Life is not finite, but an endless process. However, from the perspective of the human body, it may seem that life has an end, and thus the knowledge and experiences carried by past lives become unavailable to the one. These are not negligible experiences, because they can reflect on the current life and make it significantly more difficult. Loss of consciousness continuity creates great problems in understanding oneself and current experiences. Connection is lost, and all kinds of explanations are found that do not bring any change in life, but deepen one’s agony even more. The person lacks past life knowledge that connects unrelated experiences. Past lives are not an illusion or imagination, but real experiences that did not happen in the current life, and influence the perception of the current life. These are astral projections of previous experiences.

Additionally, at this level, a person learns how to recognize and liberate oneself from the influence of implants, spells, astral entities and connections with lower astral. All these influences do not have their foundation in the manifested world, but express their supremacy over the one through the astral plane. These are by no means insignificant influences, precisely because they come from the world that precedes physical manifestation, and it is necessary to know how to recognize such influences. By overcoming such influences greater amount of energy become available, because such influence have no further influence.  


  • Past life
  • Structure of past life
  • Implant
  • Spell
  • Astral entity
  • Connection with lower astral
  • Levels of cognition
  • Karmic fall
  • Consciousness continuity