Problems come in one’s life to make one learn something new, to make one more capable of living. As long as the one is burdened with past experiences, there are very few or no space for new understandings and new experiences. During a session one deals with traumatic experiences and goes through personal transformation. One recognizes problems according to symptoms – negative thoughts, negative emotions, negative identifications, unhealthy body conditions, instincts. There are many types of issues, like an individual problem, family problem, partnership problems, goal setting problem, connection with astral beings, implants, curses, archetypes, etc. There are many many types of influences that break someone’s integrity, which can be recovered by going through the process of personal transformation.

During just one treatment, a person can dissolve limiting structures that separate one from self-realization. The underlying mood that is necessary for success is love toward the truth. A person should have a firm intention for the transformation based on the truth. In appreciation of the truth lies the person’s responsibility for self-realization. Everything that is built on lies cannot survive, although the lie itself is not useless, but allows a person to know what the truth is, what is right. Will-power to take responsibility should be as strong as the will-power to breathe oxygen underwater after a few minutes. With such an intention, patients, and bravery, there are no limits. 

During a session, the one communicates with conscious and subconscious content, recognizes the symptoms and the cause, the structure of the trauma. Eventually, the one reaches the superconscious and learns the lesson that stands behind the trauma. By learning the lesson perception and one’s behavior change. Thinking, feeling, and willing are balanced. With balance influence on the body is also transformed, the body starts to heal.

It is about a very simple and natural process based on the anatomy of human energy body (thought, emotions, and intention). It is one-on-one talk but on all levels of human existence.