solely on the sensory-objective environment will definitely know the logic, and depending on the life experience will have a certain wisdom. The one who directs attention only on the sensory-objective world will solely understand one’s experiences of that world. One will not know how to establish the right relationship with the environment. Intelligence can be approached by direct spiritual experience in which there is no object, but the subject and object become one.

Characteristic of a logical and wise person from the spiritual perspective is that such persons can follow a particular sequence of event. When such a person is put in new circumstances, one cannot cope with a new environment, the person is lost. Only intelligent people can handle new situations because one is aware of overall relations. This, of course, does not mean that an intelligent person does not need to learn. Of course, it does. An intelligent person is open to new experiences and directs it’s own attention to what holds all the events together. Intelligence also needs to acquire logic and wisdom of new circumstances. Soley logical and wise people are the ones that are stuck in their own past, because of their own (in)security, (lack of) knowledge, etc. This, of course, does not mean that intelligence is intended only for the chosen one. Absolutely not, but only says that intelligence is acquired differently. The logic and wisdom are like a balloon of infinite capacity. The balloon expands with accumulated experience, and a logical and wise person can cope only within the framework of the balloon. Intelligence knows no boundaries. A spiritually intelligent person can jump from one situation to another with absolute certainty, precision, etc. Spiritual intelligence absolutely understands what specific phenomenon is, which is acquired by the usage of the spiritual technique of cognizing.

Multidimensionality of experience

One difference between logic, wisdom, and intelligence is in the power of influence. The one who follows a particular philosophy or action logically will have a minimal ability to act. The one that follows a sage or work from its own wisdom will have a broader ability to perform. Spiritual intelligence is not possible to follow. A spiritually intelligent person can learn and manage a new situation. A wise person can handle many different situations, and a logical person can only act in specific situations. The same applies to the false logic and wisdom whose influence extends to the dimension of illusion. Power of spiritual intelligence is non-transferable and can only be acquired by personal experience. One who in turn had heard or read about spiritual intelligence can not consciously use the power of truth that comes from spiritual intelligence. For that person, it would be received wisdom, because collected information lacks an understanding, experience. Awareness of spiritual intelligence can be acquired when one ceases to focus attention on the sensory-objective environment. Shutting down the senses creates the condition for the awakening of intelligence. Whether the awakening is going to happen depends on the power of intention and persistence of the individual.

Spiritual intelligence – wisdom – logic

Intelligence is a natural state, but as soon as the child gets out of a womb begins upbringing, conditioning, and all other forms of manipulation that hamper intelligence and encourage logical thinking. Wisdom is something that comes by itself, with experience. However, even the wisdom is strongly limited by experience itself and state of mind of the individual. The continuous conditioning influenced by intense trauma keeps the person unintelligent, detached from the rest of the world, closed to new experiences, new concepts, new ideas. The person remains in a world that is becoming duller and duller. A person without intelligence is like a balloon that does not expand on its own accord, but only with the encouragement of the environment and environment’s will. A person who lives in a bubble, deeply unconsciously wonders what is outside the bubble, but have no courage to get out. Sometimes someone even independently realizes ballon’s infinite capacity of expansion and the fact that its borders can be left. Sometimes an external stimulus is necessary. But if there is no incentive, but everything that one can encounter is dull, then slowly the need for asking questions disappears. Intelligence represents contact with your own surroundings, infinite creativity, new experiences, etc. Without intelligence, the person ignores new experiences and continuously relive what is already in the balloon, and process it’s own experiences over and over again. Two logical or wise person never meet each other, but rather their logic and wisdom meet.

Software programming

The logic and wisdom are strongly noticeable in software programming, which is today strongly developed industry. One program that would function must have a clearly defined sequence of events that follow one another. If that does not happen, then “bug” occurs which has to be reprogrammed, because the software is not capable of self-healing. Developer way of thinking follows a certain logic or wisdom, but one software can never have the original intelligence because it could not create itself. One software can only be a bad or good copy of the unique intelligence. The fact that software does not have intelligence proves the fact that the software loses its effectiveness due to changes in circumstances, it is not self-customizable. Program algorithm is in no way comparable with a spiritual being. One is in comparison to the algorithm, intelligent being, has free will, has a soul, feels, learns, develops. A person is alive, and the algorithm is not live, although it can seem alive. The program is a copy of life, it represents only one drop of infinite consciousness. As soon as the drop is detached from a whole, it gradually loses its vitality. The software has a lifespan, is unable to adapt to life circumstances, although it can seem infinite in the cases of lack of human intelligence,  among people with programmed consciousness. In such conditions, the program survives because people aligned their logical knowledge with software algorithm or have adapted by force. Therefore, the software can be perceived to have a power of adaptation. The software simply loses its meaning when it encounters intelligence.

Intelligence is active

Technological progress is based on logic, wisdom, and intelligence, but intelligence cannot be framed. Technological progress is the result of intelligence. However, every technological innovation has its own lifespan, which is evident in the speed at which new technological innovations come to market. To cope with the technical development, one needs intelligence. The robot can not learn new things, although it can appear that way. When the machine sees something new, it can define the difference, but can not know what it is, but can just add a new name. A robot can only use the logic and wisdom of a creator, and the robot itself is not a creator. An intelligent person is the creator and knows that the robot does not know. The robot is just a good copy, and one can fall into the illusion of good copies if it is observed with logical and wise eyes. If it is seen with intelligent eyes, it is clear that the robot does not feel, has no creativity, and depends on the intelligence of the one. Jack Ma, Alibaba’s owner, gave an intelligent answer on how to cope with technological progress – a man should learn what robot is not programmed for. It is pointless to try to be more efficient than robots, that is not human. Man needs to develop his ability, and the robot has a specific capacity. Has no possibility to expand its own function, has no awareness, no intention, is not aware of unconditional love, but only represents an excellent copy of mentioned.


War against machines

Today, people more and more look like robots, behave according to specific imposed or accepted standards, unaware of their own actions and their own intelligence. They simply live a specific logical sequence, mostly backed up with fear. Responsibility to make sure that this sequence happens is taken by robots which are supported by the same human fear. This, of course, does not mean that the standard is necessarily bad. It is impossible to recognize change without a measure. In certain circumstances, the rule can be useful too, but it is necessary to be aware of the consequences that the law has on its surroundings. For instance, when an individual identifies with a particular aspect of the standard. Standard is useful because something is accomplished with it, but each project has its own lifespan. When it no longer resonates with the specific surrounding, it has to be replaced. So, robots are not necessarily evil, but today’s way of usage is focused on a company profit, and it is the consequence of not taking responsibility for oneself. Personal power has been surrendered to false authorities. It will last until waking of consciousness, up to the moment of realizing of who and what I am, until the moment when one realizes that robots should be used, and not to be the rulers. This is happening all around, sometimes in a subtle way, but somewhere totally obviously. For example, large corporations that operate under the principle of a planned economy which operations are based on information delivered by the complex algorithms. That is a situation in which the machine manages the behavior of man through a specific algorithm which is lifeless, which only presents a particular framework of action without the possibility of leaving that framework. Intelligence does not know the planned economy, is not fixed. An intelligent person knows, one is always active.

Unlike a programmed person, an intelligent person speaks the language of the spirit. An intelligent person uses logic and wisdom, one is not its servant. In the context of the basic cognition construct (spirit, soul, body), one can talk about spiritual intelligence, and sense-objective wisdom and logic. In the image below, arrows represent the logic, balloons wisdom (gained experience), while the light of infinite shades represent intelligence.

oday, the concept of intelligence is attributed to many things just to get some achievement. An intelligent person does not aspire to success because one knows that this is a vicious circle, a game where one exhausts oneself at the expense of others. Achievement, in its essence, means that a person is unhappy and actually need some form of transformation. Success is a scam. Only an individual has a short-term benefit out of it, but when you consider how much energy was used to achieve something, then it is not an achievement anymore. Success is a game of ego. Ego is opposite to intelligence because it destroys itself, it digs a hole in which ultimately falls (unless it fills it with others helping itself to get out first). The one who does not accept this kind of game is finally considered unintelligent because one does not care about a bank account and ego does.

Today it is fashionable to use the term “emotional intelligence.” There are many books on this subject, but none of them mention that intelligence is not transferable, because then this book with such title would not profit much. The more appropriate name would be “emotional wisdom,” the experience of just one person because an experience which brings knowledge and understanding is also non-transferable. Intelligence is acquired through direct spiritual experience. Today is also a popular name of “artificial intelligence.” A better term would be artificial wisdom because everything a robot or computer can have in its own memory is an algorithm given by man. The algorithm has fixed boundaries, as opposed to intelligence that knows no boundaries.

If the world is dominated by intelligence, “emotional intelligence,” “artificial intelligence,” “ego-intelligence”, all other illusions would continue to exist and would not be expressed strongly, but would be used as a means of development. However, today’s man lost consciousness of oneself as an intelligent being but lives in fear for its own existence and other worries. It is also possible that a man thinks he is an intelligent being, and in reality, it is a false intelligence (ego intelligence, non-intelligence). There is a vast potential for such an occurrence for one who does not take responsibility for oneself but relies on others. That kind of consciousness today dominates, humanity is guided by the few who have control over the money. Humans handed over their power to the capital, a piece of paper. Intelligent indeed!? Money, technology development, spoofing, copying, monotony took authority over a man. Such concepts are even often considered as the meaning of life. Such ideas dominate in the present form of harmony, harmony with chronical lack of intelligence.

Damir Butković


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