Trauma does not necessarily have to be apocalyptic, but trauma can be very subtle without noticing it as a traumatic event. Therefore, it is essential to know how to recognize the structure of trauma, the forms of trauma, the consequences of trauma, etc. Man is a multidimensional being, and therefore trauma should be perceived in such away. Consciousness, subconsciousness, and superconsciousness contain parts of the puzzle during problem-solving.

Once a person has mastered family relationships, learned how to approach family members properly, the person has acquired the conditions to start with the foundations of one’s creativity. Namely, the natural path of human development is that one first gets to know the outside world, then learns how to build a relationship with the outside world. The person then starts to express creative activity using the fundamental powers of thinking, feeling and willing, and controlling thinking and feelings.

We all come to this world to express ourselves creatively, and to be able to do so, one first needs to gather enough experience to recognize one’s potential. Alpha creations are a great tool that awakens inner possibilities and awakens all the obstacles a person needs to overcome. There are basic abilities that a person has at their disposal at birth. These abilities can remain stunted if one carries too severe traumatic experiences. The innate alpha creations awaken dormant or underdeveloped skills.

Fundamental powers are put asleep by deep-rooted prohibitions that one may consider normal if one has been raised under such circumstances for many years and prevents personal incarnation. However, when specific circumstances arise, one recognizes oneself as incapable of basic behavior patterns and actions and may fall into a crisis from which one does not know how to get out. Such a person is mentally ill because one of the mental health criteria is creative manifestation.

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