• Personal compass activation is a causal healing system based on the Transformation of Karmic Patterns created by Tomislav Budak. I enriched it with lectures by Rudolf Steiner, works by Georg Kuhlewind, Pane Andov, and many other spiritual individuals, and my own direct spiritual experiences. It is a natural healing technique that uses three fundamental soul forces: thinking, feeling, and wiling. One trivializes these forces today, and yet they are the real forces one uses every day. All human problems can be solved by these forces if there is an awareness of how to use them. Today, many prejudices devalue these forces. 

We all have healing power, but the point is to recognize it by yourself. This healing system intends to awaken healing powers and teach how to heal oneself and gain personal power. It is about a holistic approach and working with conscious, subconscious, and superconscious content, and awakening of personal sensibility.

The technique is straightforward, anyone can use it, but there is one condition for the method to be effective. The person should be ready to take responsibility for the healing process. One should prepare oneself for personal development and liberation from negative influences and actively work on personal goals. The only limitation that occurs along the way is the one we set ourselves. 

We are all different. Therefore the cause and effect are always different. When placed in the context of human multidimensionality, differences are even broader. As simple as it may sometimes seem to detect a disease’s cause, it is just as demanding because it requires an understanding of one’s multidimensionality. Each workshop represents an entry into one’s soul’s deeper dimensions and a more profound discovery of one’s potentials. The concept of all courses is 50/50, theory/practice.

All workshops are two day intensive program, 8 hours / day. Summer courses on Island Silba can be arranged according to group preferences, 2-3 hours / day.

How do you know these courses are for you?

  • you do not know the cause of a physical illness you have (heart attack, stroke, hyperactivity, …)
  • you are experiencing negative emotional states (separation, loss, absence, aggression, depression, anxiety, suicidality, pointlessness, unearthliness, schizophrenia, …) 
  • you have mental difficulties
  • you are interested in psychotherapy
  • you want to know how to build a healthy relationship
  • you are not aware of your life goals
  • … 

Price of each level is 250 €.

Damir Butković