Life has no end. One is the creator of the finitude defined through time. Time is infinite, but from the perspective of the human body, it may seem that life has an end. With such a conclusion, one disables access to the knowledge and experiences of past lives. Those experiences one should not neglect, as they can influence current life and make it significantly more difficult. Loss of continuity of consciousness creates big problems. One continues his work from the point of losing consciousness. If one is not familiar with the fact that life is infinite, one will not be able to explain personal experiences that do not arise from the present life. Such experiences will be considered an illusion or imagination.

At this level, one also masters recognizing the influences of implants, spells, astral entities, and the lower astral. These are all influences that do not have their foundation in the manifested world but express their superiority over one from the astral world.

These are by no means insignificant influences, precisely because they come from a world that precedes physical manifestation and one needs to know how to recognize such influences. Overcoming such influences brings a greater amount of energy spent on the maintenance of such connections.

Topics covered:

  • past life, its structure, and influence in the present time,
  • recognition of implants and spells, and methods for dissolving their influences
  • what is the astral entity and how does it affect the human soul
  • the connection with the lower astral