At the previous level of the personal compass activation, a traumatic relationship was processed. At this level, we will talk about the traumatic event and how to get rid of its influence. A traumatic event is the second of the three forms of trauma. It is important to distinguish the forms of trauma and to know their structure, because it makes it easier for ome to recognize the moment of the trauma.

Trauma blocks the spread of unconditional love, but it also prevents the recognition of original abilities that remain dormant under the influence of trauma. One should know how to use INNATE abilities, because they are necessary for personal fulfillment. In order to facilitate the awakening of innate abilities, the one at this stage will face deep-rooted prohibitions, the meaning of which is to place the person in a given context in order to awaken the innate abilities, and restore the lost integrity.

Recognizing trauma becomes easier when one understands the dynamics of consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness, and how to face these dimensions of existence. When one is taught to grasp answers by external means, then these dimensions become inaccessible. The answers are within us. That is why it is important to know these dynamics. Sometimes the influence of the subconscious can be so strong that a person does not have the strength to stop the process. Such a moment is not good for dissolving the trauma, but the technique for quic exit out of the crisis can be used, so that one can calms down and get back down to earth.


  • What is traumatic event?
  • Structure of traumatic event
  • Human innate abilities
  • Deep rooted prohibitions
  • Loss of integrity
  • Technique for thoughts and emotions control
  • Dynamics of consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness
  • Creation of incarnated person
  • Technique for the quick exit out of the crisis