This site is the result of experience and skills developed during personal development. Its content refers to the knowledge acquired on my own path, which is at this moment given back to the environment. The plant grows with the help of environmental elements and produces fruit from which new plant emerges more capable of living in the new circumstances. This page is the fruit of my personal work. Its meaning is to enrich and inspire the environment with gained knowledge, and it is preparation for my further personal development.

There are infinite roads to knowledge. Each consists of some lessons that have to be learned to live a self-realized life. Stressful life circumstances are the result of postponed education. My personal life experiences made me search for understanding of my own essence and essence of total existence. Before I took that path, I consistently kept my unlearned lessons away. Was hoping that I will eventually avoid education or find some more comfortable way to learn. I wasn’t able to avoid nor find an easier way, but rather, my lessons kept coming to me over and over again. Sometimes there were such circumstances that would let me learn lessons the easy way, but it wasn’t a day-to-day situation. Such speed of education was not good enough for me because there were too many lessons unlearned. Progress is not possible until one takes full responsibility for one’s own situation. After I become aware of that fact, I realized that everything depends on my own actions, and since then my progress took another speed dimension.

I began to deal with everything that I neglected up to that moment. This moment was marked by the awakening of unconditional love toward my own experiences. It was like entering a new world in which I again needed leadership. Up to that point, I was guided by false authorities, people who were not able to identify my needs and guide me. I was surrounded by people who were just talking about responsibility and freedom and actually encouraged addiction and dependence. Everything in life has a specific purpose and meaning. That part of my life was encouraging to develop self-healing ability. I started to question authorities around me and replaced them with healthy authorities. Along the path, I have realized that I am the first authority. My healthy authorities brought me closer to the truth but never brought me to an end. I had to understand the truth by myself. I was jumping from one experience to another with confidence that the information I got from my healthy authorities is accurate. I was gathering the necessary experience and was learning lessons until reaching a state of peace and freedom.

This knowledge I could not get in regular school, college, or other “authorized” institutions. Besides my family and friends as initial inspiration, for my further development, I was inspired by my healthy authorities such as Tomislav Budak, Rudolf Steiner, Osho, George Kühlewinda, and others. I finished the school of Tomislav Budak. I got there a lot of information about individual and collective influences on personal development and applicable spiritual techniques for personal transformation of karmic patterns, Gnosis technique, and many other spiritual techniques. I also took a course on Institute of Rudolf Steiner in Switzerland named Anthroposophy through Art. Steiner’s books inspired me to additionally expand consciousness about human development, connection with nature, understanding the power of the soul, etc. Osho talks and books helped me to additionally expand my knowledge, and with George Kühlewinda, I received a deeper understanding of how people perceive reality. I was also participating in reiki courses and expanded awareness about the dimension of unconditional love.

Along the path, I realized that I am the creator of my own lifestyle and circumstances I live in, and therefore, I have the power to change it. I can heal myself. Before I didn’t know how to look and where to look. Now I know.

Damir Butković