Dry fasting is conscious abdication from the intake of any kind of food and fluids in the body with the aspiration of achieving the original physical and soul purity by redirecting activities of fundamental natural principles. The concept of dry fasting has nothing to do with body starvation. There are different forms of fasting. However, in the context of the physical body, there is only one form of fasting, and it is dry fasting. All other types of “physical fasting” imply some kind of food or fluid intake into the body, such as water fasting, fruit juices fasting,  etc. All these additional forms of “physical fasting” are here to implement a particular type of waste cleaning in the body. To make preparation for deep cleaning if one needs it. During dry fasting, the body is put in difficult circumstances in which all defensive body mechanisms, which were asleep during intake of food and liquid, are now activated. 

Dry fasting is a complicated process through which one and the body go, and for that reason, I am offering my support to all who need deep body and soul cleansing.

Part of the session:

  • daily support during dry fasting – conversation about processes inside the body
  • education about basic principles of dry fasting and body healing potentials
  • healing personal traumas on conscious, subconscious and superconscious level that emerges during fasting