Until today I have not found complete information on how to heal teeth without drilling, so I decided to make another small contribution to the world. I’ve always had problems with teeth and did not know how to deal with it. A single year could not pass without a visit to a dentist. As a kid, I went less often, but when I did go, a dentist always had something to do. When I got older, things got even worse, and I had to visit a dentist every six months. When I finished the studies in my home town, I moved to another city to find a job. I didn’t change my medical doctor. I don’t even have one today. But, I had to find another dentist right away.

My self-healing path of a physical body started with a dentist who crashed my already weak immunity. While trying to cure one of my permanent teeth inflammations, he gave me anesthesia, and later on, I wasn’t able to get out of the bed for a few days.  He told me it had nothing to do with his work, prescribed me antibiotics and pro-biotics, but nothing changed. He even said to me that it might be necessary to remove the tooth. I never had much confidence in modern medicine, but I gave it my trust insofar to at least eliminate the symptoms. But after this incident, I realized that I need to take my health into my own hands and that there is no short way even when it comes to teeth.

I started to heal my physical body with dry fasting. During one of the fasting periods, my body expelled tooth filling, and I didn’t go to the dentist to fix this for two years. During that time, I chewed on one side only, and if food entered that tooth, I went through terrible pain. I intended to see my body’s reaction. Eventually, I decided to visit the dentist for refilling. As the famous breatharian, Viktor Truviano once said: in his time of abstinence from food and water, all his teeth restored health except those repaired by a dentist. Once you break a tree, there is no return. New branches can grow, but the scar is left.

Shortly after refilling and removal of the scale that has accumulated around the teeth, I experienced a gently swollen lymph node, and I began to have a different type of pain. I went to a dentist who told me there was nothing wrong. That was the moment when I was left on my own. I realized that if I let someone else do something in my mouth, it will all go in the wrong direction. Finally, I pulled myself together and started to search for the causes of teeth issues by exploring of my subconscious.

Before I started working on my teeth issues, I was dealing with my own traumatic experiences and relationships that have distracted me from self-realization. I was going through a personal transformation, and I didn’t have time to deal with the body. Although personal transformation has a positive effect on the body, there were physical traumas for which I needed more time and energy. When I finished with my inner transformation, I began to deal with my relationship with the body, and that meant taking responsibility for my physical health. That’s when I started the physical transformation.

My life experience has taught me that the sole cause of the disease is a traumatic experience. There is a difference between a traumatic experience of the soul (psyche) and the traumatic experience of the human body. The soul is a user of the body, and one’s behavior affects the body. Soul uses the human body to meet the environment, and therefore, the body is affected by the environment. In my article on schizophrenia, I explained that it is not always a human traumatic experience that causes disease. The condition can also come from the environment – the body can experience a traumatic experience without awareness of the one. The cause of this lack of consciousness can be in substantial trauma, so the one is unable to pay attention to the body. But it can also happen due to camouflaged and invisible influences from the environment that create a traumatic experience for the human body. For example, sugar is a camouflaged silent killer that destroys bones, teeth and creates cavities, but you couldn’t read about it on the product that contains sugar. Today, it is a more or less known fact. You can also find warnings on the sugarless products which contain another poison – aspartame.


Today people try to know everything about everything, but that is irrelevant. We have all possible means at our disposal and science is not required at all if we feel and listen to our body. Communication between me and the environment takes place through the body as a mediator. I have direct contact with the body, but when it comes to the environment, then my communication depends on body condition. Sick and toxic body disturbs perception.

When we begin to experience the body as our partner, then everything changes. We start to pay attention to the body. When one listens to one’s body, then nothing can go wrong. The body is the intermediary between ourselves and the environment. Our mind and the environment affect the body simultaneously because, in this way, we inspire the environment, and the environment inspires us. The body is a vehicle for the human soul.

So teeth inflammation may be a consequence of both influences – the mind and the environment. One of them may act wrongly, and they can both act unreasonably. Before visiting the dentist, it is essential to detect what type of influence it is about. Because, once you get your teeth drilled, their integrity is compromised and cannot be repaired. Personal traumatic experiences can be effortlessly detected on conscious and subconscious levels. It is much harder to detect camouflaged and invisible environmental influences such as cloned food, hybrid foods, GMO foods, synthetics, vaccines, drugs, and the like. These are all incomplete and artificially created products that destroy the body one way or another, and as such, are not suitable for the body. One should eat only whole foods which are not created by man because man cannot create new forms of life. Man can only create another human being through the process of reproduction. Everything else devised by man, and presented as a new form of life, has to be avoided as much as possible.

So, when the impact is known, then the problem is relatively easy to resolve. But what to do in cases of disguised or invisible influence? These are very subtle impacts that are not necessarily invisible, but to get them noticed, one must develop sensibility. As already mentioned, the body is the intermediary between the self and the environment, and therefore, to understand senses, one needs to have a clean body. In addition to the pure human body, there is a human soul as the bearer of experiences. Every psychological trauma violates personal integrity, cracking the human aura. The consequence of no rehabilitation is a diversion of attention from the traumatic experience. We call it ‘stuffing it under the carpet’ which keeps the door open for various unwanted influences, with us being blind and unconscious about it. And so we come to the double impact on the body – on the one side traumatized mind, on the other side harmful environment, and the consequence is a traumatized body.

The body and the soul are like a telescope – if the glass is dirty and filtered, we will not notice what’s coming. So, all influences from the environment can be completely invisible if the body and soul are already polluted. We cannot feel what’s going on before the soul and body are completely clean. Only then we can begin to consciously focus our attention on what is right and what is bad for the body and the soul. Cleaning is necessary for a healthy and satisfying life. Otherwise, we will strive to achieve self-realization in a dirty way, transmitting the disease to the environment.

To clean the soul, one needs the strength of will to go through a traumatic experience one more time and master the lessons. For cleansing the body, our help is required to alleviate the body to clean itself. Sensibility grows with the purity of the body and the soul. With thinking, we provide the names to our own experiences and as such, communicate them to the environment. But if we are not able to connect our experiences, then schizophrenia occurs.

Communication closes the AC circle. A person has experience thanks to the environment, builds an attitude accordingly, and consequently behaves in such a way toward an environment. Behaving is communicating. Our communication enriches the surrounding. What one has received from it, one return transformed. And based on our behavior, the environment teaches about itself. This is the principle of development. The same thing is with food. What we intake goes through the digestion system and is given back to the environment making it more diverse through the developed human body and transformed unused organic waste. The same principle applies to human relations and all other forms of communication. When communication includes Ego, disease arises because the Ego is the one who piles for itself and does not respect the universal principles of existence.


The complete system of healing involves not only dealing with personal traumatic experiences but also includes taking care of the body and the environment. As soon as one of these three is ill, complete health is not possible. A sick mind affects the body and the environment; an unhealthy climate affects the body and mind; a diseased body affects the one and the environment. No matter where the disease has occurred, it is crucial to deal with the soul and the physical aspects of the disease. The complete system includes taking care of awareness body, intention body, and aura through the following techniques respectively: meditation, accumulation, communication.

All three bodies are mutually connected and equally important because if one of these bodies is not healthy, none of them will function properly, including the physical body. It all begins with specific experience, according to which we have a certain sympathy or antipathy, and on that basis, we build a particular type of relationship with the environment. A healthy relationship involves a healthy state of consciousness, a sufficient amount of energy and clear communication based on unconditional love. A prerequisite for one’s self-realization is the health of earlier mentioned bodies, together with a physical body. Techniques for cleaning the physical body and aura are based on their building blocks, on five elements.

It is vital to take care of the body in a holistic way. So, when it comes to caring for the physical body, we have to include proper diet, breathing techniques, hygiene, physical activity, and relaxation. All methods should be combined to achieve physical health. Turning off any of the activities disrupts the body’s balance. Proper eating means taking necessary organic minerals that we find in the environment in a natural state. Without breathing, there is no oxygen, an element that is as necessary for life as food, because without it, there is no oxidation process. We need water for the transfer of nutrients and removal of waste products through the blood and lymph. Heat is necessary for the digestion functionality, and resting is required for the accumulation of energy. Each body has its unique type of food.

Techniques derived from the five elements in the context of the soul are used the other way round compared to the physical body. The water directly takes away impurities from the body, but when it comes to water in the context of a soul, then the situation is different. The emotion associated with water is sadness. After showering one will feel better, but for the permanent removal of sorrow, we need to go through personal transformation. Clean water directly takes away impurities within the body, and for the purity of a soul, a particular change is required, and later on, a shower may take away sadness for good. Showering without personal transformation will have a positive, but not lasting effect — the same works with other elements: fire, air, earth, and ether.

Every time you create an imbalance, you also create a particular problem. The body receives heat from the sun. However, heat is generated within the body through the digestion system too and transmitted through the blood. When there is not enough heat, the digestion system is disturbed. If the body doesn’t have enough fluid, the delivery of nutrients and removal of residues is not adequate. When we do not rest enough, we exhaust all stocks of energy and exhaustion occurs. When we do not eat quality nutrients, the body functions will not work in the right way; the body does not fully develop. We must find the correct balance according to our way of life and the circumstances we live in.


The first thing one should do when healing the teeth is to find the cause of teeth issues. When we know the reason and learn the lesson, then we can make the right decision about the method of removing the symptoms. For example, someone who has received a kick in the teeth should be aware of why one found oneself in such a position and needs to be mindful of where the punch came from. When we successfully detect all mentioned causes, we may decide not to enter those situations again, and in such a manner, remove the possible future pain. A symptom of the kick is the bruise that we can heal with a cold compress. The same principle applies to all other diseases.

The idea that we have the power to heal ourselves might be confusing because society teaches us that for health, we need to go to a hospital. Each of us is our own medicine and poison, and if we don’t know why we are sick, then it is our task to discover the cause. Of course, if we are willing to take responsibility for our health. There is no other way. Responsibility for our health does not mean surrendering to someone else. To be one’s doctor means to discover the cause, learn a lesson, and change behavior. And, if required according to the state of disease, a person can use a particular medical technology for the removal of symptoms.

For those who do not know themselves, it is necessary to take psychotherapy sessions to discover the causes, as, in the case of chronic diseases, the reason is hidden in the subconscious. The object is usually diametrically opposite from the location of the symptoms. Diametrically opposite to my teeth were the intestines. As the cause for bruises is not where the swelling is, but diametrically opposite – a fist of another person. Each tooth links to one meridian and one organ. After we find the cause, we need to understand why we ended up in such a situation and later on find out the reasons from the environment for such actions. Only when we heal the system, health is possible.

In the case of improper food, the situation is the same. We do not retain food in the mouth, but the gut. In the case of the irregular position of the teeth or too drilled teeth, food can stay in the mouth, but this is not the point here. So the problem with teeth begins in the gut in the context of the physical body. But it is ourselves that are responsible for the intake of the food, so we need to discover why we eat certain kinds of food and then see why these foods exist in the environment. If we contaminate body and soul, it will be much more challenging to discover the cause; therefore, cleansing will be necessary.

I mentioned the retention of food in the mouth. In my case, food usually retains around a tooth that was entirely drilled. There are days when I eat something which gets stuck, and I cannot quickly get it out, not with the floss nor with a toothpick – the food continues to rot between the teeth. This is quite irritating. During that time, my throat swells, and I get a headache, because of the pressure on the nerve. This is another example that the cause is diametrically opposite. The throat swells, and I get a problem because of the food stuck between the teeth, and the pain goes from the tooth because I’m the one who chewed the food.

There is a big misconception that food can clean the body. Food can partially cleanse the body, mainly the digestive system, but the by-products of food processing are located all over the body. The only way for the body to regenerate itself is to stop the intake of food and water and so allow the body to clean itself. Before dry fasting, we can also do the cleaning preparation with water or other auxiliary techniques. This problem becomes much worse in the case of artificial “food. “The delusion comes from not knowing oneself and one’s body, from identifying with the human body. The body is a different entity. If we knew that the body is a separate entity, then we would allow and help the body to clean itself. But if we are not aware of this fact, then we transfer the responsibility to ourselves. Those who do not have enough knowledge about themselves and the body usually transfer the responsibility for their health to doctors.

The best way to clean the body is fasting because the body knows what it needs and what the priorities are. We know best for ourselves as persons, and therefore, we clean our soul according to our preferences. When it comes to teeth, toxin extraction technique with oil is potent. I use linseed oil.  My last tooth pain I solved with active meditation on discovering the cause. It was an extremely sharp and piercing pain that came from under the teeth as if someone pushed the needle from the root upwards. When I discovered the cause and the lesson, the pain was virtually gone in a second.

As for cleaning teeth, I use floss after eating, and every morning and before going to bed, I use linseed oil for about 20 minutes. I don’t use a toothbrush much. I don’t use toothpaste.



For full health, a multi-dimensional purity is required. Various techniques are used for spreading awareness, strengthening the will, building a relationship based on unconditional love, and ultimately, the methods for cleansing the body and the environment.

The integral way of healing includes meditation to experience who and what am I, meditation for discovering the causes and lessons of the problem, a technique to strengthen the will, and ultimately behavior change by learned lessons. Techniques derived from the five elements are used for cleaning the body. If necessary, the healing strategy could include dental services to temporarily bridge the difficult period for the one.

I was personally tortured by the thought that the teeth cannot heal just because they are hard. I learned on the way that the tooth is alive like any other organ of the body. Its healing depends not only on the mentioned techniques but also on the degree of contamination of the soul, body, and environment. If the human soul is quite polluted, one will need some time to deal with traumatic experiences. For physical contamination, it is necessary to combine techniques of fasting. The most robust method is dry fasting, which will be effective depending on the ratio of body energy and amount of toxins. If the available power is not sufficient to discharge the accumulated amounts of toxins, fasting will have to be repeated until necessary. In the case of a toxic environment, one can leave it, learn to deal with the toxic environment, or try to inspire it for a change.

Damir Butković


  1. Thank you for writing this. I am on the search for learning techniques for regrowing full teeth – trying to help a family member.

    • So far, according to my experience, teethe can renew, except those that were treated by dentist, but it is a process that requires time. There is a way how to do it. You can check Personal Compass Activation program on my page. Everything starts with traumatic experience which is imprinted into your soul and waiting to be cleansed. There is also dry fasting, energy healing, but non of these extra techniques will be permanently effective, if one does not heal a soul, does not get back one’s integrity…if you have any question feel free to ask… ❤️🧘🙏⚕️

      • Thank you Damir, for prompt response. Have you heard about the content called the Law of One? They and not only they reference healers that are able to work even via distance by concentrating energy to activate healing processes. Are you aware of any such healers or techniques? Lastly, your courses are thought in Croatia if I understand correctly – are they in English?

        • Yes, I am deeply aware of Law of One – there is a way how you can reach that type of consciousness – if that is what you refer at. There is a lot of ways how to trigger healing process, but you have to be included in the process, otherwise there is no healing, only alleviating suffering. I understand distant healing, but don’t practice it with others, because I prefer conscious healing. Sometimes such distant healings are successful on subconscious level, but still if patient is not consciously involved, it is very questionable was it really healing.

          You can send me your recent image and I will tell you what I see, but one more time, you are the one who need to understand. People usually thinks they understand their life, but when I say you need to understand I mean understanding of your subconscious and superconscious level of existence. Language of conscious, subconscious and superconscious are different. In sub and super conscious level there is no logical thinking.

          I do courses online, can do in English.

          • Tahnk you Damir, yes I understand that most situations are summary of one’s actions and beliefs. I try to live by the quote that Bruce Lee used “Be Water, My Friend. Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

            Is there a page on your site that summarizes estimates costs for the courses.

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